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Ultimate Health Is One Of The Most Important Books You Will Ever Read Discover How To Create A Life Of Vitality, Strength, And Energy, With A Preventive Mindset That Enhances Longevity Learn Why Food Is Medicine, Spirituality Matters, And How A Positive Emotional Outlook Can Add Years To Your Life And Life To Your Years Gain Knowledge About The Right Habits, Foods, Vitamins, Nutrients And Exercise That Will Allow You To Turn Back The Hands Of Time And Regain A Youthful Life Live Your Best Life In Ultimate HealthUltimate Health

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ultimate Health book, this is one of the most wanted Tony Jeary author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 223 pages
  • Ultimate Health
  • Tony Jeary
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9780988593107

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    I believe everybody wants to be healthy However, lots of us are not intentional about how we take care of our health Ultimate Health is a valuable resource full of information that will help readers stay healthy and strong when they apply what they learn from it The book starts with the Ultimate Health Assessment which covers 20 areas of our whole health body, mind, and spirit The authors encourage us readers to take the preventive and proactive approaches to achieve our ultimate health We can indeed improve our quality of life and in most cases, extend our length of life by following the simple yet effective steps and guidelines offered in this comprehensive health guide The topics covered in the book include Mental Management, Eliminating Stress, Strengthening Your Immune System, Exercise, Nutrition, Toxic Elimination, Sleep, Hormones, Vitamins, Managing Your Emotions, Spiritual Wellness, and Oral, vision, skin, ear, nose, throat cares are also addressed At the end of each chapter, there s a list of main take away points tips from that chapter At the end of the book, you will find the Reference Lists of 25 Healthy Foods, 25 Unhealthy Foods, 25 Terms to Know, 25 Actions to Speed Up Your Metabolism, and 25 Tools for Your Ultimate Health Tool Chest I lov...

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    Review Title Surpass Your Hangups About Health review of Ultimate Health by Rick Wilson, MD and other experts Reviewer Janice S Garey 5 StarsThis book is perfectly formatted for leading a person swiftly to a higher level of health If you are lagging behind where you want to be as far as your health, I suggest getting this book Say goodbye to health hangups My foods for this week have been healthier than last week because of the guidance and motivation in this book My energy level is up, and I feel optimistic I feel motivated to take a bite out of this excellent book each week to target areas in my life in which I can make improvements to be healthier I trust the information in this book One small point it makes is about the night shade family of plants and how some people have a sensitivity to them I have found this to be true in my life, but when I mentioned it to my doctor, I got a brushoff that there was nothing to that Also, Juice Plus was mentioned as a good source of nutritional product It was a very minor mention, but i...

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    About the Book Ultimate Health is one of the most important books you will ever read Discover how to create a life of vitality, strength, and energy, with a preventive mindset that enhances longevity Learn why food is medicine, spirituality matters, and how a positive emotional outlook can add years to your life and life to your years Gain knowledge about the right habits, foods, vitamins, nutrients and exercise that will allow you to turn back the hands of time and regain a youthful life Live your best life in Ultimate health About the Author Tony Jeary,often called The RESULTS Guy is a prolific authorand serves as coach to the world s top CEOs and High Achievers As part of helpingothers achieve extraordinary results, Tony encourages ultimate health daily to hisclients as well as demonstrates it as a personal lifestyle My Review Your ultimate health does not just involve you losing weight, it is for your overall health All kinds of good habits can be started as early as the day you pick up this book and start applying these items to your life The four people that collaborated on this book, joined forces to bring you the best money has to offer all in one neat and tidy book for quick reference There is a health assessment at the beginning of the book to get you started in the right direction Then it shows you how to improve on all the bad marks you got on the assessment.The book states that we can all live to be 100, if we do it th...

