Angélique et son amour

Op Het Nippertje Ontsnapt Aan De Dragonders Van De Koning, Scheept Ang Lique Zich, Tezamen Met Een Groep Om Hun Geloof Vervolgde Hugenoten, In Aan Boord Van De Gouldsboro, Die Koers Zet Naar De Nieuwe Wereld Het Schip Staat Onder Bevel Van Een Oude Bekende Van Ang Lique Rescator, De Gevreesde Piraat, Die Haar Zowel Aantrekt Als Afkeer Inboezemt Hij Schijnt Haar Voor Zich Te Willen Winnen, Maar Ang Lique Heeft Voorgoed Met De Mannen Afgedaan Een Vreemde Onder Vreemden Is Zij Op Dit Schip, Maar Het Duurt Niet Lang Of Ze Beseft Dat De Zelfgekozen Eenzaamheid Haar Toch Te Machtig Wordt.Door Haar Reisgenoten Worden Herhaaldelijk Toespelingen Gemaakt Op Het Feit Dat Er Een Geheimzinnige Band Tussen Haar En De Kapitein Schijnt Te Bestaan En In Haar Hart Moet Ang Lique Hen Gelijk Geven Tijdens Een Gevarlijk Moment A Ls Het Schip Op De Rotsen Te Pletter Dreigt Te Slaan, Biedt Rescator Ang Lique Bescherming In Zijn Hut Aan Op Haar Vraag Waarom Hij Dat Doet, Antwoordt Hij Raadselachtig Omdat Ik U In Mijn Stervensuur Aan Mijn Zijde Zou Wilen Hebben Dan Vindt Ang Lique De Man Terug, Die Zij Nooit Heeft Kunnen Vergeten Jeoffrey De Peyrac Maar Het Is Een Verbitterde Jeoffrey, Die Haar Niet Meer Liefheeft Hij Veroordeelt Haar, Omdat Hij Uit Verhalen Van Anderen Tot De Slotsom Is Gekomen Dat Ang Lique Een Lichtzinnig Wezen En Een Slechte Moeder Is Geweest Maar Haat, Stelt De Jonge Domineesdochter Abigael Vast, Is Dikwijls Het Resultaat Van Diep LijdenAngélique et son amour

Born in Toulon as Simone Changeux in 1921 she published under the pseudonym of Sergeanne Golon or Anne Serge Golon, and later as Anne Golon.

[Ebook] ➫ Angélique et son amour ➪ Anne Golon –
  • Hardcover
  • 284 pages
  • Angélique et son amour
  • Anne Golon
  • Dutch
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9789023500513

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    ode i ona u tampu, za sajam

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    I knew it I knew it I knew it The action in this book picks up immediately where Angelique in Revolt Book 4 left off Angelique had found shelter working in the home of a Huguenot merchant in La Rochelle, but they are now facing imminent arrest from the King s men for their religious beliefs The Huguenots flee, but there s only one captain around willing to take them to the Indies the mysterious pirate Rescator That would be the mysterious pirate Rescator who bought Angelique at a slave auction, but she ran away before he really gained possession Think there might just be a wee bit of tension between the two Things really heat up on deck when the townspeople realize the ship has gone just a bit too far north for the West Indies and tensions reach the boiling point They were in the midst of a desert of mists and silence, an icy limbo hustling the living to their death Well, you know I can t tell This was a lot of fun, with most of the action taking place on board ship and ple...

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    4.5 5This actually felt like a perfect end to the series even though I know that there are still books to come.Loved this completely over the top and angsty and dramatic Angelique is so beautiful, so spirited, so gentle, ...

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    This takes place mainly on board a ship with much misunderstanding between the two groups of people contained within it I thought the author was going to drag on the main protagonist s failure to recognise Rescator for who he is but she put them out of their misery fairly promptly to replace it with a bit , naturally This series remains surprisingly readable if one accepts the heroic or superhuman status of the hero and heroine especially the ...

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    Lovely story with mature characters Full of adventure and unpredictability, even though most of it is spent on a ship Reminded me of Outlander since it has to do with a married couple though, of course, this book was written in the sixties But it s got the same kind of lore, where most romance happens after marriage, as it develops, not before Kicked off a star because the story, so vibrant while on the ship, los...

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    This is totally a wonderful series I have been waiting and waiting to re read this book, knowing full well that at last many of the secrets of the 5 preceding stories will finally be revealed Rescator A pirate the Rebel of Poitou or whatever he is, i don t care much but He is a very talentive guy who has a brave heart and a big brain And his love with Angelique is just unbelievable On Angeliques side, she left her burning love for a man she d had two sons and she think he died for a long time her husband The enjoyment of this book is in seeing the couple attempt to reconcile their complex feelings for each other Simply a marvelous book Tr i xu i t khi n sao mi nh la i o c quy n th 6 u ti n Nh ng may la co th hi u c h t nh ca c chi ti t nh c la i trong c u chuy n Ca i cach ta c gia mi u ta n i au cu a 2 nh n v t chi nh r t gia u s c t ng 1 ng i thi v a y u v a h n, 1 ng i v a y u v a gia y vo Tha th y ...

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    The Angelique series is the best romance ever written, bar none.

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    Tiso in eno odkritje in razkritje Ta knjiga je pa res polna presene enj

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    By this time, had become a little sceptical about what really happens in historical stuff meant to titillate so not as enamoured

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