Poetry LGBT Studies PROXY Is An Unrequited Love Story In Prose Poems, Where The Landscape Of The Beloved Body Becomes The Windows Of New York City, The Deserts Of North Africa, And The Mangroves Of The Caribbean PROXY Is A Conversation With The Calculus, Plotting Time And Space Against The Infinite Capacities Of Desire With Swagger And Appetite, The Poems In R Erica Doyle S Proxy Reveal The Costs Of Masking One S Vulnerability Like Arthur Rimbaud, Lucille Clifton, And Richard Siken, These Poems Suggest The Struggle To Be Released From One S Own Depths Is Life S Greatest Adventure PROXY Asks Us To Perform Scenarios Of Love And Loss As If We Had No Other Choice Because It Is Difficult To Resist Doyle S Crisp And Cannylanguage, The Sum Effect Of This Exercise Is Wonder Wendy S WaltersProxy

R Erica Doyle was born in Brooklyn to Trinidadian immigrant parents, and her first book, proxy, was published by Belladonna Books in 2013 Her work has appeared in Best American Poetry, Our Caribbean A Gathering of Gay and Lesbian Writing from the Antilles, Bum Rush the Page A Def Poetry Jam, Gathering Ground A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem s First Decade, Ploughshares, Bloom, Blithe House Qua

[PDF] ❤ Proxy  Author R. Erica Doyle –
  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • Proxy
  • R. Erica Doyle
  • 25 May 2018
  • 9780982338797

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    You are a child pulling your lips back from your teeth in the mirror Two fingers deep along the side of your cheeks and pull, pull, pull until you see the bones of your face, the skull that lurks behind your eyes.You re dying Doesn t everybod...

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    read this for my queer trans book club in madison a steamy read desire desire desire the proximal anonymous cast of lovers as proxy for the beloved writing as proxy for love sex use of second person, another proxy here the you is the lover, not the beloved.

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    Read this now

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    Proxy is a collection of connected prose poems that map queer desire and sexuality Doyle holds nothing back, and describes the sex she has with women and the occasional man in fine detail While some might view this sort of erotic writing as crass, they are just plain wrong This book is an important owning of queer sex We see depictions of straight sex on TV and in movies all the time even in books We are even seeing kinky sex in this popular media, but we rarely see two women having sex, or two men having sex, of any kind, in any kind of media It s fine to talk about LGBTQ relationships and equality, but rarely do we see frank discussions of SEX.Doyle lays it all out in all its complex, horny glory, and she does it in a language that is fresh and perfe...

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    there is so much in this book that i love relationships and the harm we do with all the layers on top of that.

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    I read Proxy in the midst of a flurry of other books, each which shared something in common, while trying to understand another piece of work altogether It would seem to be easy to forget the Proxy in the mids...

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    An enticingly told narrative in prose poems, a love story between two women, very visceral and bodily and sexy, and what I really loved was the language I felt like I was in a new, familiar unfamiliar place __ Fall Be still and counter the trick you ve played ...

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    Raw, dazzling and utterly brave, this book stole my breath I devoured it in one sitting, and emerged shaken and reborn These poems shook loose poems that were lodged inside me, and gave them wings It s that powerful.

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    you came to do an autopsy and at the first excision found a beating heart well it was beating, but it stopped.

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