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❰Read❯ ➳ Muerte con Carne Author Shane McKenzie – Human flesh tacos, hardcore wrestling, and angry cannibal MexicansWelcome to the Border The no man s land on the United States Mexico border is the perfect place for getting away with any crime With t Human flesh tacos, hardcore wrestling, and angry cannibal MexicansWelcome to the Border The no man s land on the United States Mexico border is the perfect place for getting away with any crime With the Muerte con PDF or right connections and with the right amount of money you can run drugs, smuggle people, commit murder, and do much worseFelix and Marta came to Mexico to film a documentary on illegal immigration When Marta suddenly goes missing, Felix must find his lost love in the small border town A dangerous place housing corrupt cops, borderline maniacs, and something muchworse than drug gangs, something to do with a strange Mexican food cart From Shane McKenzie, one of the most imaginative new voices in horror comes a south of the border Texas Chainsaw Massacre.Muerte con Carne


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    Muerte con Carne eBook º Muerte con PDF or From Shane McKenzie, one of the most imaginative new voices in horror comes a south of the border Texas Chainsaw Massacre."/>
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Muerte con Carne
  • Shane McKenzie
  • English
  • 03 November 2019
  • 9781621050834

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    Grisly, harrowing and impossible to put down Good meat makes the taco, and no one prepares it better than Mama Mix a family of depraved cannibals, El Gigante s special belt and some corrupt locals, and you have the perfect recipe for an action filled splatterfest The menudo is to die for.

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    Wow, it only took me 5 years to get to this one.I bought it sometime in 2014, I think, but it was released from Deadite Press in 2013.I met Shane McKenzie at the World Horror Convention around that time He seemed very cool, and we had a good talk about Wrath James White For whatever reason, I didn t start this book until last week when Jack Bantry blogged a list of his Top 10 favorite Splatterpunk books I rummaged through my older Kindle purchases and found MUERTE CON CARNE patiently waiting.This story was great It definitely has its gory, harder edges, but I was surprised by how I was drawn to the main characters, Marta and Felix McKenzie does a fantastic job setting this story up Hell, there wasn t too much going on horror wise in the first half of the book, but I knew it was coming, and I was at the edge of my seat just waiting for the death meat to hit the fan El Gigante was a wonderful surprise, as well Yes, he s still a murdering psycho, but he really can t help it While MUERTE CON CARNE has a splatterpunk ending, it was a much milder read than I believed it would be McKenzie held back when he could have let loose from the start That kind of restraint is amazing I think he got a better book from doing so.I give MUERTE CON CARNE 4 stars

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    The moon was a dead pig s eye watching them, dripping its pus colored light over the yard Cristobal runs the best damn taco truck this side of the border So yummy Lucha Libre mask collections, Marta with a cause, El Gigante looking for love, and newborn baby bungee fun A gross out fest with characters that have zero redeeming qualities who run across a family of characters with even less redeeming qualities outside of making the best menudo on the planet Let s get ready to ruuuumble.I was hoping everyone would die in this one Seriously Everyone.You will need to be in the mood for this one It s messy Yep I liked it Tastes like chicken.

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    Two things straight off 1 Late teens early 20s Raye, would ve loved this She would ve been able to stomach this ultra hot, spicy meal.2.I feel like there aren t any good nice pleasant words I can use to review this It s all going to sound bad.The plot isn t terribly new You know cannibalistic, incest practicing family, and mysteriously acquired super delicious meat What is new is that it takes place in Mexico and features a monstrously huge wrestler, a terrifying ring, and horrible consequences when people lose the match.The secondary plot involves a woman named Marta, dragging her boyfriend Felix down to Mexico to film a documentary on illegal immigrants border crossings.You can get guess what happens with Marta, and Felix, can t you There is quite a bit of rather visceral descriptions, and gross scenes I admit to cringing a lot during parts It was seriously hard for me to finish.A small complaint is that I didn t like any of the characters So, when something horrible happened to them, I didn t feel bad More likeable characters horror.

