The Kings and Queens of Anglo-Saxon England

A Major Re Examination Of An Important Period In British History Includes Such Famous Figures As Hengest, Aethelburh, Enfleda, Alfred The Great And Many Right Up To The Last Anglo Saxon King, Harold GodwinesonThe Anglo Saxon Era Is One Of The Most Important In English History, Covering The Period From The End Of Roman Authority In The British Isles To The Norman Conquest Of 1066 In Which The Very Idea Of England Was Born In The Kings Queens Of Anglo Saxon England, Venning Examines The Rulers Of Anglo Saxon England, Beginning With The Legendary Leaders Of The Anglo Saxon Invasion As Hengest And Horsa Or Cerdic And Cynric And Moving On Through Such Figures As Aethelbert Of Kent, The First King To Be Converted To Christianity And His Daughter Aethelburh, Whose Marriage Began The Conversion Of Northumbria, To Alfred Of Wessex And His Dynasty, The Viking Invasions, And The Last Of The Anglo Saxon Kings, Harold Godwineson.The Kings and Queens of Anglo-Saxon England

Dr Timothy Venning is a freelance researcher and author He studied history at Kings College, London to PhD level, winning the London University History Prize in 1979 He has written articles for the Dictionary of National Biography, as well as a book on Oliver Cromwell and reference works on British office holders and the chronology of the Byzantine Empire He also contributes to major biographic

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    I was so excited to find a reference book of sorts on the pre Norman Conquest rulers, that I bought a copy online without really knowing much about it To be fair, this is a substantial reference, with a brief paragraph of the various rulers, by kingdom, chronologically but I m completely dumbfounded that it has no index Since the contents page simply lists sections by years, this is seriously limited in it s scope and purpose If you were looking for something to read, encyclopedic style, then it might suffice, but I was looking for a book that would also serve as a handy reference to flip through while doing research It s such an oversight, and a shame An index would have made this a 4 star book just bc so few exist on these rulers I ve been slowly rebuilding my library of print books, and thus far haven t found a definitive resource on the kings queens c...

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    This work was written like a chronological list of biographies However, each person s biography is well written and can be used for the scholar as well as the general audience who is interested in Anglo Saxon history It includes English kings from the post Roman times to the conquest of William in 1066 It also discusses their queens and the sometimes problematic sources that give the information on them The only additions to this work that...

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    For most of the early Middle Ages, England was divided into a series of kingdoms ruled over by different houses Over centuries these kingdoms were absorbed, conquered, and annexed to form the England we know today, with many of the details of the men who ruled them subsequently lost to history.Pat of the challenge for anyone seeking to study the era is sorting through this collection of names so as to understand who ruled where and when In this respect Timothy Venning s book is a useful tool Dividing the era into a series of chronologically arranged chapters, he offers brief biographies in chronological order of the kings who ruled during that time, as well as a few of the most notable queens The biographies themselves vary in length, with some only a paragraph long while others cover several pages Together they provide a summary of the basic facts about the monarch s life and reign, with little in the way of analysis or conte...

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    Between the covers of this book there is useful and interesting information But the structure of the contents makes it difficult both to read straight through and to use as a ready reference tool.The Contents page only shows the date range each chapter deals with There is no Index There is no Chronology The chapters that deal with the years when there were multiple Anglo Saxon kingdoms have headings for each kingdom under which the author gives biographies of the kings and or queens in chronological order The problem with this arrangement is that a particular kingdom that existed for many years is dealt with in multiple chapters There is no continuous chronological presentation of biographies for such a kingdom for example, Wessex So if you want to research a bloke called Egbert who was an Anglo Saxon king, and that s all you know about him, the only way to find him in the book is to flick through each page until you find him on page 109.As long ago as 1990 in the Foreword to Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo Saxon England, Barbara Yorke stated There are many excellent general surveys of Anglo Saxon history, but their drawback for anyone interested in the history of one particular kingdom is that there is notusually an opportunity to treat the history of any one kingdom as a whole Yorke proceeds to treat each of six Anglo Saxon kingdoms in separate chapters Her book also has a detailed Contents and Index.Venning and ...

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    After having my attention captured by the recent Vikings tv series I wanted to discover about the Anglo Saxon kingdoms and those who ran them I came across this book in a local book store and it seemed to cover a good deal.My only complaints improvements are it would have been nice for this book to have an index so that when someone is mentioned you...

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