Diversions & Digressions of Lewis Carroll

❮Reading❯ ➽ Diversions & Digressions of Lewis Carroll ➶ Author Lewis Carroll – E17streets4all.co.uk Although Lewis Carroll was best known for his widely published Wonderland fantasies he was also a writer of superior humor fantasy and mathematical recreations that appeared only in very limited pamph Although Lewis Carroll was best Digressions of MOBI õ known for his widely published Wonderland fantasies he was also a writer of superior humor fantasy and mathematical recreations that appeared only in very limited pamphlets or Diversions & Kindle - copies This book by Carroll's nephew and authorized biographer gathers together the best of this privately printed humor and recreation and contains editorial comments Included are 'The Rectory Umbrella' and 'Misch Masch' and & Digressions of PDF/EPUB ì other works.Diversions & Digressions of Lewis Carroll

The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Digressions of MOBI õ better known by the pen name Lewis Carroll was an English author mathematician logician Anglican clergyman and photographerHis most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Diversions & Kindle - its seuel Through the Looking Glass as well as the poems The Hunting of the Snark and Jabberwocky all considered to be within the genre of literary nonsenseOxfo.

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    Once upon a long ago as I was getting ready for college I took advantage of a subscription book service promotion This was before in the days when things were sold from brick and mortar retail like Crown Books and Sam Goody than via direct mail I assume the intent of the Book of the Month Club was either to sell through a reserve run of selections to subscribers too lazy or disorganized to reject them or else to induce regular book purchases from consumers by way of convenience a sense of guilt or strict conflict avoidance As a teenager none of that occurred or probably mattered to me All I knew was that I could pick up a heaping handful of preselected volumes at a dollar apiece send in a cancellation postcard and walk away with an instant library I would never have bought from a store complete works by venerated authors William Shakespeare Edgar Allen Poe Ray Bradbury Douglas Adams and others Considering that this was before the days of any online repository for public domain works the BOMC come on turned out to be a real bargain and I'm proud to have not only now read and reread all the books I obtained thereby but also imposed a good many of them on my children The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll was definitely among these misbegotten acuisitions and it remains every bit as beloved as the other works I had BOMC ship to my freshman dorm Imagine my shock then to discover that the premise of that book's title was a horrible sham Diversions Digressions formerly titled The Lewis Carroll Picture Book emphasis mine was printed by Dover a good two decades and prior to The Complete Illustrated and yet contains absolutely zero overlapping content Complete my eye All these years passed and what have I missed?uite a lot actually The present work fills in all the blanks left by the other volume Carroll's juvenilia; a heretofore uncompiled set of math oddities games and puzzles that anticipated may even have inspired Martin Gardner; selected correspondence; and other assorted whimsies Among his myriad achievements Charles Lutwidge Dodgson invented the popular word puzzle Doublets a game in which Vanity Fair readers competed to derive the fewest transitions needed to transform one word to another a letter at a time making new words each round So BEEF can become a CHOP by way of seuential changes to BEEN BEAN BRAN BRAD BRED BREW CREW CROW and CHOW The book likewise includes a full album of Dodgson's essays into portraiture as a mid nineteenth century enthusiasthobbyist during the infancy of photographyShining a light on Carroll's mature output are preliminary drafts of and invaluable context for Alice in Wonderland The Hunting of the Snark and Sylvie and Bruno These include Dodgson's own criticism of an early Alice stage adaptation in which he describes his intended characterizations for the White Rabbit and each of his three ueens Readers can find in this volume plenty of Carroll's influences and inspirations allegorical satires of contemporary Oxfordian concerns he would later spin out as fantasy popular poetry he would distort and improve into nonsense like The Walrus and the Carpenter the fireplace decorations from which he would springboard fanciful tales as well as other amusements concocted for the benefit of his freuent child companionsThis last part is admittedly a little creepy Dodgson a Mathematics Lecturer in permanent residence at Christ Church Oxford ostensibly never married as a criterion of retaining his position and in any case was said to have preferred the company of prepubescent girls aged 5 10 Alice Liddell the namesake and muse of Alice's Adventures etc was one of three daughters the Dean of Oxford was willing to entrust to Dodgson's care and among a brace of children whom Dodgson routinely hosted shepherded to local plays and corresponded with down the years The reasons for this aren't so much explored by the volume's editor as implied by its contents What emerges is a picture of Dodgson as devoted and avuncular elder brother to ten siblings whose letters photos and whimsies were as much a vicarious pleasure as a creative outletTypical Carrollesue passages fill a journal Dodgson made as a keepsake for one such visiting maiden at the behest of the girl and her mother One day Dodgson and his preliterate ward Isa are touring Oxford's Magdalen Meadow where they run across a lady 'from Amurrica' as she told them who wanted to know if there would be 'any danger' in going there They told her the way and that most of the lions and tigers and buffaloes round the meadow were uite gentle and hardly ever killed people so she set off pale and trembling and they saw her no only they heard her screams in the distance so they guessed what had happened to her page 326 It's adorably silly and ingenuously transgressive I was enthralled by them; I'm glad they ultimately saw their way to print Still one wonders what Isa's parents made of their daughter's stories when they greeted her at the train station or how they reconciled with Dodgson's chatty notes The effect was positive I assume If the contents of this book are any indication Carroll kept his contemporaries enchanted and charmed

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