A Striking Death

An Elderly Retired French Teacher Is Found Brutally Bludgeoned To Death In His Bedroom With Very Few Leads To Go On And No Witnesses, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Drumm Of The Violent Crimes Unit With The York Police Services Is Faced With A Difficult Task In Finding The Killer One Surprising Event Follows Another, As Drumm Finds Himself In A Race Against A Killer With A Violent And Twisted Agenda.A Striking Death

David Anderson has been a writer all his life He lives with his wife and Shetland Sheepdog, Wilson, in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada.David spent than thirty years in the classrooms of Ontario as a teacher of young children.He is the author of An Indecent Death featuring Detective Sergeant Nicholas Drumm , A Striking Death, A Cuban Death and Teaching Tales.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 296 pages
  • A Striking Death
  • David Anderson
  • English
  • 19 December 2018

10 thoughts on “A Striking Death

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    This is an interesting whodunit type of crime novel We follow the detectives as they investigate a pair of murders, and we find the clues right along with them The plot is mostly a straight forward mystery, with a few little twists along the way.For me, the characters fall short Their behavior feels stiff, and they lack the depth I need to help me connect and get lost in the story The dialogue often sounds scripted and awkward, making it obvious that certain things are said to advance the plot or make a point, rather than being a realistic conversation A major issue for me comes with the two prominent female characters They are both stereotypical in an unflattering way One is a moody scat...

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    As a police procedural this had potential But why , oh why, did the author get the basics of diabetes incorrect His hero becomes hypoglycaemic because of his Diabetes But diabetes causes Hyperglycaemia Untreated diabetes results in hyperglycaeimia High blood sugar Treated diabetes, especially if treated with insulin may result in hypoglycaemia low blood sugar if the patient does not keep up the requisite calorie intake the author has taken symptoms of a...

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    More ExcellenceThis is the second I ve read in this series, and Mr Anderson seems sure of himself this time Other than that, I can say the same things about this novel as I did about the previous one An Indece...

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    Interesting mysteryThe author put together a variety of packs and clues to make the story interesting and believable It was a challenge to attempt to solve the mystery prior to the end of the book The explanation of detective work was well done.

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    A better than average police procedural It contains and interesting plot and extremely believable characters It was easy to read with a good number of false clues red herrings to keep the reader on their toes Didn t guess the murderer and would read the author again

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    In similar vein to his earlier book I just don t find the characters engaging, and the style is banal.

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