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❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Domination Submission Author Michael Makai – Kindle Edition The definitive handbook on Domination and Submission Ds relationships and the BDSM lifestyle A must read for anyone considering or curious about non traditional relationships within a f Kindle Edition The definitive handbook on Domination and Submission Ds relationships and the BDSM lifestyle A must read for anyone considering or curious about non traditional relationships within a fetish culture context Funny insightful educational and inspiringAuthor Michael Makai goes in depth on Dominants submissives switches primals and their relationship dynamics Learn about BDSM activities bondage toys groups protocols and safety This book even dares to go where others fear to tread Primal relationships online BDSM relationships the Gorean subculture first meetings religion vs kink and the many ways it can all go wrongYou'll love Michael Makai's irreverent and humorous treatment of this subject as he gives you the benefit of his years of experience in the Ds and BDSM lifestyles print pages.Domination Submission

This Author is a registered sex offenderAn author of sex bondage books was sentenced Thursday to two years in federal prison for sending obscene material to a year old girl in New York who wanted to be part of his polyamorous family Charles Michael Segaloff of Lawton pleaded guilty in April to one felony count of sending offensive material to an individual under During Thursday's sen.

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    WARNING This guy is a convicted sex offender and is currently incarcerated in a federal prison for picking up a seventeen year old girl from New York and taking her to Oklahoma to be one of his slaves If you have any doubts look him up by his legal name Charles Michael Segaloff Previous to this conviction he was convicted for second degree assault with sexual motivation in 2003 Unfortunately I was unable to find details on that particular case but from what I have learned and understand he has NO kind of authority or expertise in the BDSM community or lifestyle and in fact is in opposition to many who truly have standing in the BDSM community After learning this information I will be returning this book and will not be reading any further However I must say the foreword of this book promises to use facts and citations to substantiate the information presented No citations were used until about the fourth chapter and those citations were not relevant to the BDSM lifestyle which made me somewhat uncomfortable considering the promises made at the beginning of this book The information presented is from the author’s opinion and perspective which I do not value very highly considering the information I discovered regarding his history and behavior Please take the information you receive from this book with a grain of salt and do your research about those stating they are any type of expert

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    Honestly I'm at loss as to why this book has such a good rating on Goodreads Though it may provide some learning material for an absolute novice and I admit even I learned a few things I still would not recommend it to anyone for a variety of reasons I sincerely hope there are better objective introductory pieces to the lifestyle because I did not enjoy this much at allFirst of all the writing is not very good Makai's attempts at humor may work for some but I found myself irritated by them often than not That could be because than once he comes off as sexist ableist and even fat shaming but hey maybe that's just me?And maybe it's all well and good if you're straight since his book is as heteronormative as mainstream literature For all his talk of the inclusiveness of the BDSM scene the writer seems for the most part to have forgotten about the existence of other sexual orientationsOh but he's a straight dominant man so he's just writing about what he knows best Sure Whatever Too bad most of his personal anecdotes come off as self congratulatory back patting than relevant additions to the other contentI think the first sentence of the first chapter pretty much sets the tone for the whole book Just as we might expect any reasonable discussion of the solar system to focus first upon the sun we're going to begin our examination of Dominationsubmission Ds relationships by taking a look at the self appointed center of the Ds universe the Dominant Yeah great Oh and apparently God is a Dominant too If God exists he's got to be a Dom I mean thats just like your opinion man and I know some Doms have egos bigger than the solar system but isn't that just a tad arrogant?Let's not forget the author's decision to refer to the Dominant as he and the submissive as she He says it is not the result of any gender bias but simply a way to avoid the awkward and clunky he or she or even worse the grammatically incorrect they The grammatically incorrect they The horror Anyway this decision would've been much easier to accept if he had not decided to repeat it in pretty much every damn chapter Not the only thing he repeats by the way Each and every one of his witticisms