What the Frack?

Australia Has A New 50 Billion Industry It Carries Unprecedented Environmental Risks, But Could Be The Path To Energy Salvation Cleaner Than Coal, Safer Than Nuclear, A Complement To Renewables While Big Oil And Gas Companies Believe Australia Could Be The Biggest Liquid Natural Gas Exporter In The World, Farmers And Environmentalists Are United In Their Opposition To Coal Seam Gas Extraction From The Nation S Most Fertile Agricultural Lands Will Interfering With Thousands Of Coal Seam Gas Wells Poison Food Resources Will Coal Seam Gas Really Aid In Tackling Climate Change Where Will There Be Drilling Next Visiting Drill Sites, Boardrooms, Pipelines, Parliamentary Offices And Angry Farm Gate Protests, This Book Demonstrates How Coal Seam Gas Extraction May Be One Boom That Is Happening Too Fast.What the Frack?

Paddy Manning is the editor of The Monthly Today, the daily newsletter produced by The Monthly During almost twenty years in journalism he has worked for Crikey, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review and The Australian, and reported for ABC TV s Four Corners A three time winner in the Citigroup Journalism Awards for Excellence, Manning founded the magazine Ethical Investor.

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  • ebook
  • 188 pages
  • What the Frack?
  • Paddy Manning
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9781742241272

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    As it says on the cover everything you need you need to know about coal seam gas which is why I chose to read it and I think is pretty accurate The book talks about the science of coal seam gas extraction or fracking also citing US examples of the industry, the need for this gas for Australia, environmental impacts which are pretty severe if it all goes wrong contamination of water supplies, soil on farms , the grassroots movement against the industry and what the government s role is in the whole thing It was a balanced debate and the author cited and spoke to politicians from all parties who have had a say in the debate, scientists, gas companies and people who are affected both po...

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    This is a quite well researched volume delivered in a balanced way Backed up with a lot of historical facts and offering opinion from all sides of the equation If you are interested in the environment ...

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    Every Australian should read this book Interesting and unbiased work

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