Change They Cant Believe in

Are Tea Party Supporters Merely A Group Of Conservative Citizens Concerned About Government Spending Or Are They Racists Who Refuse To Accept Barack Obama As Their President Because He S Not White Change They Can T Believe In Offers An Alternative Argument That The Tea Party Is Driven By The Reemergence Of A Reactionary Movement In American Politics That Is Fueled By A Fear That America Has Changed For The Worse Providing A Range Of Original Evidence And Rich Portraits Of Party Sympathizers As Well As Activists, Christopher Parker And Matt Barreto Show That What Actually Pushes Tea Party Supporters Is Not Simple Ideology Or Racism, But Fear That The Country Is Being Stolen From Real Americans A Belief Triggered By Obama S Election From Civil Liberties And Policy Issues, To Participation In The Political Process, The Perception That America Is In Danger Directly Informs How Tea Party Supporters Think And Act.The Authors Argue That This Isn T The First Time A Segment Of American Society Has Perceived The American Way Of Life As Under Siege In Fact, Movements Of This Kind Often Appear When Some Individuals Believe That American Values Are Under Threat By Rapid Social Changes Drawing Connections Between The Tea Party And Right Wing Reactionary Movements Of The Past, Including The Know Nothing Party, The Ku Klux Klan Of The 1920s, And The John Birch Society, Parker And Barreto Develop A Framework That Transcends The Tea Party To Shed Light On Its Current And Future Consequences.Linking Past And Present Reactionary Movements, Change They Can T Believe In Rigorously Examines The Motivations And Political Implications Associated With Today S Tea Party.Change They Cant Believe in

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  • 06 September 2018
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    I suspect those who gave 1 star reviews on did not read the book If they had and if they were honest, even if they don t agree with Parker s opinions and or don t like the book, they would have to give him credit for writing a carefully researched, methodological, empirical and fact based look at Tea Party supporters If they read the book, they d understand that the Ku Klux Klan comparison is specifically based on the relatively political Klan of the 1920s, not the violent Klan of the Post Civil War South or the 1950s and later If they read the book, they d understand the comparison with the 20s Klan and the John Birch Society is based on strong demographic and political similarities of supporters of these groups, again from fact based research And the authors certainly do not say that all Tea Party member or supporters are racist.Particularly interesting to me is the res...

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    I first came across this book about the tea party movement because I am mentioned in it It piqued my interest so I read the book to see what the authors had to say about the movement I helped to launch and organize It was not a very accurate analysis, in my opinion, and the book s main claims don t even bear repeating There are other books that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning about the moveme...

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    The authors use modern social scientific methods to tease out what truly motivates Americans in sympathy with the Tea Party Their conclusion the Tea Party is a modern day manifestation of the Ku Klux Klan and John Birch So...

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    Written in an academic fashion, so a bit dry tough to read, but it really illuminates the similarities between Trumpism and the Tea Party A fascinating study that really makes clear what the movement is about.

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    It s pretty much what you knew about them, but with social science to back it up.

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    The conclusion is a must read for anyone concerned about our current political situation.

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    This well researched and well executed book takes a good look at who supports the tea party and at what the movement s motivation and purposes are Full disclosure I am not a fan of the movement I went into this fully expecting that it would confirm much of what I have already concluded about it That is what happened I knew I was going to like this book when Richard Hofstadter s The Paranoid Style in American Politics was mentioned within a few pages Hofstadter s work from 1968 explores reactionary movements throughout the years, and the authors of this book include the tea party in these reactionary groups Reactionary means simply that they are reacting to changing social and political atmospheres that they feel are beyond their control The two main groups that the authors in this book compare tea partiers to are the KKK and the John Birch Society The former obviously hated blacks, Jews, Catholics, and they weren t too crazy about uppity women, either the latter were focused on creeping Communism, and saw Communist plots in the Civil Rights movement, women s rights, and pretty much every other thing that they didn t like.Before anyone freaks out, the authors go out of their way to stress that not all of those who support the tea party are racist However, their research showed that people who support the tea party are inclined to have racist views than those who do not support the tea party No surprise there The authors explore the difference between traditional conse...

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    This very academic look at the Tea Party and its right wing populist antecedents, distinguishing the movement from traditional conservatism and highlighting how the values of its supporters differ from those of traditional conservatives Necessary, thoughtful, thorough, but a little repetitive and tedious, the book proceeds like a PhD thesis as we are told what we will be told, then told it, then told what we have just been told There is some analysis of attitudes towards President Obama and opinions of ...

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    A window into the tea party movement.

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