seems to find its way to than one place in this book just in case you missed it the first two times Or somehow forgot to laugh Which to be honest I didThere is a whole chapter dedicated to the first meeting and safety precautions where the author basically advises against sex during the first meeting and then proceeds to narrate his own story of a first meeting that includes sexOh and he created a whole new category of Dominants just for himself The White Knight Dom To be fair he admits to being full of himself Which actually does not make any of this any betterA couple of other things that were really jarringI'm usually a pretty happy guy I once had a psychologist tell me that I was like a bi polar person who didn't have a down side The old label for people like me used to be 'manic' but that term went out of style when 'manic depressive' did Now the politically correct technical term for people like me is 'too damn happy' or sometimes 'consistently nauseatingly cheerful' Comparing being happy to being bipolar is obviously pretty insensitive and definitely not politically correct Not to mention just simply incorrect Does this guy even know how bipolar disorder works? I'd bet the answer is no Perhaps that makes me a little like those whack jobs on Hoarders who sit around watching TV while sharing a ratty couch with a big stinking pile of dead cats Seriously Compulsive hoarding is an actual disorder or a symptom of another condition so can we not call people suffering from it whack jobs For all this guy's observations on how people in the Ds lifestyle might be rejected by vanilla individuals he sure does not know how to be considerate towards other minoritiesPerhaps you've noticed how trouble always seems to follow certain so called optimists the way fat kids go for cake they fold like a dollar store card table under a fat kid twerking on You Tube Yeah Obesity is unhealthy But can we not? Can we just not?

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    If Makai was as good a writer as he is experienced as a Dominant Domination Submission The BDSM Relationship Handbook would have been a fantastic read Instead Makai’s obvious lack of writing skill disdain of BDSM dynamics he doesn’t like and insistence on including his life story however irrelevant to the subject at hand is what comes across most to me in his bestselling book However if you can overlook these things as well as the poor formatting of this book and I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t there is some uality information in there You just have to wade through all the shit to get thereThe actual content of the book is pretty good if you can persevere through the majority of the book which is about Makai’s own experiences in being a Dominant Makai a self proclaimed “BDSM Yoda” is certainly knowledgeable about BDSM and specifically Dominantsubmissive Ds relationships As he tells the reader freuently he’s been a Master for over 35 years damn it he’s a goddamn expert He does a good job of simplifying the often confusing information out there on the basics of Ds The first few chapters are an introduction to BDSM the roles of the Dominant and submissive and the types of Doms and subs Makai believes are out there He addresses Doms with male pronouns and subs with female pronouns because he hates using the word “they” – if that bothers you you won’t like this book While giving a decent overview of the varied roles Doms and subs may take there is a fair bit of judgement coming from Makai on roles he obviously doesn’t like For example he looks down on new subs in the scene often called them “pseudo submissives” instead of correctly labelling their sub frenzy as something normal to newcomers This bothered me as a somewhat new submissive to the scene that those who are learning what being submissive is all about were being criticised mercilessly instead of treated with compassion I suppose Makai’s dislike of new subs could be explained by his personal experiences but I just found it elitist and rude No one is born knowing exactly who or what they are and for many it’s a long journey of discovery especially in BDSM To claim otherwise is ridiculousMakai does leave an impression of arrogance and judgement especially when he’s describing something that he doesn’t agree with or like personally As the author of a “BDSM Relationship Handbook” I find this completely unacceptable If you’re writing a factual impartial “handbook” on a subject you need to be as thorough and unbiased as possible By bringing your own opinions on a subject to the table you’re giving readers misinformation based on your views whether they be accurate or not Makai really doesn’t live up to this and muddies his own opinions with objective information throughout the bookThat’s not to say it’s all bad – there were chapters that I genuinely enjoyed reading and got a great deal of knowledge out of I particularly enjoyed the chapters on Gorean history and dynamics as that is something I knew nothing about before I read this book that I was keen to learn on Like most of the other chapters there is too much of Makai’s personal thoughts and history and too little of an objective explanation I learned much about Makai’s obsession with the Gor novels