EMS 3: The Third Tour

It S Been Said That Working On An Ambulance Is Like Having A Front Row Seat To The Greatest Show On Earth Nowhere Is That True Than In The Pages Of The EMS Series In The Third Installment You Ll Read About Communication Failures, Flaming Cars, Power Bars, Training Accidents, And Marital Aid Mishaps Follow Along For Misadventures As Devin Delivers His Stories With The Heart, Detail, And Honest Irreverance That Has Made The EMS Series A Must Read For Medical Providers.EMS 3: The Third Tour

Devin Kerins is a career paramedic and emergency manager from New Jersey who parlayed his experiences on ambulances, eye for detail, and twisted sense of humor into writing After writing two books of EMS anecdotes, he has turned his attention to writing outrageously funny action novels When he is not writing or saving lives, you can usually find him reading, watching reruns of bad 1980 s sitcoms

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 203 pages
  • EMS 3: The Third Tour
  • Devin Kerins
  • English
  • 26 June 2019

10 thoughts on “EMS 3: The Third Tour

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    4 4.5 starsEat your Power Bars, hop into the ambulance and enjoy the thrilling ride I just intended to page through the book, but once I started reading I just couldn t put it down These stories are seriously hilarious and I was laughing out loud for most of the book Devin has such a wicked sense of humor Not only was this book entertaining, but it was educational too I learned that If somebody is alive as in flailing and fighting you , they don t need CPR Okay, maybe I already knew that If you ever decide to take tactical gear ski masks with on hand luggage through an airline, just leave your Epi Pen at home Seriously Wow, can you spell ridiculous If you want to learn a new language, inhale some tear gas You will instantly start speaking in a language made of clicks and clacks Handy party trick Keep burn victims warm, since they can easily suffer from hypothermia Seeeee, I did really learn something useful that I didn t know Proud of me On a serious note, after reading this I am glad that I refused to pursue a medical career when my mom tried to push me in that direction Some of the stories that mentioned oozing brains, decapitations visible vocal chords were unnerving Thank goodness I only had that Power Bar before reading this and not the steak from Outback I just don t have the stomach for all the gore and would not be able to deal with losing patients I am however extremely grateful for all those paramedics EMTs that try their damnest to save ...

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    Well written, quick read with just the right mix of sarcasm humor and concern for doing what s needed The only detractor is the number of typos and auto correct failures.

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    author still had some interesting and humorous stories to tell in this book and it was good enough that I read the whole thing, it was also a disaster in ways than one I very much respect EMS workers, firefighters, police officers, etc My critique of this book in no way takes anything away from that I am referring only to the quality of the book itself.I m not going to write about all of the problems with this book However, no review of this book would be complete without mentioning the frequent grammar errors, typos, missing words, and other assorted mistakes which appeared on nearly every page I don t specifically remember what his first 2 books were like in terms of this issue but I did write in my review of his second book that it was well written I m pretty sure the same was true of his first book.This book read like a first draft written by someone who had never written a book before, rushed through the writing process, and didn t even bother to read it one time before publishing I do consider myself intelligent but I m not a genius, nor am I the type of...

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    So many mistakesThe stories were mostly good but overpowered by the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes and word and letter omissions Unreal Did this guy hire proofreaders or do it himself Waikiki.

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    waited a while for this book to come out it was definitely worth the wait loved this book and knowing Devin personally only made it that much better I hope he continues this series..

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