The Order

❮Ebook❯ ➧ The Order Author Antal Kovacs – Aidan has a habit of getting himself caught up in sticky situations.When his company offers him 25,000 in cash to take an urgent international job he jumps at the chance.He works for an insurance comp Aidan has a habit of getting himself caught up in sticky situationsWhen his company offers him , in cash to take an urgent international job he jumps at the chanceHe works for an insurance company and needs to find out why precious Christian relics are going missing in SevilleThe relics are sent to a remote monastery in Hungary for restorationBut somewhere down the line the relics are going missing, and being replaced with fakesAidan makes The Order PDF/EPUB or his way to The Order of Saint Basil to find out the truthBut when he gets there things take a dramatic turnOne of the monks drops dead and Aidan fears for the safety of the rest of the orderAre they being targeted by the same person responsible for switching the relics What dark secrets are being concealed inside the walls of the monastery.The Order

ANTAL KOV CSAntal Kov cs was born on th June in Budapest He left Hungary in Based in London, he worked as an assistant director on feature films also as film editor, scriptwriter, and director for television and corporate films Between and he lived in Sydney, Australia where he worked as a film editor and director on commercials and industrial documentaries He won an awa.

The Order  PDF/EPUB Ã The Order  PDF/EPUB or
  • 250 pages
  • The Order
  • Antal Kovacs
  • English
  • 02 December 2019

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    Wow, this is one good story, and with believable characters and dialogue, you can tell the author was a film maker as the dialogue flows and has a depth to it most writers fail to achieve.i really liked that Aidan Netherby the lead, made comments that were lost on people he was talking too, and that some of the lines were funny but misunderstood, that lent a reality to Aidan that works for me.the monks seemed real too, having to do high tech work in order to survive is just what real monks do, i know of an order who are mostly web designers so the Hungarian monks with the silver smiths and security measures held my attention.the book is well written and structured and has a pace that doesn t run away like a lot of thrillers.all in all a good book im happy to recommend.

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    I love this book it s such a great story and the places seem so real It s a thriller in a style like the crime capers Italian job I met Antal and asked him about the monastery in Hungary but he said the place was pure fiction It was reminiscent of several monasteries in Hungary.

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