during his youth than the actual history of Gorean subculture within BDSM Nevertheless it was an informative chapter Much of Domination Submission The BDSM Relationship Handbook is like this – a mountain of Makai’s own backstory with some hidden gems of wisdom about Ds and BDSM in there if you can persevere through the personal storiesHave a good look at the photo of a passage of the book above to the left and think about if it looks good and is readable or not Do you see how fucking often he uses italics to no outcome or purpose?? At least 10% of this book is in italics I kid you not It drives me insane Something as basic as this would have been easily avoided if he went through the conventional route of publishing through a publishing house – an editor would have cleaned that up in no time However the overuse of italics is just one of the starkly obvious signs that Makai wrote the entire book on his own with little to no outside direction or editing Another cringe worthy feature is that Makai seems to have used the basic configuration of Microsoft Word for the entirety of the book Again maybe if wouldn’t bother most readers but formatting is such an understated part of the experience of enjoying reading a book Bad formatting really cheapens the experience of reading this bookMaybe I expect too much from Makai the BDSM Yoda that he is But if I’m going to pay 20 or so for a book I expect at the very least for it to not make me want to smash my head against a wall purely based on formatting If the content was outstanding I might be able to overlook it But it really isn’tMakai lets himself down with Domination Submission The BDSM Relationship Handbook The decent content is hidden beneath piles of unnecessary personal comments judgements and anecdotes on the subject matter If I wanted an autobiography of his life I’d have bought one For a book that has “Relationship Handbook” in the title it really has very little advice on relationships at all Disappointing to say the least

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    After reading this book for the first time in nearly 10 years of being myself being comfortable with whom I wasam I have uestions uestions I'm not sure I feel comfortable looking into or answering myselfbecause if I startI would need to re evaluate my life make changes I am not sure I could makeneed to makewant to make“We are defined by how we use our power” Gerry Spence The Rat Hole 2003I don't feel powerful at the moment I thought I had power I always used it well I never abused it even if I could but now I'm not sure any I'm left short of breath my heart's pumping not sure of myself in my life Enough rambling getting back to the book Michael Makai's book was not what it seemed on the face it looks ordinary a Handbook of sorts How to get into BDSM and Ds for dummies and yes part of its allure is just that It has a wealth of information so that one would find in other resources and would be a perfect start for anybody interested in the subject of BDSM or Ds or even just a bit of kink It should be your first stop before the allure of play time as so many young men and woman of today think of BDSM before getting yourself into something abusive or dangerous Its never just play time it sooo much It's not just a lifestyle its part of whom we are how we think how me process I might be off and as Mr Makai has pointed out get mad if you need to criticize my opinion ponder the shit out of it The sooo much of BDSM brings Gandhi's principles to my mind about the 'Seven Deadly Sins'Wealth without workPleasure without conscienceScience without humanityKnowledge without characterPolitics without principleCommerce without moralityWorship without sacrifice― Mahatma GandhiThese are principles that I have always honored my personal code of conduct along with mutual respect and unconditional love All theses flow with one or facet of Mr Makai's personal thoughts and the end result in that knowledge is well I have not words for it BDSM is not just a bit of kink its not just a fun game or play time there's BDSM shouldn’t be mistaken for sex Sure BDSM is sexy as hell but then so are a nice pair of red stiletto pumps There are three possible scenarios when it comes to your stilettos and sex 1 You could wear your stilettos without having sex 2 You could have sex without your stilettos on And 3 you could have sex with your stilettos on preferably at my house and bring a camera BDSM is a lot like those stilettos You can have BDSM without sex sex without BDSM or you can have both I recommend option threeLove shouldn’t be mistaken for BDSM Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you will enjoy BDSM activities with that person Love can encourage you to try new things and perhaps even push the boundaries of what you’re willing to tolerate But love isn’t going to change how you feel about pain humiliation or hard limits on things that suick you outBDSM isn’t D s There are many who attempt to weave D s into even the acronym but there is a difference and the difference serves a valuable purpose BDSM is what you do D s is what is in your head and heart; it is what governs your relationship dynamic A Top may not be a Dominant A bottom may not be a submissiveKindle Locations 