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Move Over Bridget Jones, Stephanie Slater Is In Town And She Doesn T Believe In Psychicsyet No One Knows That Beneath Her Groomed And Successful Persona Stephanie Slater Is Struggling To Keep Up The Act.When An Accidental Psychic Reading Breaks Open The Cracks In Her Perfect Life, It Starts To Unravel For All To See.Stephanie Then Starts The Transformational Journey To Rebuild And Reclaim Her Life Lesson By Lesson, Month By Month In A Year Like No Other.Each Of The 12 Lessons Helps Her To Learn About Herself And Gives This Entertaining Story A Deeper And Profound Meaning, As She Works Towards Creating The Life That She Has Always Wanted But Will She Make It In Time Can You Really Change Your Destiny In One Year Reader S Remarks There S A Bit Of Stephanie In All Of Us, Brilliant, Funny And Touching I Laughed, I Cried And I Devoured This Amazing Book The Story Entertained Me And The Lessons Stayed With Me Truly Life Changing, As Simple As That Chic Lit With Soul And Meaning Bridget Jonesesque With A Metaphysical Twist Laugh Out Loud Funny, Touching And Profound All In One.12 Lessons

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 12 Lessons book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Spencer author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 365 pages
  • 12 Lessons
  • Kate Spencer
  • English
  • 02 February 2019

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    This book read like a biography Tackling the issue s of emotional abuse, strained relationships, psychics and financial hardship in just 300 pages I swear I thought I was reading the lifetime movie of the week I agree with the other reviews I ve seen as well, there is definitely a bit of Bridget Jones in Stephanie.Stephanie Slater is a fake, a phoney Struggling to keep up a certain persona in a life she hasn t even realized yet she dislikes grappling at the shreds that hold together her chirade of a marriage that she has convinced herself is the real deal Murphey s Law ya ll, whatever can go wrong will, and usually at the most inopportune moment As the pieces of Steph s life begin to fall apart like dominoe s she s left jobless, single, misaerable, practically homeless and her best friend is no where to be found.A trip to a psychic sets Steph on a journey of self discovery and life altering events, to teach her 12 lessons as she slowly but surely learns the things that are most important in life I was blown away with the rawness of the story, as we follow Steph through her pitfalls and triumphs as she falls apart when the glass house she thinks she lives in is shattered Then through the trials and tribulations of her divorce, DUI, finding a new home and ...

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    When I first started 12 Lessons I really wasn t sure about it The main character was shallow and judgemental, and I took an instant dislike to her Yet as the book went on I became completely hooked and realised that my early opinions were all part of the carefully constructed narrative and those early pages made her transformation all the powerful How can you make your reader dislike your protagonist at the beginning and adore her like a best friend by the end You d have to ask Kate Spencer that as she is the creator of a fascinating novel that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you consider the reality of your situation with no falsehoods allowed.12 Lessons is about being honest with yourself about who you are and what you want in life As Steph goes on this journey through heartbreak and financial ruin she finds a group of women who have been kicked to the curb by life, yet found the strength to pick themselves up and make the most of their situation After she escapes her harmful marriage there is no eye rolling moment where she is whisked off her feet and saved by a handsome man Step by step she had to save herself and only then do things start to go in the right direction There are many teary moments along the way and others that make you feel genuinely glad for Steph, but there are also moments when I had to put the book down and think about my own life This book has come along at a perfect time, when people don t know what to do with their li...

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    I m torn on how I really want to rate this book I would really like to give it 3.5 stars The first 3 4 of the book I would rate a solid 4 stars, however, I did not like the ending at all The book is about a woman Steph whose life is in a shambles crappy husband, tons of debt and meets a psychic at a party who tells her essentially that things are going to get bad for a while, but if she learns and completes 12 lessons it will all turn around I ll start with what I loved This book was the perfect mix of self help and fiction There were great quotes and much from the 12 lessons can be adopted into the reader s personal life I bookmarked several pages that I may go back to at some point The book is full of inspiration for how the power of positive thinking can impact your life I was also really drawn into Steph s story in the beginning The first 3 4 of the book felt like realistic fiction and I found that appealing I was really enjoying Steph s struggles and the growth she was making UntilWhen the love interest storyline started to play out the book went downhill fast for me The book started with some realistic, in real life, type elements, but when it got to Steph s love interest, the book felt totally cliche, unrealistic, fantasy romance ...

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    finally, the lessons of happiness that we didn t receive at birth a charming and essential step by step guide on how to achieve being our best self written in a story form that delights as well as educatesFor young and old It s never to early or to late to find self worth and a happy life path.

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    Immediately I was hooked.I really enjoyed this book, I could not put it down, I head to find out what happened next Twelve Lessons was well written and I appreciated the humor laced within each lesson I LOL many times while reading this story.

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    One of the best books I have readI was so engrossed in this book I couldn t put it down It explains a lot to me What you put out to the universe you receive back, good or bad I will continue reading the other book Kate listed at the end of this book

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    I loved this book A MUST read What a wonderful way to teach the Law of Attraction I have applied many of the 12 Lessons to my life and to my amazement they have worked Magical indeed Bravo Kate Spencer

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    Nice read and a bit scarythere is a little bit of Stephanie in me

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    A light hearted modern day Spiritual fairy tale,with twelve lessons that our heroine has to learn to bring her back from an emotional breakdown.

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    loved this book,the journal is great too,every chapter of the novel even though it is fiction,contains an important life lesson,in fact I am re reading now to remind myself

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