Mixed Company (Phoenix Poets Series)

Respected Poet, Teacher, And Critic Alan Shapiro Continues His Much Acclaimed Explorations Of Childhood, Family, And Marriage In Mixed Company Revealing A World Troubled By Difference While Struggling Toward Commonality, And With Equal Attention To Historical Detail And The Poetics Of Everyday Life, From The Mythic Past To The Abrasive Intimacies Of The Present, Shapiro Charts The Many Ways Our Social And Sexual Identities Are Formed, Threatened, Altered, And, For Good Or Ill, Preserved Deeply Felt And Ambitious, Mixed Company Is An Extraordinary Book By One Of The Leading Poets Writing In America Today What Draws Us Into Alan Shapiro S Mixed Company Is Not A Conspicuous Felicity Or Any Sort Of Bravura, But The Quiet, Undaunted Way He Goes After The Truth Of Human Feeling And Motive The Poems Grope And Conjecture, Looking For Understanding But Whatever May Remain Unsolved And Insoluble, The Poems Are Full Of Astonishing Insights, A Rare Articulateness, And What Another Age Called Knowledge Of The Human Heart Richard WilburMixed Company (Phoenix Poets Series)

Alan Shapiro born 1952 is an American poet and professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill He is the author of nine poetry books, including Tantalus in Love, Song and Dance, and The Dead Alive and Busy.In addition to poetry, Alan Shapiro has also published two personal memoirs, Vigil and The Last Happy Occasion.

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  • Hardcover
  • 90 pages
  • Mixed Company (Phoenix Poets Series)
  • Alan Shapiro
  • English
  • 17 June 2018
  • 9780226750309

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    Shapiro s narrative poetry places snapshots of American life on the page The poems in this collection range from childhood scenes, where the narrator is observing grownups, to experiences where the narrator is an adult He makes effective use of cultural and historical events to anchor his poems in time context In My Mother and a Few Friends, the young narrator is observing the grownups We know it is the 1950s or 60s because they are all smoking, and the smoking is matter of fact, a normal part of their everyday life The women keepon talking, and I watch and watch, and allI make out clearly is the cigarettenow one and now another hand is wavinginto strands of smoke that tangle and runtogether whenever anybody speaks Shapiro writes about his wife in labor, and about her singing to their newborn daughter in a voice made tentative with gladness still too new to trust, brave than beautiful, she sang your name, Isabel There are poems which, in retrospect, recognize the eventual demise of his marriage.Many of the poems are long, running than 2 pages Shapiro doesn t hesitate to address dark situations and emotions In Sylvia, one of the mos...

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