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    If I m going to review Muerte con Carne by horror writer Shane McKenzie, I m going to have to start by offering some major disclaimers1 I am currently a Kickstarter backer for Luchagore Production s El Gigante , a short film based on the first chapter of Muerte con Carne.2 I ve always had a soft spot for Luchador horror movies, those Mexican wrestlers films that usually had wrestlers in masks, ever since I first saw the first Sampson El Santo movies and Wrestling Women vs The Aztec Mummy back when I was a kid You could say that it is one of my many guilty pleasures So any book that features a masked wrestler is certainly going to get my attention.3 How can you not like a writer who tries to look all Ernest Hemingway macho while wearing a pink princess back pack But with all those disclaimers, I can honestly state that Muerte con Carne is a edge of your seat riot, steeped in the literary tradition of Jack Ketchum s Off Season, drenched in the scares and gore of movie influences like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and permeated with the odors of human flesh tacos The novel is set on the border of the United States and Mexico A family is regularly kidnapping people who are attempting to come into the United States illegally and, when they are taken to the abductors home, are pitted against a huge wrestler named El Gigante who mangles and slaughters them The corpses are then cut up and eaten by the family who then takes the left overs and uses them in tacos which are sold on the street Yum Tastes just like chicken In the first chapter we are introduced to this family who are the most grotesque bunch of monsters since the Westboro Baptist Church At least the WBC aren t far as we know.Enter Felix and Marta who have arrived in a small border town to make a documentary of the border patrol s abuse of people crossing the border Also arriving to this reading is my only real issue with the book Felix is a bit of a wimp and emotionally abused by his girlfriend while Marta is a bit borderlineand I m not talking about her documentary Frankly, she s that word my mother said I should never call women and it is hard to understand what Felix sees in her despite a bit of back story existing to explain her actions She also makes really stupid choices which are the equivalent of going into a haunted house and splitting up Yet I liked Felix and it is to the author s credit that he manages to elicit enough understanding for both protagonists to allow the reader to care for them On the other hand, caring for any one character in a mega gore fest like this can be a slippery bowl of menudo.Yet this book is mainly about action and horror It works mostly because the author created a very scary and very menacing set of villains From the wrestler to the matriarch to a very weird and disgusting kid, these are the type of characters that both revolt and fascinate There s some nice build up as Felix meets a few of them early on but it really takes off when we get to see the monsters up close and personal The novel is an excellent example of horror and pulp fiction taken to its highest, if still visceral, levels.There is one other thing that impress me even if it was a bit understated Early one, McKenzie sets up the environment of the border town and that of the plight of undocumented entries into the US This issue is nicely handled by the author and shows a certain level of concern and caring that is especially placed in focus by our normally selfish Marta There s a reason for this and it adds another dimension to this novel I understand that Shane McKenzie will be writing at least one sequel and I am hoping he adds on to this aspect of this story.Now for the inevitable warning Those who regularly read my reviews know that not only do I have eclectic tastes but I also tend to lean toward the extreme often These is one of those extremes to the max If you are at all squeamish or put off by gore, violence, and or cannibalism you will want to avoid this book However if you are the kind of person who eats Habanero peppers by the handful and complain they are not spicy enough, you will probably love this book You get my drift

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    This novella was excellent if ur looking for a relentless, brutal, gory ride It will take hold and won t let go til the end Hope you like Hispanic cuisine I, myself, just passed up some menudo and reading this book didn t help But in the end, I did find it entertaining.

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    Oh man This book was so cool The best book I ve read in ages Imagine Jack Ketchum s Off Season mixed with Tobi Hooper s Texas Chainsaw Massacre and add a giant retarded Mexican wrestler Awesome Shane Mckenzie rules

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    Holy crap MUERTE CON CARNE is easily the best horror story I ve read in quite some time Author Shane McKenzie evokes the brutal spirit of Richard Laymon and finishes with an ending so dark it makes the bleakest ending of a Brian Keene novel look like the Zip A Dee Doo Dah finale in Song of the South MUERTE CON CARNE is tacos, luchadores and long pig and that s just the fun parts This story is brutal It is NOT for the squeamish McKenzie writes with the ability to turn your stomach without being ultra descriptive about it He uses the subtle tactic of taking something you know, a sound and sight and using it against you to create a vision so vile you may need to keep a bucket beside you while you read Yet, this story has so much going for it then pure gore The plot is thick and gripping The characters are rich and vivid There is a love story, there is a survival story, there is a story of humanity There is an ambiguous feeling about the evil forces in this book It s dizzying and awe inspiring.It doesn t take many pages to realize reading MUERTE CON CARNE is going to be something special This story takes it s cues from the greatest tales from the 80 s and 90 s era horror If you have been yearning for succulent horror forever you WILL soak up the macabre brutality of MUERTE CON CARNE like a piece of tortilla soaks up the greasy fat of a bowl of steamy meneudo.

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    Marta and Felix begin this story as two people in a rocky relationship that is always on the cusp of derailing Marta wants to film an expose on the border agents and La Migra and their treatment of those who attempt to cross the border Marta has personal demons Her parents vanished when she was very young, and she feels that this cinematic undertaking is a way to settle her troubled spirit and put the issue to bed She plans to get caught trying to sneak across the border, with or without Felix with a hidden mic to expose the injustices Felix doesn t think she s quite thought it through, but he goes with her out of love and obligation.Soon, Marta is abducted by El Gigante, a giant Mexican wrestler whose opponents normally end up as serious competition for Taco Bell The entire time I was reading, I was there This could easily be adapted for the screen by someone like After Dark Films or Lionsgate, and with Shane McKenzie s star growing with each new release, I see no reason why he can t begin to catch up to Brian Keene in terms of film deals.Gorehounds will be glad to know that his most recent release, Fat Off Sex and Violence ups the ante considerably 2014 stands to be an even busier year than the previous for Shane He is poised to be recognized as an auteur of the extreme.

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    this was my first shane mckenzie read and I loved it, it was a fun easy read with lots of brutal violence and gross out Gore the main characters where kind of stupid but in a very believable way, and the descriptions of everything where excellent in the beginning the description of the Mexican food being sold out of the vendor stand had me drooling all over myself even though I knew they where human meat the only slow part for me was one of the wrestling scenes which was a bit drawn out especially since it wasn t really wrestling so much as it was a half retarded cannibal beating a man who was practically dead when he was thrown in the ring to begin with the rest of the way to death all in all it was an enjoyable read and I will look forward to from this author.

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