6453 6464Mr Makai does not just provide us with a how to or manual of kink driven information It's not just do's and don'ts or just interesting readingIt's a guide a beginning a jump start to look at yourself in details just that teeny bit It makes you ask uestions find the answers and frightens the shit out of you once you get to that place that you can answer the uestion with another uestion Mr Makai sums this up so beautifully; My Two Cents on Sex Love and BDSMI think D s is sexy Perhaps I find it sexy because it is how I express my love and how I want someone to express her love for me in return Some people express their love with kisses and caresses I express mine through a D s relationship dynamic; not that there’s anything wrong with kisses and caresses too For me the gift of submission from my partner is the purest expression of love that I can imagine Loyalty runs a very close secondConversely and surprisingly to some I don’t particularly find BDSM to be inherently sexy Don’t get me wrong; with the right person and in the right circumstances BDSM play can be incredibly sexy I’ve probably already beat this analogy to death but BDSM really is a lot like sex and let’s face it sometimes even sex isn’t sexyJust to clarify I like sex I like it a lotMy thoughts on love are a bit complicated and controversialI believe real love should be unconditional It simply doesn’t have to be as complicated as most people try to make it Whenever you let coulda woulda shoulda and ought to be get into the act you’re just mucking up something that if left alone is truly beautiful in its simplicity and incredible capacity for creating a lot of joy in your life and in the lives of others If you think you love someone but you’re hoping or angling or trying to get something from that person in return that isn’t real love It’s just another form of self gratification At best it is emotional masturbation; at its worst it is emotional blackmail Love is that condition where someone else’s happiness matters to you than your very own If you’ve spent your entire life thinking that love should be all about insecurity jealousy or drama chances are your search for happiness is going to be longer and exponentially difficult Love shouldn’t be about saying I love you therefore you should love me back or prove to me how much you care or you must start shaving your back or settling down to have babies or riding unicorns into the sunset It shouldn’t be all about what’s in it for youYou either love the person standing in front of you or you don’t Loving the person that you wish he or she could be is a terrible waste of time and emotional energy Love the person not the fantasyDomination Submission Kindle Locations 6467 6495After all of this my uestions remain some I can answer others well those will hurt me that I have ever endured I'm a fucking Salmon Uh hu 'Salmon swim against the current The salmon folks are those who are fiercely independent and completely uncompromising when it comes to their appearance and behavior A person in this category not only enjoys blazing her own path but often seeks out and enjoys the opportunity to swim against the tide of opinion even if it is the opinion of the person whose opinion she values the most She’s the one who says “Honey I love you but if you try to tell me what to wear how to look or how much I should weigh I will rip your balls off and feed them to the dog”Kindle Locations 936 940I'm a Sexual Sadist Class I though my naughty bits tell me I will be investigating Class II very very soon The Class I Sexual Sadist is a person who has sexually sadistic urges but doesn’t act upon them In a nutshell he’s all about the fantasyThere are also bits of The Domestic Submissive and the Provisional SwitchIn other words stay tuned for further developmentsMy copy of this book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on Goodreads

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    This is a must read book for those starting into the BDSM lifestyle It's also great for those who have been around for a while For those who are interested in learning about than just the terminology Mr Makai will provide it This book is set up easy to read by covering the main types of categories of people in the lifestyle He then further breaks it down and explains the different types both good and bad The later part of the book covers the many popular techniues of a BDSM scene What really makes this book so powerful is his own perspective Every chapter contents his own 2 cents It's interesting to note that Mr Makai shied away from this at first because he's a private man To share this much detail can be discomforting Yet he does it with such grace and humility that it is clear Mr Makai is experienced in the lifestyle He's learned from his mistakes and he wishes to pass it on to others so they don't have to learn the hard way For this I wish the book came out twenty years agoI generally devour a book Non fiction does take me much longer to get through because I love to highlight and take notes At one point there was a deal offered to have both a hardcopy and eBook at a discounted price Those who took advantage of that deal definitely won There are many gems in this book I've only highlighted the