Sunsinger (Commonwealth Universe: Age 3, #2)

Sunsinger Commonwealth Universe Age 3, 2 Read Author Michelle L Levigne Vidan Was Again Reaching Out To The Stars Sadder And Wiserand Cautious, Unwilling To Repeat The Mistakes Of The Ancestors The Commonwealth Was Born, Reaching Out To Lost Colonies And Establishing New Ones, Rediscovering Lost Technology And How To Navigate The Star Ways Many Of The Lost Colonies Not Only Survived But Thrived And They Remembered Their Abandonment And The Harsh Centuries Of The Downfall.Orphaned And Now Evacuated From The Only Home He S Ever Known, Bain S Dream Of Becoming A Spacer Is Suddenly Possible Than He Ever Realized Aboard A Small Free Trader Ship With A Forceful Yet Caring And Quirky Captain, Bain Learns The Ropes Of Combat And Courage Battling Not Only The Threat Of The Human Race S Biggest Enemy, The Mashrami, Bain Must Battle His Own Enemy As Well A Bully Who Prefers Bain Over A Punching Bag Will He Be Able To Prevail Using His Innate Spacer Genes And All That The Captain Has Taught Him, To Win The War Against His EnemiesSunsinger (Commonwealth Universe: Age 3, #2)

Michelle has been a book addict since picking up The Cat in the Hat She started writing her own stories in junior high, when TV shows didn t turn out like she thought they should Her first rejection letter came the summer after high school graduation, her first published story was in connection with fan fiction, and her first sale was in the Writers of the Future anthology With a BA in theate

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Sunsinger (Commonwealth Universe: Age 3, #2)
  • Michelle L. Levigne
  • English
  • 10 January 2017

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    4.5 starsTold from the viewpoint of a young teen, this story easily captured my imagination Mankind has spread to the stars With the discovery of Knaught Points, ships are able to enter ports in space and emerge into whole new galaxies These areas in space are beautiful, mysterious, and deadly Now, though, humans everywhere are under attack by an aggressive and formidable alien species Bain Kern is an orphan on a colony world that has been targeted by the aliens He is among a group of orphans being evacuated from the colony The captain of the ship, Sunsinger, takes a liking and interest in Bain offering him an opportunity he had dreamed of for years, if he can prove his mettle and show her he can learn quickly.I loved the description of the Sunsinger, an old trader vessel I felt as if I were aboard the ship experiencing the ...

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    Good read I want to be a spacer

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    Not bad, just a little juvenile for my tastes Plus, it seemed a bit short Good for preteens especially.

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    his is the story of Bain, an orphaned young man He always tells the other orphans that he is a spacer , which means his family consists of space travelers and space is in his blood No one believes him, especially the bully of the orphanage He is teased by Toly and his gang.One day, the whole orphanage is put in danger when the horrible Mashrami, an enemy that breeds their ships not assemble them like the rest of the galaxy arrive on the planet to destroy it All the children are to be evacuated in a cargo ship under the command of Lin, a female spacer.She recognizes the spacer in Bain and takes him under her wing to teach and train him on that voyage For the first time he feels important, especially when the other kids see him as a real spacer and, per the commander, a crew member of the Sunsinger.He gets to see and feel, firsthand, the music and the wonders of the universe He also has to learn how to be humble and to grow up faster tha...

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    A great series

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