❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Legasea Author Krystalyn Drown – E17streets4all.co.uk When sixteen year old Aileen Shay sees a dead girl floating in the bay during a midnight yacht party she never imagines Jamie Flannigan her new boyfriend may be involved The only thing she knows about When sixteen year old Aileen Shay sees a dead girl floating in the bay during a midnight yacht party she never imagines Jamie Flannigan her new boyfriend may be involved The only thing she knows about Jamie is that he personifies the one thing she has been drawn to her entire life – the ocean But as she grows closer to him she realizes he knows about the murder than he's telling When another girl is attacked and Jamie refuses to answer her uestions Aileen searches for answers on her own Aileen learns that Jamie's family belongs to myths and legends than they do in the real world They are selkies and after the Flannigans threaten her family Aileen suspects they are responsible for both attacksBut they aren't the only ones in her small fishing town who can keep a secret As Aileen uncovers the truth about the murder the selkies and her own family she learns why her soul is bonded to the sea But with that revelation comes a choice – to permanently sever her connection with the water which comes at a painful cost or embrace a legacy that just might get her killed.Legasea

Krystalyn has spent the past thirteen years working at Walt Disney World in a variety of roles entertainer talent coordinator and character captain Her degree in theatre as well as many many hours spent in a dance studio helped with her job thereHer various other day jobs have included working at Sea World in zoology as an elementary teacher and currently as a support technician for a web.

Legasea Epub ò Ebook
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  • 220 pages
  • Legasea
  • Krystalyn Drown
  • English
  • 28 November 2016

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    This was an interesting read but still also managed to be predictable and cliche I have never read a story that surrounded selkies and was uite intrigued by the idea I enjoyed the characters enough but found a stronger connection to side characters than the love interest It was not a novel that was uniue in its storyline but it was a smooth writing style that led to a uick read

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Curiosity uills Press and Netgalley16 year old Aileen is not allowed in the sea or even in a boat without parental supervision Ever since she went overboard during a storm when she was 3 years old her mother has been totally mental about Aileen’s safety around water to the point where she would not even allow Aileen to learn to swimBreaking her mother’s rules for the first time Aileen goes out on a boat with friends only to have the evening ruined when a dead body is discoveredNobody knows who the dead girl is apart from Jamie a boy new to town who claims the girl was his cousin There is something a little off about Jamie and his family though and Aileen can’t help but think of the old Selki tales that the man who works in her father’s shop tells her Aileen has than Jamie and his family to worry about though with a man in town who is determined to buy every shop in the high street and build a supermarket including Aileen’s fathers bait shopWho killed the dead girl? What is Jamie hiding? Can Aileen save her father’s shop? And are Selkis real?I enjoyed this book it was an interesting insight in Selki folk tales and history and the mystery element was well doneI really felt for Aileen her mother was so rigid with her rules and so over protective of Aileen and it seemed ridiculous that she wouldn’t want to teach her daughter how to swim when she had the ocean in her back yard I thought it was really bad how Aileen had basically been lied to all her life about the Selkis and the reasons she wasn’t allowed to go into the sea I was really glad that she had her grandmother there to support her although her grandmother’s help was minimal reallyI liked the romance between Aileen and Jamie and I thought that Aileen deserved to have someone like Jamie in her life even if only for a short timeI thought that the Selki storyline was well done I haven’t read any stories exclusively about Selkis before and I liked how the author had obviously gone to the trouble of finding out about Selki folk law and had included it as part of the story without it being an info dumpI liked how finding out who the Selkis were wasn’t the only mystery to be solved and I thought the other storylines of the dead girl the man who was trying to buy Aileen’s fathers shop and the appearance of Jamie’s family in town were all interwoven nicelyI thought that the ending of the story was done well and I liked that although things didn’t turn out uite the way that Aileen wanted but there was still a satisfactory conclusion to the storyOverall; a good YA Selki story7 out of 10

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    I had the awesome chance to proofread this book and let me just say that I loved it Disclaimer I proofread many books for Curiosity uills but I only ratereview the ones I thoroughly enjoyed So if I have rated it a 4 or a 5 you can rest assured that I truly did enjoy the bookI've never read anything about Selkies so I don't know how much this book varies from others like it but I loved the story and the characters Krystalyn Drown created and I would definitely recommend LEGASEA