ones that caught my attention Bear with me as I go through them This is a book which should be read with others and discussed It's that damn good The types of dominants really spoke to me I have come across many of these types and find this book to be dead on I encourage every new person to read this section The Class III Sexual Sadist is someone who acts out his sexually sadistic impulses with non consenting individuals but does not want to seriously injure or kill them Sure he’s a predator and rapist but apparently he’s the Care Bear kind p 29 Ooh I like this this kind of sadist The Collector is typically an adolescent male in his teens or early twenties who has recently stumbled upon Ds in an online chat room or lifestyle related website He is agog and obsessed with the thought that he can actually acuire slaves online the same way he shops for Pokemon cards He typically doesn’t understand the difference between a submissive and a slave and may in fact be completely ignorant of the meaning of the term submissive For the Collector it’s all about slaves and is always better To absolutely no one’s surprise but his own he soon learns that keeping them is an entirely a different matter a matter to which he hasn’t given an iota of thoughtLuckily for the Collector there is always an endless supply of naive teens willing to role play “slave for a day” The important thing for the Collector is to be able to boast “You have a slave? Hah That’s nothing I have twenty seven of them” p 34Oh dear lord I've been lucky and never interacted with this type But I've seen them and crossed paths They don't have to be young males in their teens They can be older and female too Not to spill other people's business but a friend of mine has unfortunately run across one of these collector females Dogs are eager to please They are not only willing to alter their appearance and behavior to please their partners they live for it The dog person derives a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment from the approval that comes from her mate as the result of any change in her wardrobe or hair color the success of her diet or progress in overcoming bad habits If you fit into this latter category; if you’ve ever found yourself asking your partner what you should wear how you should eat or whether you should uit smoking then there’s a very good chance that you might be a submissive 47Er I'm a dog? I always thought I was feline I do admit I like when my DH controls my clothing options The internet abounds with web site tutorials for frustrated Dominants on “How to Train Your Bratty Submissive” Unfortunately most of them miss the point entirely and should instead be tutorials on “How to Spot and Avoid a Phony Submissive” p55AH HAH I liked this point What I find interesting is that when this is mentioned some people scream THERE IS NO WONE TWUUE WAY True But there are also phonies Just like there are phony twenty dollar bills Gorean tradition can best be summed up by this proverb from John Norman’s writings “There are only two sorts of women – slaves and slaves” If feminism and the empowerment of women are among your primary guiding principles it’s a pretty fair bet that kajira training is just going to piss you off p 58This was a problem for me Here I am a militant feminist and yet I read a Gorean book and was all aroused What was wrong with me? It's clear I wasn't cut out to be a femi nazi militant feminist I guess I sueak not roar One of the down sides of Daddy DomLittle relationships is the unfortunate fact that they reward childish behavior Because the dynamic can mask naiveté and places emphasis on cuteness than common sense these online venues also tend to attract people who are actually mind numbingly immature or under aged Imagine how you might feel to learn that your exciting new online friend who just happens to be awfully good at playing the role of a naughty twelve year old isn’t acting This my friend is what nightmares are made of p59 60Oh dear lord this one had me cringing yet laughing but there are three principles which I believe can make that journey safer uicker and tremendously fulfilling The first is uite simply this Time is your friend Don’t be in such a hurry to find submit or commit to a Dominant He isn’t a carton of milk There’s no expiration date stamped on his ass p 61The second principle would be Consider a collar if one is involved as symbolic of your mutual commitment The third principle is crucial and often much difficult than the first two Here it is in a nutshell If you have serious trust issues don’t bother Don’t even think about jumping into a Ds relationship The bedrock and foundation of every Ds relationship is trust Entering into or even considering a Ds relationship knowing that you cannot trust is a little like skydiving without a parachute It may start out great but it doesn’t end well WTF? This third principle should be first Although I kind of want to check male dominants' asses now to see if there is an expiration stamp Deluded Undisciplined Masochists Bottoms Earnestly Living the Lifestyle in Error as Submissives It would be abbreviated as DUMBELLES p64Is it wrong I agree? Typically the pseudo sub is someone who may be fairly new to the lifestyle and doesn’t