Big Sky Country

Filho Ileg Timo De Um Fazendeiro Rico, O Xerife Slade Barlow Foi Criado Somente Pela M E, Sem Jamais Ser Reconhecido Pelo Pai At Receber Uma Not Cia Inesperada De Uma Hora Para Outra Slade Se Tornou Herdeiro De Metade Da Fazenda Whisper Creek, Uma Das Mais Pr Speras Em Parable, Montana Mas Seu Meio Irm O, Hutch, N O Fica Feliz Com A Novidade Afinal, Ele Sempre Gozou De Todos Os Privil Gios De Pertencer Fam Lia Carmody, Incluindo A Afei O De Joslyn Kirk, A Mais Aclamada Rainha Do Rodeio E A Mulher Que Slade Jamais Esqueceu Por M, Joslyn J N O Era A Mesma Menina Mimada Desde Que Conhecera A Face Dura Da Vida Mas Algu M Precisa Convenc La De Que Ela Respons Vel Apenas Pelos Pr Prios Atos Incluindo Ter Roubado O Cora O De Slade, O Homem Da Lei De ParableBig Sky Country, on Facebook and from Nancy Berland Public Relations, nancy, 405 206 4748.

[KINDLE] ❥ Big Sky Country ➛ Linda Lael Miller –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 311 pages
  • Big Sky Country
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • Portuguese
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9788539806270

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    Made it to 58% This is obviously a good writer who takes her time with setting and characterizations There were some poignant moments, as when the hero realizes his deadbeat dad who never even acknowledged him during his lifetime had an over the top attachment for his dog, for whom he celebrated every birthday and Christmas So the guy was obviously capable of emotional attachment, kindness and compassion, just not for his illegitimate son The heroine carried her portion of grief and guilt with a crook step dad who ruined the life of so many in the small town where she grew up and where she tries to reintegrate.There were even some nice added touches with the inclusion of pets with big personality for each of the main characters I am personally a sucker for animals,both real and fictional But maaaaaan Twelve chapters and zero chemistry between the two protagonists It s not even a slow burn There s just no heat, nada Worse, nothing happens There are a lot of monotonous, mundane minutiae Hero drives his truck Heroine takes a shower Hero gets a coffee to go at the local din...

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    Big Sky Country is about a young lady who is paying retribution for her Father s sins in a small ficteous town in Montana.It was pretty slow although the writing was very picturous in the descriptions of the scenery.Enjoy and Be Blessed.

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    My first LLMiller book and I appreciate that Goodreads opens reviews to all viewers I needed to keep seeing that Miller has a huge fan base and is worth trying again.My main comment on this book is that it was very sloppy We all have our pet peeves, and careful writing is one of mine The most jarring, continually throughout, was Miller s time sequences Slade and Joslyn walk into a restaurant first date , get seated and almost get served before they ordered not really, of course, but food arrived in the next sentence Another time Slade never even takes a bite before he s lashing out at Hutch and he pushes away the rest of his uneaten cheeseburger The rest Oh, you mean all of it since he CLEARLY never took a bite Then, the night of Kendra s party, the dance floor is laid at no small effort , Joslyn has one dance, and next sentence paragraph the band is finished, packing up Things like this happened all over the book.This almost reminds me of a mad lib I think those are still around The pieces just don t quite fit together you need an emotion and you get an action Hero and heroine have date, hero gets upset by snotty half brother, date ends It s done in about as many sentences and with about as much finesse.Maybe Miller has ADD She goes into SUCH detail on things and then skims right over the next It s rather disconcerting PARTIAL SPOILER In 2 pages of one chapter a portion of a day is reveale...

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    Big Sky Country is the first book in Linda Lael Miller s new series, Swoon Worthy Cowboys I am a huge fan of Linda Lael Miller and have found another great series to love This book is about so many things The love of a step father, the hurts that a father can cause, forgiveness, acceptance, overcoming the past, healing Slade Barlow is the sheriff of Parable, Montana He was raised modestly by a single mother in this very town, all the while being completely ignored and unclaimed by his wealthy and affluent father The book starts with the reading of this same father s will Of course, all believe that his assets and many millions will be left to his legitimate son Hutch Carmody Surprise, surprise old John Carmody splits everything between his two sons Hutch would like nothing than to buy Slade out and keep Whisper Creek Ranch in the family To add to the mix, Slade s 16 year old step daughter from his previous marriage is back in the picture and needs her dad to make life better Joslyn Kirk, prom queen, beauty queen, homecoming queen has returned home after the deat...

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    This book was just eh I love contemporary romances about cowboys as much as the next person but this one was lackluster The heroine, Joslyn, has had guilt over a scheme that her stepfather perpetuated when she was a teenager She has let this affect her entire life and she has come back to her hometown for some reason that is never really explained to the readers This is completely unbelievable as a plot point and Miller never took the time to really flesh Joslyn s character out to make it seem a little believable The hero, Slade, is just as bad He is the illegitimate son of a local rancher who inherits half of his father s estate upon his death Since Slade was never acknowledged by his father this came as a complete shock to him and his legitimate half brother Huh Okay, this is an interesting plot point, but all of the characters Slade, his half brother, and his mother were all so shallowly built that none of this was believable either Then, after one roll in the hay, Joslyn and Slade ignore their feelings until the day of a race between Slade and his brother which was itself a cool plot point that was wholly under utilized he tells her he loves her and she reciprocates There was no talk of their feelings growing stronger throughout the book so this was also random and unbelievable.I think Miller was being lazy when she wrote this book She didn t make great, complex characters that were memorable She set up this...