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    I find it hard to write this review of Legasea I believe that Legasea is a beautifully written and uniue debut that deserves to be read by many There are so many things that Legasea excels in but there was one thing that kept the book from being the best it could beOne of the things that make Legasea so uniue is the chosen mythology for the story Drown chose to write about a very underrated legend the Selkies Creatures that live as seals swimming in the ocean but when they shed their skin they become human Such an interesting concept but not many author use it But Drowning chose to write about the Selkies and she writes then amazingly well The beauty and mystery that I always thought the Selkies had was in Drown’s Selkies also That made me very very happyAileen is a character that is easy to connect to She is a girl that has to deal with the troubles of everyday life as well as trying to come to terms with the fact that she is different than most people She is a smart determined girl that makes good choices for herself most of the time but there are the times when she doesn’t do what her heart tells her to do and makes poor choices because of that She felt real to me Her narration felt real comfortable which only made her feel realThe side characters were also written fairly well The most remarkable group being Aileen’s family and Jamie I found Aileen’s family to be very easy to understand and their struggles truly bothered me as if I was experiencing those struggles myself Jamie is one of those “mysterious” love interest but he was also very sweet even though he is a bit misleaded sometimesDrown’s prose is nothing short of excellent It felt sincere to me as if the words just came out naturally on the paper The writing captures the uiet beauty of the ocean and the landscapes around it wonderfully well Some passages like the one below even felt lyrical to me“Off in the distance the black outlines of dozens of rock islands dotted the bay like shadow puppets posing in front of the star filled sky”Pulled from an advance copyThe mystery is a great mystery There are a lot suspects to choose from and many many twist I never knew where many of the characters stood It kept me guessing and on my toes The big reveal was done very well and it made my mouth dropUnfortunately despite all the good things Legasea has within itself there is one thing that bothered me some of the smaller events that took place in the book felt awkward when fitted with the main events But that’s just me Some people may find nothing wrong with this events In fact they might even find those events fitting I just didn’tLegasea is a book that is a breath of fresh air Filled with originality and mystery this book will not be forgotten by me I will keep this story with Selkies in my mind I hope you decide to invite this story into your mind also

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    A tragic accident at sea when Aileen was just a child resulted in her mother banning her from swimming or even boat trips But at sixteen Aileen is beginning to chafe under those restrictions especially since she lives in a seaside town on the Oregon coast where fishing and tourism for sea and seal lovers – is a vital part of the economy Breaking her mother’s rule one time to attend a party aboard the boat of her old middle school crush seems like a small infractionBut the party ends in police sirens and – the discovery of a teenage girl’s body tangled in the boat lines Aileen is worse than in trouble with her mom; she’s potentially a witness to the disposal of a murder victimFull disclaimer here I don’t usually read paranormal romances so Legasea isn’t my typical genre But I was a beta reader for this novel and I loved it enough to read several draft versions and then read it AGAIN after it was published I never got tired of LegaseaPartly it’s the author’s engaging style but mostly it’s because this is a mystery first and a paranormal romance second And I do love a mysteryThe dead girl is connected to the cute new guy whose family just moved back to town after many years away They’re a strange family and while Jamie is adorable – and may end up being Aileen’s first real boyfriend – his sister is rebellious and his father is strangely harsh and frightening Aileen’s old friend from middle school is also connected to the victim due to circumstances that seem suspiciously coincidental When another girl is attacked and nearly killed – and when Jamie’s family tries to cover it up – Aileen makes a disturbing discoveryJamie’s family is than strange They’re straight out of legend – and not nice legends either Worse Aileen makes a discovery that ties her in with the girl victims and explains why her mother has forbidden her the seaA highly recommended mystery And as a side note – Curiosity uills did a wonderful job designing the book The Table of Contents is clever and even the Kindle version is beautifully formatted – which isn’t the case with most e books even from the big six publishers

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    ‘A sea of troubles’ Who is the young girl whose body is found floating in the bay? Why have the Flannigan family returned to the neighbourhood? And why is 16 year old Aileen’s mother so determined to stop Aileen from learning to swim?YA fantasy is not my normal reading material for so many reasons For a start it was way back in the last millennium that I could last honestly call myself a YA But it’s fun to read something a bit different sometimes especially when it’s as enjoyable as this book Aileen has always been drawn to the sea but after a childhood accident when she was nearly lost her mother has been dead against her swimming or even going on a boat Since they live on the shore this is a pretty big deprivation for Aileen and she’s finding it hard to obey her mother’s strict rules But when she sneaks off to a party on a yacht she is horrified when they find the body of a young girl floating in the bay Suspicion falls on several people in the small town not least on Aileen’s own family and the families of both her ex boyfriend Ian and her new one Jamie And Aileen is soon to learn a secret that her mother has kept from her all these years – a secret that finally explains her fascination with the ocean and the seals that live closebyDrown writes very well and Aileen is a believable likeable sixteen year old dealing with the normal things like school and family but also having to face up to the fact that she’s very different from her friends With the arrival of the mysterious Jamie Aileen is thrown into all the turmoil of first love and I thought Drown handled the romance aspect very well Although this is a fairly light read with a lot of fun elements it also has some dark episodes and on the whole this contrast worked well although there was one incident which I felt was so dark that it was slightly out of tune with the rest of the novel Overall I found this an entertaining light read well written with good characterisation and a nice blend of reality and fantasy Recommended NB This book was provided for review by the publisher

