Edge of Passion

❮Read❯ ➵ Edge of Passion ➹ Author Tina Folsom – E17streets4all.co.uk PLEASE NOTE Lover Uncloaked Was Previously Published Under The Title Edge Of PassionAble To Render Themselves Invisible, Immortal Stealth Guardians Like Aiden Have Been Protecting Humans From The Dark PLEASE NOTE Lover Uncloaked Was Previously Published Under The Title Edge of PassionAble To Render Themselves Invisible, Immortal Stealth Guardians Like Aiden Have Been Protecting Humans From The Dark Power Of The Demons Of Fear For Centuries But The Demons Might Soon Have A Powerful Tool In Their Hands To Seduce Humans To The Dark Side The Person To Provide Them With This Elixir Is The Human Scientist Leila Unbeknownst To Her, The Drug She S Developing To Cure Alzheimer Edge of PDF or S Disease Has The Unexpected Side Effect Of Weakening The Mind S Resistance To The Influence Of DemonsAs Aiden Accepts The Assignment To Protect Leila, Forbidden Desire Flares Between Them, And They Are Forced To Rely On The Only People They Can Trust Each Other But Even If He Can Save Her From The Demons, A Union Between Them Might Be The Most Dangerous Undertaking Of All.Edge of Passion

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Edge of Passion PDF º Edge of  PDF or
  • Kindle Edition
  • 277 pages
  • Edge of Passion
  • Tina Folsom
  • English
  • 10 November 2017

10 thoughts on “Edge of Passion

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    Lover Uncloaked was a wonderful surprise Having read most of Folsom s vampire books Scanguards vampires , I didn t know what to expect from this new series After all, there weren t any vampires in it But the hot immortals and the powerful villain give any vampire a run for his money Despite an action packed plot, the romance doesn t fall short the encounters between Aiden and Leila are sizzling whether it be a simple kiss or full blown lovemaking And one thing about that the Stealth Guardian way of making love just blew me away Folsom is known for her hot sex scenes, but in this book, she also shows off her skill for writing action and fight scenes as well as managing a large cast of interesting character, who I hope will get books too And the villain well, I can only say that I m interested in what s going to happen with Zoltan And I hope the next book will be about Hamish.Folsom can hold her own with authors like Kresley Cole, JR Wa...

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    4 StarsThe story is about Aiden, a Cloak Warrior Leila, a talented scientist who is on a major breakthrough of developing a drug that will cure Alzheimer s The Cloak Warriors are an ancient race who for centuries has protected mankind from the Fear Demons Unbeknown to Leila the drug she is developing weakens the human mind and makes them susceptible to being taken over and controlled by Demons Aiden has been assigned to protect Leila and use any means to ensure that the Demons do not obtain control of the drug, even if that means killing Leila I have never read anything by Ms Folsom before so really didn t know what to expect but had a quick look at some of her previous works and they seemed to have been received well which was a good sign I did really like this book but I thought that it was a little slow in the beginning but once it got going it was fast paced and exciting I liked Aiden, the poor man really tried to keep his hands off of Leila but despite desperately trying to, he could not call a halt to the natural pull of his mate I ...

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    Awesome new series so different than anything I ve read in a while We are introduced to a brand new breed of warriors with this series Tina really outdid herself this time Can t wait for the next one

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    Cloak Warriors, like Aiden, have been protecting human kind for centuries from the evil Demons of Fear He s been given the task of keeping an eye on a human female, Leila whose created a drug that s supposed to cure the early stages of Alzheimer, but unfortunately it makes humans susceptible to control by the Demons of Fear The Cloak Warrior Council is divided Some believe Leila should be protected and others believe the only way to eliminate the threat is to eliminate its inventor While the Council determines her fate, Aiden is sent to protect her.for the time being Once Aiden meets her, she stirs something in him that he believed long gone.Leila is a scientist whose parents memory is deteriorating and are going through the early stages of Alzheimer Now she s created a drug to save her parents Unfortunately, she meets the enigmatic Aiden..who tells her she must destroy her drug and its dangerous She s not having it.its her life s work Being so close to saving her parents she s decided to protect her work no matter what this sexy mystery man says despite feelings she starts to develop for him.Time is running out for both of them Can Leila take him for his word and destroy everything that means so much to her for the sake of the world And if she s helbent on keeping the...

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    Reread Review August 7, 2016 About the same feelings as the original review I re read this one in preparation for book 2 which is being released next week Four YEARS after book 1 It had been three years since I d read this book, so I needed a refresher Plus Good news, book 2 is Hamish s story I m glad I did a reread I didn t remember anything Happy reading Origional Review February 1, 2013 I give this one almost 4 stars I decided to round up.Good start to a new series Aiden and Leila are a good pair although, they both irritated me at times She is very whinny at times and and he is a jacka at times But overall its a good story, and when we finially got to ...

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    I m on the fence with this one It s one of those stores that were lukewarm None of the characters ever ignited the pages for me, even though they were likeable enough However, the heroine got on my last never and just about made the TSTL List even though she was a brilliant scientist Honestly, I wasn t quite sure what this Cloak Warrior and Demon of Fear world feud consisted of until halfway through the book and everything finally clicked into place It grew to be quite aggravating.I m not givi...

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    This was an OK read, which , for me, lost major points for heroine I found Leila not a very appealing character, without zest, warmth or any kind of charm Also, for someone who is suppose to be highly intelligent, neither her dialog or actions supported that.

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    Loved the way the book unfolded and the characters were entangled in their own self doubt only to find they were both feeling the same way Tina has a way of making this the core other books and it always has a different feel based on the characters backgrounds.

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    Ok I gave this a fair crack, but it just wasn t for me This is a kind of spin off of The Scanguards series book 3 in The Stealth Guardians series is about Wes the witch I loved the Scanguards series, but this was underwhelming Nothing ...

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    Cloak Warrior is the first book in a new series by Tina Folsom who is famous for her Scanguard Vampire and Venice Vampyr series I m a big fan of Tina s and was really looking forward to reading this one.The story focuses on Aiden a cloak warrior set to protect humans from the forces of evil and Leila, a brilliant researcher on the verge of discovering a drug that may cure Alzheimer s Disease Unfortunately the drug may inadvertently allow humans to open channels in their mind to be susceptible to being controlled by the forces of evil As with a lot of stories dealing with demonic forces they want to control the world and the chaos, fear, and destruction the negative energy they feed off and strengthen However, Aiden is assigned to protect Leila from the forces of evil and needs to destroy the research to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands.Now the story started strong, but somehow as the story progressed it seemed to lose its steam for me I found at times I couldn t really connect to the main characters It could have been t...

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