Second Time Lucky

Once Bridgewater House Was The Stately Home Of Lord Pearmain Now, However, The House Has Been Divided Into Separate Residences For Financial Purposes The Lord Is Forced To Live In One Of The Humble Apartments Alongside His Newly Acquired Housemates, Among Them A Newly Divorced Mother Of Three, A Legendary Screen Goddess Of The 1940s, And An American PhD Student Over An Eventful Year Their Children, A Burglar, A Friendly Dog, A Very Capable Cleaner, And At Least One Ghost Will Transform All Of The Residents Lives.Second Time Lucky

I ve written six novels, including the bestselling The School Run, and The Wedding Party, which was nominated for Love Story of the Year by the Romantic Novelists Association.

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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Second Time Lucky
  • Sophie King
  • English
  • 02 September 2019
  • 9780340922675

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    Second Time Lucky follows a story of few families living in their apartments in the same house The Bridgewater House used to be a stately home of Lord Pearmain but was divided into separate flats for financial purposes There is the young Lord itself, as well as a very eclectic bunch of other residents, such as freshly divorced Louise with three teenagechildren and a dog, Ami Brit marriage trying for a baby, a freshly widowed very famous actress and some It doesn t matter if they want it or not, their lives become very much intertwined Louise has recently separated after finding out that her husband has an affair She was forced to move out of the house into the apartment with her three teenage children which are than a handful especially Justine who has Trouble written on her chest Louise must learn how to come to terms with the separation and how to financially support herself and the children, and the dog She was actually a very likeable character for me, although than once I wanted to shake her when she let her daughter to treat her like a doormat I understand that those are the children for you, your priority etc but I also think ...

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    Stately Bridgewater House has been converted into new apartments, bringing together a disparate bunch of people, whose interconnecting lives are the focus for this interesting look at life, love, families and friendship As each of the individual residents lives are revealed we get to know them in fine detail there s an aging actress who is slightly down on her luck, a bewildered and newly divorced mother of three, a misfit American PhD student struggling with infertility and the usurped lord of the manor, who has enough emotional baggage to sink a battleship In the space of a year, the residents of Bridgewater House are about to discover that living cheek by jowl with each other makes for an eventful and hectic time.In Second Time Lucky, Sophie King gets right into the nitty gritty of relationships, but does so in lively style On the surface, this is a light and easy to digest story, but read a little deeper and it tackles some really difficult subjects, like, what happens when families fall to pieces, and the heartbreak of lone parents who are denied access to their children The story also touches on grief, loneliness financial difficulties, ...

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    I am horrible I don t remember this book at all In reading the recap on , no one has made a comment on this book and the only thing posted is what was on the back of the book, which is coming back to me now, but I don t remember any details The general overview is that a bunch of people live in a former single residential home that has been turned into apartments and all the people are sort of starting new lives over again An old women who has just lost her husband, a single mother recently separated, a Dude whose family owned the mansion and has been in rehab but has recently been released and is living in one of the apartments, and I feel like one other tenant, but I c...

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    Mostly fine, but the author had a weird way of describing ugly women characters as having hourglass shaped legs which 1 what is that even and 2 isn t that what legs are supposed to look like i don t understand even beauty pageants use a tapered standard with a small knee and wider calv...

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    Kinda slow at the beginning, but had a nice enough ending My first Sophie King book, easy read and enjoyable.loved the idea that estate was owned by someone but because of misfortunes it was sold and made into a bunch of apartments, very creative.

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    sophie king stuck to the same formula, but a refreshing story, set in a block of flats and close proximity of next door neighbours, an easy read and interesting ending

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