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    While I’m generally a fan of mythological creatures Selkies definitely throws me for a loop I think seals are adorable but I don’t automatically make the connection between a sleek barking mammal scuttling along the sand and some handsome Casanova charming a lonely fisherman’s wife Yet selkies are an established part of Irish and Scottish folklore especially in stories of tragic romantic love Author Kristalyn Drown gives us a modern version of this story in LegaseaFirst a brief cover peeve While the seals look cute and the suffused lighting is romantic the girl looks about ten This is a young adult novel and trying to picture the image of that girl within the scenes does not work at allUsually I’ve found teen paranormal romance to be character based However Legasea is focused on plot which is a refreshing change While Aileen is obviously infatuated with Jamie Flannigan that obsession doesn’t rule the entire novel Instead three other plots–the murder of teen girls her own connection with the sea and her father’s failing business–are woven together with Jamie just being part of the showAs a character Aileen Shay is pretty well done She displays the typical teen melodrama and mood swings without overdoing it I didn’t find her especially compelling but I did believe she was a sheltered girl with a strange connection with the sea–and I liked how her actions progressed based on that background finish reading at TheuietPen

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    Do not let the cover of this book fool you It is not an overly cutesy middle grades novelI was wrong This was actually a solid mystery with several sub plots The main plot centers around trying to figure out who is attacking the selkies and why But of course that would be too easy if that was the only thing to discover in a small fishing town Enter mysterious new boy Jamie The instant connection between Aileen and Jamie starts of a romance that carries throughout the novel Oh but that's not all Aileen's family has secrets of their own to resolve and the family store and Aileen's way of life is teetering on a ledge All of these story lines meet at the end with a very suspenseful climax I thought it was really well developed and I enjoyed it alot The characters were pretty good as well They worked for the story but I didn't really connect with them I did notice though how well Aileen's character depicted a teenager desperate for freedom and responsibility She has some pretty clever one liners and insights that made me smile The author did a nice job of giving Aileen a belieavable voice I am a huge fan of mermaid books but selkies kind of gross me out I think it's the idea of peeling off skin and leaving it in a heap that makes my stomach churn Luckily though Legasea didn't spend a lot of time focusing on the selkie ualities Instead it told a good story placing it high up on my list of merbooks So if you are like me and you enjoy mermaidselkie stories give Legasea a try

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    This review also appears on my blog at this wasn't my favorite book I really liked the idea but it fell a little flatThe characters in this book were kind of confusing I was never uite sure where any of the character's stood I'm okay with having one character not be set in a role in fact I think that's a good thing since it adds drama and mystery to a book but when I feel like every character is like that it just throws me off So I felt confused during the entire bookI liked the idea for this book and it was explained okay though it could have been better The whole selkie thing was fascinating One thing bothered me in particular Aileen at the end of the book decides that she thinks selkies are evil and manipulative creatures However someone VERY close to her is a selkie and she never thought bad about that person Yet she spent uite a bit of time hating on selkies I just thought that was rather inconsistent And Aileen was rather frustrating in general She wasn't my favorite heroine I found her to be obtuse and prone to complain Obviously with a less than likable heroine it made it very difficult to like the book I really don't like having to say this but I didn't really like Legesea I thought the idea was excellent and that it could have been done so well but unfortunately that didn't happen for meThanks to Netgalley and Curiosity uills for a copy

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    Aileen has spent her life by the sea It calls to her but she's not allowed to answer Forbidden to be near the water on the water in the water Aileen has never even learned to swim in spite of an accident that nearly drowned her as a child But that doesn't stop the pull that doesn't stop the desire to answer the call of the sea and Jamie the interesting boy next door is another lure Watching him from her window she longs to venture out and learn about him But there's to Jamie's family than what meets the eye and maybe just maybe there's to Aileen and her family as well Because just when you think you understand everything you realize you understood nothing This was a well written book that had me wanting More of Aileen and her family of Jamie and his family and just from this author in general I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future works from this author she writes a fascinating tale that makes you truly care about the characters 5 stars

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