uite understand that just because she is a ropebunny spankophile masochist or bottom that this doesn’t necessarily make her a submissive She usually isn’t trying to deceive anyone; it’s all simply the unfortunate but predictable result of erroneously assuming that because she is a bottom she must also be a submissive 64 A pseudo sub is never wrong She’s just learning life lessons on her own the hard way 65A pseudo sub thinks the rules only apply to all those other submissives She’s special65A pseudo sub thinks that having a Dom will magically fix whatever is wrong with her A pseudo sub has years of experience at being told what to do by her former Dominant The fact that she didn’t actually do any of those things is completely irrelevant 66GAH I've met a couple of these I can’t make good decisions if they’re based on bad information Please don’t ever tell me something just because you think that’s what I want to hear There’s no way that can ever end well” 67THIS Seriously this is than just in the BDSM lifestyle WTF? Why do people do this? At best anyone who has had very little lifestyle experience to speak of and just a few serious Ds relationships might be accurately described as a provisional Switch In other words he or she may be a Switch subject to change p73Is this what I am? Hmm It took me years to figure out I was I switch I always thought I was a bad submissive He carefully observes stalks tracks hunts chases and takes down his prey and relishes every moment of it If he classifies you as a predator yourself you can expect a Primal to steer a wide path around you preferring to seek out prey instead p 88Is it just me or does this not cause you to feel aroused? I'm aroused I have no problems running and being prey What comes as a surprise to many who may not be familiar with Primals is the fact that they typically do not identify or connect themselves with the Furry subculture Furries for the benefit of anyone who may have been living in a cave for the past few decades are people who role play anthropomorphic animal characters with human characteristics A furry may look like a dog or cat or fox or skunk but he walks and talks and acts just like a human being in most respects In other words a furry is in practically every way that counts the exact opposite of a Primal A Primal is a human who instinctively thinks acts and perceives the word in an animalistic way He considers his Primalism a core personality trait rather than a role and will often view himself as a human animal hybrid or humanimal A furry by contrast is a role player who is part of a fandom rather than a lifestyle His fascination is with looking the part of an animal while maintaining most or all of the characteristics of humanity p 91In all honesty I've read of Primals before I'm not sure if I've ever interacted with one But it sounds so very intense and exciting It makes me wet thinking about it Furries are cute They don't arouse but they do make me want to pet themNow there is a lot but this isn't an exam and there are no Cliff Notes from me Buy this book and you will enjoy it It is not dry Mr Makai does an excellent job of keeping it light with his humour even when he is discussing serious matters Highly recommend this book for BDSM education I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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    It was an excruciating slog through this ill conceived poorly edited book I definitely won't be seeking out anything else by this author

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    Domination Submission The BDSM Relationship Handbook WAS NOT what I was expecting Really when I reuested a copy of the book from Michael Makai to read and review it I was expecting a few hundred pages of random info that can be found pretty much anywhere onlineTHAT IS NOT WHAT THIS BOOK IS Oh NO This book Is SO SO much So much so in my opinion that I am pretty sure there is NO WAY my review is going to come anywhere close to doing it justiceDomination Submission was REALLY and eye opener It tells you EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know things you never wanted to know and tons you'd never think to even wonder aboutBefore reading this book I had been uestioning a lot about my thoughts and feelings Am I a sub or a bottom? Is this something I WANT or something I NEED? It didn't ANSWER my uestions so much as it gave me the information I needed to answer them myself Domination Submission Is not just for the s type it's for ANYONE fairly new to Ds BDSM It's for anyone who has those UESTIONS You know the uestions I'm talking about The uestions you don't feel comfortable asking just anyone I personally am then happy to learn from Michael's mistakes and life's lessonsHere are just a FEW of the topicschapters that effected ME the most The DominantThe SubmissiveOnline BDSM RelationshipsThe CollarBDSM Groups and ActivitiesPolyamorySex Love Ds BDSMDs BDSM and Religion What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Those topics barely scrape the iceberg that is this HUGE well of information Best of all it's delivered in a well thought out and sometime comedic way My advice buy the paperback so you can highlight and dogear the crap out of it OH and I just looked It's on sale right now on I think that if your truly seeking information about Ds and BDSM It's a steal and a MUST READ

