➼ [Download] ➹ Closing By Zoë Fairbairns ➹ – The story of four women who went on a sales training course, and the men they left behind Spare Rib magazine described it as a subtly feminist version of the power sex and money sagas highly enjoyable The story of four women who went on a sales training course, and the men they left behind Spare Rib magazine described it as a subtly feminist version of the power sex and money sagas highly enjoyable Fay Weldon wrote in books Magazine Such a pleasure to read, such fun, so intelligent, so perspicacious, so well plotted, so unobtrusively moral, so elating, I find myself in danger of writing an extended quote rather than a proper review.Closing

Zoe Fairbairns was born in England on December , and educated at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and the College of William and Mary, USA She has worked as a freelance journalist and a creative writing tutor, and is the former poetry editor of Spare Rib She has also held appointments as Writer in Residence at Bromley Schools and , Deakin University, Geelong, Australia , Sunderland Polytechnic and Surrey County Council Her first novel, Live as Family, written when she was seventeen, was published in , and her second, Down An Explanation , was published a year later while she was still at university Both novels employ a first person narrative to explore issues of personal and community responsibility Her short stories have been included in many anthologies, including Tales I Tell My Mother A Collection of Feminist Short Stories and Brilliant Careers She has also contributed to poetry anthologies, including The Faber Book of Blue Verse In the s her writing centred on environmental and social concerns, and she produced reports for CND and Shelter In , with James Cameron, she published Peace Moves Nuclear Protest in the s, an account of the anti nuclear protest movement Benefits , a tense, dystopian novel, marked her return to fiction and to women s issues, and five further novels, which consolidated her reputation as a feminist writer, followed Stand we at Last , spans years and three continents and chronicles the lives of five generations of women against a background of Victorian repression, prostitution, the suffragette movement, the devastation of war and the rise of the women s movement Here Today , which was awarded the Fawcett Society Book Prize, is an exploration of feminist themes in a crime setting Closing , is a sharp portrait of working women caught between feminisim and Thatcherism and Daddy s Girls , is a saga of three sisters in a family full of guilty secrets Zoe Fairbairns most recent novel, Other Names, was published in Her latest book is a collection of short stories, How Do You Pronounce Nulliparous From the author s website Born England, Family Second of three daughtersParents Conscientious Furious Funny Gave great parties Had huge rows Got divorced Religion Born with an open mind Christened into Church of England Educated by Catholic nuns Don t ask Or Click here SecularistEmployment status Employed full time, employed part time, unemployed, self employed, retired All of the above Blog, Twitter, Facebook None of the above But I welcome friendly, interesting, emails from friendly, interesting people, and I do my best to reply in kind Contact her at zoe zoefairbairns.

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  • 14 November 2019
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    In 1990 I was transitioning from running a nonprofit energy group to owning a for profit construction business I was confident in most things, but not the mechanics of sales I found this book in the remainder bin and was thrilled it combined business and fiction information and a plot There was a line that summarized the entire sales process you want it I have it you can have it It remains the foundation of what I do.

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    Reasonably good read, though the author s feminist politics can sometimes get in the way of the plot I liked the story of the cult who get involved in making the dolls where does she think up these ideas , though even this one gets mired in what appeared to be a bit of token lesbianism towards the end.

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