The Parts I Remember (The Parts I Remember, #1)

Act First Think Never Remember Nothing.Welcome To Kelly Rockport S Existence At Haysville University, Where Responsibility Is Just An Elective After All, Fake IDs, Alter Egos, And One Night Stands Are All Part Of The College Experience, Right So What If She Blacks Out From Time To Time Memory Is Overrated.When Freshman Year Lasts About As Long As A One Night Stand And Is Quickly Followed By The Year Of The Blackout, Kelly Projects Junior Year To Be Nothing Shy Of Amazing But As Shots, Beer, Cocaine And Men Mesh Together In An Intoxicating Haze, Kelly S Reckless Ways Get Her Into Serious Trouble The Only Problem Is, She Can T Remember What Happened.As She Hovers Along The Edge Of Consciousness, Kelly Forces Herself To Think Past Her Pain To Piece Together The Shards Of Her Life This Is Her Story, Told In Her Words The Parts I Remember.The Parts I Remember (The Parts I Remember, #1)

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[Epub] ↠ The Parts I Remember (The Parts I Remember, #1)  Author A.K. Mills –
  • The Parts I Remember (The Parts I Remember, #1)
  • A.K. Mills
  • English
  • 20 November 2017

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    You can win a signed copy at my blog, open internationally Wow wow wow I am so glad that I read The Parts I Remember, it is genuinely one of the best new adult novels I ve ever read and has basically restored my faith in the new adult genre To be honest, I didn t really expect to like it as much as I did because usually in YA or NA novels, the girl that drinks, and parties and does drugs isn t the person you warm to, or even remotely like However, what struck me was how realistic, and candid the narrative was The storyline wasn t idealised, or sugar coated and yet it wasn t depressing or exaggerated It was just real.Kelly Rockport is your average freshman, green from having just graduated from high school, and eager to party her way through college just like everybody else Drinking, discovering sex, experimenting with drugs, it s all part of what you do in university Right Definitely not out of the ordinary As a university student myself, I can truthfully say that I just described about 70% of my friends I think Kelly s persona accura...

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    If only I could go back and do things differently Who hasn t said that in their life Chances are high that EVERYONE has said that at one time or another Yes, because hindsight is 20 20 and if we all knew what bad choices we could get away with and which once we couldn t, well, that would be pretty awesome, but that is not reality Act first Think never Remember nothing. Sounds like a pretty selfish mentality if you ask me That is how Kelly Rockport lives her life in the right now She is a loose cannon with no regard to any of the potentially devastating consequences to her numerous poor decisions.THE PARTS I REMEMBER is an excellent tale of caution and would definitely recommend this book to older teenagers and twenty somethings that may be headed down the wrong path Through a series of flashbacks, we learn how Kelly began living her life with reckless abandon and it s not a pretty tale Kelly s first three years of college were basically a blur of booze, boys and drugs She successfully skated through promiscuous encounters unprotected sex with God only knows how many boys night after night of blackout drunkenness and let s not forget the drugs but through it all, somehow she managed to escape facing any real consequences for her actions lucky her THE PARTS I REMEMBER begins wh...

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    Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review.The Part I Remember is a story based on sorrow and regret It would serve as a great cautionary tale for young adults who are reckless and in need of help The book is well written A young, reckless adult is exactly what Kelly is throughout this journey Her choices are self involved and always easily justifiable by her There is no grand story in this book that s not it s purpose I didn t love nor hate the book I wish that we could have seen of a self discovery made by Kelly after the events she remembered Those memories, after so many, seemed to be one in the same While I realize that the point was to show Kelly making the same destructive choices repeatedly, her position at the end of the story still seemed very self involved I didn t feel a connection with her as though she was healing or making amends This was an ok read for me, I liked it just not earth shattering However, I do read ...

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    WHAT I LIKED With both YA and NA it s a fine line between reminiscing about our youth and talking down to the reader I think NA readers want to be talked down to even less than YA because they ARE adults So while I liked the handling of addiction as presented in the text, I m not sure it will resonate with the author s intended audience You can t reach teens and older adolescents by talking at them For me this screamed this book is here to teach you a lesson which is about as effective as a when I was your age story At least with the teens I counsel, there tends to be a lot of eye rolling involved in such tales I think it would be effective to an older audience, though So it s a like for grownup me, because, well, I molder The ending I m going to do my best to avoid spoilers and keep this vague It was a like not a love because I think we missed watching a huge chunk of the latter half of the story arc play out on the page I liked the ending As a writer, I wasn t crazy about how the narration got us there Authentic portrayal of the pathway to addiction The ...

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    YA story about regret and accountability I am not sure if the end was satisfying enough for the trouble that was caused I would have liked to see remorse and accountability Reinforces the I am invincible attitude of YA Sad but eyeopening.