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    Reading this review I wish I could negative read this bookUpdate he's a convicted sex offender

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Dominance Submission The BDSM Relationship Handbook’ by the author Michael Makai The subject matter resides close to the writer’s heart which comes through in this book As a participant with decades of practice in the lifestyle his experience gives credence to the broad description he provides in this handbook Each chapter concludes with a personal anecdote or thought giving them depth and humor In my opinion these vignettes made this book stand out among others of the same genreOne of them humorously illustrates the general reaction he receives from his submissives when as a self described polyamorous knight he brings home yet another newly found and rescued princess Congrats to him on keeping such a well tempered collection of princesses in his castle Most men would get pots and pans thrown at them if they tried to pull that off; but the polyamorous lifestyle he embraces welcomes such possibilities The book covers the collouial essence of BDSM and the author expects there may be reader dissention on what each one means to them I do not disappoint in this regard as I have developed my own strong view points on the general terms employed in the lifestyle A description of a masochist which includes ‘someone who enjoys being sexually humiliated’ had me reread the line a few times I know masochists who abhor humiliation of any kind and it is difficult for them to deal with the general assumption they enjoy it I also diverged on the offered definition of a ‘true dominant’ as I know some who are generally easy going and unassuming yet can dominate willing submissives with finesse and skill To this reader at least they also ualify as ‘true dominants’ There was a significant portion of a chapter on the dangers of dating online and meeting in real life for the first time Some well intended women did not live to tell what ensued once they did as they were raped and brutally murdered The author not only gives these unfortunate ladies a voice he also gives wise advice on using due diligence before going on a real life encounter As the author says time is our friend so if there is a connection to be had it need not be rushed It was interesting to read about ‘primal’ people which I had never heard about They are animalistic in how they approach potential mates as well on how they act once the connection is made Their way is a little too rough and raw for this reader but for many that must be just ‘the thing’ to make their blood flow like the River The author also provides a uiz one can take to see where they rank on the primal echelon At some point in the book the author recalls a long road trip with his elderly father when he attempts as skillfully as he could that day to describe the nature of his loving relationships Needless to say the senior gentleman is struggling to grasp the meaning of it all He remembers the numerous young ladies Michael introduced to him to over the years and cannot believe they were his son’s willing slaves It is my assumption that in that moment the source of his father’s incredulousness stems from the wish that he had known this was possible when he still had enough testosterone to do the same thing The exchange is preciousThe author states he hopes the book is helpful in some way; that this is important to him I can say it has helped me understand something about myself which was unclear to me before I had an “oh that’s what that is” moment and for curious people like me those are usually satisfying realizationsFor readers who are interested in finding about the lifestyle I highly recommend this book It both teaches and entertains Well done

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    Mike Makai’s book Domination Submission BDSM relationship handbook is a definite must read Not only does it give informative information on safety both from a Doms View and a Subs View but it touches on today’s issues of online dating for a Ds and BDSM relationship I couldn’t put it down until I had read it cover to cover glad I got the print version so I can use it as a reference As a new person in the lifestyle it answered some uestions I myself was just too shy to ask It dealt with everything from safety to kinky toys Collars to a glossary of the differences between subs babygirls bottoms and tops What BDSM means and some of the protocol for local munches and dungeons His real life stories helps bring a better understanding on issues that might arise and how to safe guard against that His stories will make you laugh and for a few of us subbies make you cry His uips and MY TWO CENTSwill help you understand how a Dom might think as well as give YOU ideas on what kinky plans you yourself can do from the making of some of those awesome kinky toys to furnishings If you’re in the lifestyle or even if you’re curious this is the book for you One you’ll find yourself picking up over and over

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