Runaway Town

Detective Eoin Miller S Last Case Nearly Cost Him His Life And He S Got The Scars To Prove It He Wants Out Of The Game For Good, But Convincing Crime Boss Veronica Gaines Is Easier Said Than Done She Has A Pressing Matter That Needs Handling And Eoin Is Just The Man To Do It.A Rapist Is Targeting Immigrant Girls, Girls Who Know All Too Well Just How Little Help An Outsider Can Expect From The Local Police As An Ex Cop Who Was Shunned For His Half Gypsy Blood, Eoin Knows It Too There S Just One Problem Veronica Isn T Paying For An Arrest She S Paying For A Kill.Runaway Town

Jay Stringer was born in 1980, and he s not dead yet.He s English by birth and Scottish by rumour born in the Black Country, and claiming Glasgow as his hometown.Jay is dyslexic, and came to the written word as a second language, via comic books, music, and comedy He writes hard boiled crime stories, dark comedies, and social fiction.His first three books, the Eoin Miller Trilogy explored the po

[[ Epub ]] ➟ Runaway Town  Author Jay Stringer –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Runaway Town
  • Jay Stringer
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9781612183398

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    The second Eoin Miller story, and although he still qualifies as a private eye by working on three unreported rapes on illegal immigrant girls, there are significant plotlines involving his Romany family and his continued unresolved relationships with the two major crime families in Wolverhampto...

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    The story begins with a nightmare Eoin s memory of the first time his family was burned out of their home He wakes and acknowledges that he s sold his soul to the devil in the face of a drug family Actually, two drug families Between them, the cops, and his family, he s playing four sides against the middle that would be himself This one involves an impending drug war, undocumented immigrants and the human trafficking involved , his not exactly ex wife, and his family, whom the reader meets While Eoin is still a moral mess he does some very bad things, again, this time he also does some clearly good things Caught in the untenable position between what s right and legal and what s possible, well, he does what he thinks he has to do This book goes into the violent racism against the Romani people much than did the first, while touching some on cultural values This background leads Eoin to try to protect other immigrants, as best he can, with rather ...

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    Jay Stringer s take on the Midlands region of the UK is fantastic and his treatment of characters those who have professional or familial relationships with the protagonist could be used as textbook chapters on how to write This one is one of the rare books I ve run across in the past few years that carries as much weight for writers as it does for readers and that s saying something Because RUNAWAY TOWN is a remarkable story about cha...

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    The second part of the Eoin Miller trilogy is great really great But I don t want to give it five stars, because then where do I go for Part 3..

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    A JS Mystery Thriller EMMB 2 Gypsy Private Detective Rape Revenge End the ProblemJS has penned the second novel in the Eoin Miller series, which contains a recommendation from the lady of crime, which is about one or than one who is raping young women who are new to the country The task is to locate and exterminate thes...

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    Another excellent read from Jay Stringer Although I left the black country and the midlands when I was young the book is evocative as my extended family still live there Eoin Millar is a damaged man and has his own devils to fight But the dastardly deeds of the loca...

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    Deep Character DevelopmentTaut plot that has plenty of room for Eoin to reflect further about his identity Topic certainly timely, touching on than just two simple camps with opposite beliefs Introducing Eoin s siblings pushes the reader deeper into his reality No spoilers from me Enjo.

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    Runaway Town 2 Eoin Miller is a rare crime fiction which is kept coherent with a credible back story In this case a noir, with a touch of inner introspective ethnic issues, with a fairly fast pace, that is ...

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    Like a punch in the faceExcellent, well told modern noir Some passages read like a litany of a life gone sideways Others are like a left hook Fucking excellent.

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    I ve been a reader of Do Some Damage since its inception there s no finer writers collaborative blog to be found I came across Jay Stringer there, and was shocked shocked when he announced the next book in the Eoin Miller series Lost City has been released, as I had yet to get around to reading its predecessor, Runaway Town I immediately bought a copy and bumped it to the head of my ever burgeoning queue.Good decision.Runaway Town is a example of why, when done right, the PI story is the highest form of crime fiction Miller isn t a PI It s hard to say what he is exactly but he fills that role in the story He s Roma British gypsies which makes him a bit of an outcast from the get go Used to be a cop, now is officially a football coach at a boys club run by the Gaines crime family as one of their many beards He used to work for Channy Mann, the Gaines s chief competition, until he killed Channy s brother Which was when I realized Runaway Town was the second book in the series, so I ll be looking for Old Gold, too Things are complicated.They don t get any better when Veronica Gaines, the head of the family, asks him to find a rapist who has been terrorizing immigrant girls who belong to a support group that is also a Gaines beard The victimized girls are illegals, afraid to go to the police for fear of deportation Meanwhile, Channy wants Miller...

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