Calling All Mums What Would You Do If Your Husband Had A Fling Have You Ever Had To Keep A Terrible Secret From Your Kids Do You Sometimes Wish You Had A Life Outside Being A Mum Are You Pregnant And Alone Caroline, Mark, Susan And Lisa Are As Different As The Parenting Problems They Face And Each Has Their Own Reasons For Logging On To The Mums Home Website For The Very First Time At First They Are Cynical About The Site How Can Faceless People Possibly Help Or Understand What They Are Going Through But As The Weeks Pass And Their Family Problems Escalate, Each Of Them Begins To Realise That Mums Home Has Become A Lifeline Somewhere To Go For Advice, To Be Heard, To Escape, Or To BelongSophie King Captures The Zeitgeist Once Again With This Warm, Moving And Engaging Look At Modern Parenting And Finding Friends.Mums@Home

I ve written six novels, including the bestselling The School Run, and The Wedding Party, which was nominated for Love Story of the Year by the Romantic Novelists Association.

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  • Paperback
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  • Mums@Home
  • Sophie King
  • English
  • 27 January 2017
  • 9780340838372

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    I could not put this book down, simple easy fluff at it s best This book is set when MSN was an everyday activity and everyone is finally starting to use the internet This tells the story of 3 frustrated parents and one expectant mum as they share their problems on the website mums home.Caroline who is struggling to put her husbands affair behind her and hold her marriage together for the kids sake Mark whose wife is currently in prison, is having a hard time juggling the kids and working from home Plus pretending their mum is working in New York is taking it s toll on him.Susan whose daughter is disabled and husband has left She had it really hard, I couldn t have lived that life, I felt really sorry for her, however I didn t like that she was blaming the MMR jab and I m glad they sorted t...

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    Love is a Secret was previously published with the title Mums Home This novel follows four people who join an online community What Mums Know in an effort to try and cope with the trials and tribulations of modern parenting with each character facing a dilemma Caroline is trying to work on forgiving her husband for having an affair and is worried about her eldest daughter who is on a gap year in Australia and who doesn t often contact home Mark is faced with being a single parent to his two children whilst struggling to juggle his family and work life successfully whilst his wife Hilary is working in New York Susan is also a single parent to her disabled daughter Tabitha and has to cope with the emotional fallout when her husband returns to her life with a new wife in tow Finally, there is Lisa who is trying to come to terms with the fact that she has lost two babies through miscarriage when all she wants in life is to be a mum This is an engaging and interesting book with highly relatable characters and I enjoyed how the author explored how an online community can be a haven for people who feel they may not have someone to confide in in their re...

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    I really enjoyed the way, the author introduced the reader to the main characters in the beginning All four of them receive the same email from an online forum called What Mums Know.The first half of the book was written rather amusingly with a lot of wit, whereas the second half becomes a lot serious I didn t mind this change in the atmosphere but I was rather surprised by it as I didn t expect the book to turn this way and believe me there are a few unexpected twists and turns in the storyline I really loved the way, the reader is left guessing throughout the whole book about the backgrounds of some of the characters i.e what happened to Mark s wife Hilary.Mark was probably my most favourite character I thought, it was brilliant that the book did not only highlight the perspective of the mothers but also included Mark as a ...

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    Easy read chick lit enjoyable enough but unmemorable

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    Love is a Secret was previously published as Mums Home.I have read two books by Sophie King at the same time and although they are similar in style well, they couldn t not be , I was not at all tired with any of them, because the writing was different and the stories, although both concentrating on family lives and similar problems, were really interesting Love is a Secret follows stories of four families Caroline is trying to come to terms with her husband betraying her and staying with him for the sake of the children There are three of them Caroline works as a journalist.Susan is a single mother to her daughter Tabitha Tabitha is physically and mentally disabled and they go together to a special centre but get the wind that the centre should be closed soon She must also cope with her, and her daughter s feeling, when very unexpectedly her husband returns to make up for the lost years, with his new wife in tow.Mark is also a single parent and he must cope with two very swearing children and working in his one person PR firm from home He has a lot of problems with his growing daughter and his son is bullied at school There is also Lisa, nursery assistant, who than anything other wants to be a mum She is trying to come to terms with her two miscarriages and is awaiting a baby.They all meet virtually on the website What Mums ...

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    After a heavy book, gotta follow it up with some of the crappiest story lines ever I mean, just look at the title Anything with non alphabetic lettering, you know is going to be trash This book was about 4 people who communicate via a message board online about parenting One story was about a young girl who was like so obsessed with becoming pregnant, that she convinced herself she was, even though she wasn t I can t really handle crazy people, so this was my least favourite story Another story was about a women who was taking care of her disabled daughter and because of her, didn t have much of a life on her own I felt like she was hiding behind her daughter and using her as an excuse not to do anything This women was okay, but kind of lame, especially for an adult You would have expected her behaviour from a teenager then a 40 year old The token man of the board was okay, but his children were out of control and he was such a pushover, which was annoying My favourite was a women whose relationship with her husband was sort of falling apart because her husband had an affair a few years back and she still wasn t over it So she has...

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    Have you ever read a book that even though you ve enjoyed it, it made no sense That s how I m feeling right now after finishing Love is a secret.It follows a group of parents who start using a website called What Mums Know This is a website set up to help mums discuss their issues and help each other through them A few of these parents meet each other accidentally outside the chat room and we follow these certain people in their day to day lives These are Caroline a part time working mum of 3 who s trying to come to terms with her husbands infidelity Mark a working dad of 2 who s acting as a woman to gain information on how to raise his children after his wife is sent to prison for theft Susan a single mum of 12 year Tabitha who has cerebral palsy and lastly Lisa a young nursery assistant who s obsessed with pregnancy after 2 miscarriages.Don t get me wrong each individual part and story are grea...

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    This is a story centred around four users of mumsknowbest a forum website for mums to get advice and help All four users have joined for the same reason they all need someone to ask for advice or just to chat and apart from being parents they all have one thing in common they are all keeping secrets from each other and from those people closest to them There are two main storylines running through the book, both very different, and for a long time I didn t see how each storyline could converge but after a lot of twisting and turning it did finally happen.It is not a laugh out loud book, but it is a very easy to read story which flows well with some light moments and some very moving as well as a good deal of tension It will certainly strike a chord with any parent reading it who will recognise situations the characters find themselves in I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters, espec...

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    I picked up this book because I was browsing books by Sophie Kinsella and didn t realize I d wandered to another author It was a decent light reading book about four parents with intersecting lives I wasn t totally engrossed by any of the stories, the children weren t believable nor were they very involved in the story, despite the book being about parenting , and the writer seemed ignorant of the computer issues that she occasionally wrote ...

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    When I read the book I was exactly that a Mum at Home Perfect premisses to read it.However, I couldn t relate to any of the problems mentioned there on the other hand they are very specific, and of course those are no ordinary characters but with special obstacles in their lives The sto...

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