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    Let s talk about Kelly, the girl who can t help but fuck up.Kelly has always been a wild spirit Why Well, no one actually knows why She feels like it, I suppose.Point is, Kelly has been in a huge car accident, the only problem is she doesn t remember anything So, we get a glimpse into her life as she narrates us the parts she remembers.Despite my one star rating, this book wasn t bad It just wasn t my kind of book.Firstly we have a main character who can t survive ten minutes without booze in her system, and has to screw a guy to feel content with her life For me, Valentine s Day was not about love or mushy feelings It was about sex, and that is exactly what I planned on having She constantly finds ways to fuck up her life, and finds no remorse whatsoever when she realizes how much she screws up She s self destructive, egotistical, selfish, and frankly, a bitch If Kelly could get her head out of her ass long enough to realize how bad her life is, then maybe things could have gone better for me and her in the book.Secondly, we have absentee parents throughout the whole book I know this is New Adult, but if you re going to go to the trouble of mentioning parents, then you better introduce them well Kelly s parents are these cardboard cutouts of every single book parent stereotype you can think of They re never in the picture, accept anything Kelly does, and turn a blind eye to Kelly s obvious behavior I wouldn t be surprised if ...

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    Originally posted at My Book AddictionThe Parts I Remember is a powerful story told by the main character, Kelly Rockport, about the downward spiral of her college life The story begins with Kelly heading off to her freshman year at Haysville University, affectionately called Hay U which I found rather amusing Her first year at college starts out fairly normal and she really makes an effort to get along with her strange roommate, Angela But the time that goes by, the less tolerable Angela becomes, so Kelly seeks out friends that are her own speed She meets Meredith, Molly, and Sam who, over the next couple of years, become the closest people in her life The foursome share a mutual contempt for authority they do what they want, when they want, and they don t care if it s legal or not Unfortunately, sometimes the people you get along with the most aren t always the best choice for your well being, and that s the hardest lesson Kelly learns in college.After finishing this book in one sitting, I started to look at other reviews because I was in the midst of THE BIGGEST BOOK HAN...

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    This is a book about regret A book about sorrow, and selfish decisions It is also a book about a horrible events that drastically changes the life of everyone involved In the end its a story about survival after the dust settles This book broke my heart What happened, the leading events, all of it I saw it coming and it just broke my heart I wanted to scream at Kelly but it would have no good as she was screaming at herself the entire time she told us her story.Act first Think never Remember nothing.This is how Kelly lives Its her mantra, her life in a nutshell She acts without thinking and lives in the moment with complete disregard for those she hurts in the process.I found this book to be a story about learning a lesson that will change your life People joke about things like this, but this book, puts it in real perspective of what is a good possibility People think it wont ever happen to them, but this is a story of exactly that It happened to her and Kelly is telling us the parts she remembers.We follow Kelly as she flashes between present and her recent past that lead up to where she is now Its a promiscuous, drunk, unthoughtful, crazy, life that Kelly has lived the past 3 years of her life while at college with her best friend She has been blackout drunk times than she knows, had sex with boys than countable and done the drugs that were offered All of this with no repercussions for her actions ...

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    I like the premise of The Parts I Remember It is sort of a cautionary tale about what not to do in college It s told in flashbacks, a writing style that I really enjoy I like it when main characters recount previous actions with the wisdom of experience, knowing that they would have made different choices if they knew then what they know now Kelly s story starts with a car accident She wakes up in the hospital and has no idea how she got there or what happened As Kelly thinks back to what she does remember, the book goes back in time to the beginning of her freshman year in college I was your stereotypical good girl in college, like Kelly s obnoxious religious roommate, Angela, than wild child Kelly So, I had a hard time understanding some of Kelly s choices To drink to the point of blacking out is foreign to me I ve only had a few drinks in my life and wasn t impressed with the ones I had Maybe I was doing something wrong Anyway, Kelly was an enigma to me To not have any direction in your college career, to just be there to have fun and get drunk high all the time is inconceivable Kelly had a lot of casual sex as well as the drinking and drug use I know that this happens all the time now, and I am probably considered a prude in fact, I ha...

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    The Parts I Remember will hit you in a way that you would never expect it to with its refreshing and honest characters who are all simply stumbling through life with no real direction Though I never thought I d love a main character who drinks until she blacks out and can t remember anything from the night before, or has one night stands, and uses drugs I did come to like her Kelly is honest and she doesn t care what you think of her She is daring and a complete one of kind that you wouldn t wish anyone other than her could tell the story.Page one throws you into a car crash scene and you are literally put in the what the utter heck is going on seat However, through out explaining what is going on at that scene, the chapters and intersected with scenes of how it all began when Kelly first starts college and moves in with a heavily religious girl who judges her every move, especially Kelly s partying habits These scenes were some of the best in my opinion But over the course of the book you slowly begin to put together how the crash happened and all the minor details before and after t...

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