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    Ultimate Health is one of the most important books you will ever read Discover how to create a life of vitality, strength, and energy, with a preventive mindset that enhances longevity Learn why food is medicine, spirituality matters, and how a positive emotional outlook can add years to your life and life to your years Gain knowledge about the right habits, foods, vitamins, nutrients and exercise that will allow you to turn back the hands of time and regain a youthful life Live your best life in Ultimate health Ultimate Health it s something that we all want And many of us feel that if we just watch what we eat and exercise a few days a week we re good Oh but there is so many aspects to Ultimate Health 20 areas are covered in this book This book covers areas such as Lifestyle, Mental Management, Stress Management, Testing, Vitamins, Food, Skin, Emotions, Spiritual Wellness and a whole lot This book truly struck a cord with me The manner in which the information is given is uncomplicated You don t need...

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    I read Ultimate Health by Dr Rick Wilson and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a great resource for addressing every area of our lives in order to be in the best shape physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically that we can No one will ever be 100% healthy but this book is a great resource to assess yourself in each area and then encourages you to make SMALL changes and build upon those It doesn t say you have to change everything at once but encourages small choices that build up to lasting changes The book begins with the assessments and definitions of each area of health in your life Then it moves into a small chapter addressing each area specifically I thought that was the end of the book and was quite pleased with what I read but no, there s The back of the book gives specific references about each of the aspects and takes the information a little deeper which is wonderful While I may not agree with all Dr Wilson talked about, I thoroughly loved this book I will definitely be keeping it on my shelf to reference frequently, and my health would thank me to take the assessments periodically to keep moving toward my personal ultimate health instead of ignoring problems or creating problems that could be fixed simply now like drinking water, eating real food and less processed food, getting a little sleep, and moving my body regularly while I still have that privilege Ultimately, the choice is mine I have one body and I choose what I m going to...

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    In a nutshell, Ultimate Health Who covers several areas in life about how to live a longer, productive healthier lifestyle This book talks about why food is important, what types of vitamins one should take for specific deficiencies, how to handle stress, where to pick up good habits and to add cardio into your life This book is made very simple yet it has lots of great ideas on how to live a healthier, fuller and better lifestyle This book address says lifestyle, eliminating stress, strengthening your immune system, taking care of your vision, hormones, nutrition, skin health, eliminating sugary drinks, sleep, spiritual wellness eating healthy foods and ways to speed up your metabolism This book is definitely one of those books that is a great resource and one that I recommend keeping on your shelf for whenever you may need it And also a several tools for your house and why they matter.This book is great for those trying to gain a healthier lifestyle or those...

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    Ultimate Health is packed full of information about you It contains things to give you an awareness of the simplest steps you can take to develop the habits that will lead to your ultimate health It starts out with an assessment of your health, which I do not do very well at This book is about taking control of your own health, about being proactive, carefully planning and following through on caring for your body, spirit and mind Ultimate Health has brought to light a few tests I didn t even know existed, as well as reminding me about the importance of healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep and exercise and drinking water It contains chapters on most everything mental health, eliminating stress, strengthening your immune system, oral and vision health, calories, vitamins, and many Each chapter also inclu...

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    The title Ultimate Health pretty much speaks for itself This book is about your ultimate overall health It offers lots of insight and information on how to stay healthy in all aspects of life, chapters include Lifestyle, Exercise, Movement, and Longevity, Hormones, Vitamins, Calorie Management, Spiritual Wellness just to name a few You can t change what you don t know, people perish without lack of knowledge this book is a guide to create awareness and save you from terminal illness Authors like Tony Jeary, Rick K Wilson, Jennifer Engels, and Tammy Kling who are experts at ultimate health they will tell you everything you need to know in a simple text that s easy to understand without those long complicated words that we can t even pronounce It amazes me to know the little things that we can change in our...

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    Ultimate Health is a great book and valuable health resource The writing team of Dr Rick Wilson, Tony Jeary, Dr Jennifer Engels, along with Tammy Kling, discuss twenty areas that have the most impact on your health Beginning with a personal health assessment, the book continues through the areas of impact and highlights ways to modify and improve your health Ult...

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    Ultimate Health Live Longer, Be Lean, Be Strong By Tony Jeary, Dr Rick Wilson, Dr Jennifer Engels with Tammy Kling Publ Carpenter s Son Publishing c 2013 Ultimate Health is an all encompassing look at what it takes to be at your peak performance It will challenge you and encourage you This book opened my eyes to things I had not consider...

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