McGarr and the Legacy of a Woman Scorned

Fionnuala Walton Was A Legend In Her Part Of Ireland A Proud, Independent Woman Who Had Shrugged Off A Broken Engagement And Gone On To Build A Horse Breeding Empire It Looks Like Foul Play When She Falls Down A Flight Of Stairs And Breaks Her Neck, And Dublin Murder Squad Calls On Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr To Investigate Gill Knows His Ireland And His Police Work The New York Times Book ReviewMcGarr and the Legacy of a Woman Scorned

Bartholomew Gill is the pen name of Mark McGarrity Mr McGarrity was born in Holyoke, Mass., and graduated from Brown University in 1966 He studied for his master s degree at Trinity College, Dublin, and never tired of mining the country for material One of the things they gave me, he once said of his books, is a chance to go back to Ireland time and time again to do research He was also an avid outdoorsman, and since 1996 worked at The Star Ledger of Newark as a features writer and columnist under the McGarrity name, specializing in nature and outdoor recreation While continuing to produce McGarr novels, sometimes at the rate of one a year, Mr McGarrity produced several articles a week for the newspaper He wrote about a variety of topics ranging from environmental issues to the odd characters he encountered in his travels, like an Eastern European immigrant who grew up watching cowboy movies and found his dream job playing Wyatt Earp in an amusement park in rural New Jersey.Mr McGarrity also published five novels under his own name.Series Peter McGarr Mystery

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  • McGarr and the Legacy of a Woman Scorned
  • Bartholomew Gill
  • English
  • 28 September 2019
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    A traditional murder mystery This is a series set in Ireland with Inspector McGarr It started out a little slow but the pace kept increasing until the end.

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    I think I began to suspect incestuous goings on when the inspector keep talking about horse breeding practices I didn t suspect any specific family member because I hard time figuring out who was interested in what I wondered about the wisdom of inserting one s wife on the middle of such a ranked web Entertaining story.

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