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    I really liked this book It starts out with Slade and Hutch at the reading of the will Slade is a fairly laid back guy who is pretty slow to anger He also tends to think well before he speaks or acts He has always resented the fact that his father never acknowledged him or gave his mother any kind of support, but has made a good life for himself in spite of it Hutch is ticked that Slade has been given half of everything that he always expected to be his, and is determined to buy Slade out so he can have it back Every time the two of them are together the tension is up Joslyn has come back to Parable, which she still considers her home She is deeply ashamed of what her stepfather did, and sold her software company and used the money to confidentially repay the people he cheated There are some people who have welcomed her back, and others who haven t, but she still feels at home here She has also felt an immediate attraction to Slade, but doesn t expect anything to come of it Slade also feels the attraction and is very interested in seeing where it goes Slade also ends up with his teenage stepdaughter staying with him I loved seeing her and her interactions with people Slade is trying to curb her rebelliousness with work and rules, while Shea tries to get away with what she can She also seems to have no filter between brain and mo...

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    This book was such a disappointment compared to most of Miller s other books It is the first book in a new series and I don t understand why she has to throw so much into every book Her books are so formulaic now that you know exactly what is going to happen, but this one was even worse.SPOILERS maybe The book takes place in Montana a girl coming home Her stepfather had swindled the towns people out of money in the past The beginning of the book was about how she had made money at a software company then sold it and sent checks to the families her stepfather had stolen money from The people in the town weren t very happy to see her because of the hurt her stepfather had caused then BAM That story line totally disappeared from the book.She meets Slade, the sheriff, they think each other are hot, but they barely spend anytime together, it takes until the end of the book before they even kiss, then all of a sudden they are in love Slade has a step daughter that shows up for no reason to carry the story along I don t understand why LLMiller feels the need to already have kids in most of her stories This was not a plausible situation Kids keep adults from having time to get to know each other and spend time together and I just don t understand why there is always a kid in her story And a lot of the times, the child doesn t even belong to the main character.Anyway, I think this book was just not up to par, but it introduced characters for the next in the...

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    Well, I should start by saying I m a huge LLM fan I ve read all her stuff and loved most of it, however, this book falls short It was extremely dull at points and the h spends most of her time talking to a cat The book is 370 odd pages and the H and h don t even kiss until around page 265 The romance is flat, they spend forever talking to their pets, then they kiss, fall in...

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    rating 3.5 new series..Big Sky Country is the first in a new contemporary romance series called Swoon Worthy Cowboys by popular author Linda Lael Miller If you follow my blog, you know I am not a huge fan of contemporary romance There are two exceptions small towns and heroes in cowboy boots I have read several of Miller s series and loved them In particular The McKettrick s and the Creed s Big Sky Country offers a new town and cast of characters to fall in love with Each of Miller s books are designed to be read as standalone I enjoy reading them in order and building relationships with the characters.This new series takes place in the small town of Parable, Montana The tale offers us Joslyn Kirk s and Slade Barlow s story Joslyn has just returned to the town of Parable after her family left years ago in the middle of the night She and her mother where shamed into leaving when her step father was sent to jail for swindling half of the town folk out of their money Joslyn has recently sold her successful company and has secretly begun paying them back Parable has always been home to her and so she returns Her best friend, Kendra Shepherd, gives her a job as a receptionist in her successful real estate business Joslyn finds herself living in the guest house of the home she and her family once owned Swoon worthy Sheriff Slade Barlow is living in limbo after a painful divorce that left him upset ...

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    Slade Barlow, the divorced Sheriff of Parable Montana, grew up as the illegitimate son of wealthy rancher, John Carmody, who never acknowledged him as his son Now that he is dead, Carmody decides he s going to come clean with the town s worst kept secret by including Slade in his will Slade now shares half of his estate with his half brother, Hutch, who was raised by Carmody with all of the rights and perks of that legacy Joslyn Kirk returns to Parable following the shame of her stepfather s crooked actions that cheated many of the town s residents in an investment scheme While she had nothing to do with his activities, Joslyn makes it her mission to atone for his actions in a town hostile to her return.This was an entertaining story of small town western life in the big sky state of Montana Slade s conflict over his father s bequest, having his teenage stepdaughter live with him for the summer and his struggles with his obvious attraction to Joslyn were the central issues I never quite understood why he and Joslyn tried to deny their attraction and it became irritating The secondary characters have potential in making the series very interesting but their roles seem to drift and they ended up pretty one dimensional, never really taking life For example, Kendra Shepard, Joslyn s best friend who took her in and has her helping out in her business,inexplicably left town for a f...

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