The Killing Woods

❴Epub❵ ➛ The Killing Woods Author Lucy Christopher – Ashlee Parker is dead and Emily Shepherd's dad is accused of the crime A former soldier suffering from PTSD he emerges from the woods carrying the girl's broken body Gone he says then retreats into si Ashlee Parker is dead and Emily Shepherd's dad is accused of the crime A former soldier suffering from PTSD he emerges from the woods carrying the girl's broken body Gone he says then retreats into silenceWhat really happened that wild night Emily knows in her bones that her father is innocent isn't he Before he's convicted she's got to find out the truth Does Damon Hilary Ashlee's charismatic boyfriend have the answers Or is he only playing games with her the kinds of The Killing PDF/EPUB or games that can kill.The Killing Woods

FLYAWAYLucy’s debut novel.

The Killing Woods PDF ½ The Killing  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Killing Woods
  • Lucy Christopher
  • English
  • 03 January 2014
  • 9780545461016

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    I think it's pretty easy to tell if you're going to like this book fairly early on I felt a disconnect with the writing style from the very beginning which unfortunately never went away and if anything I got and frustrated and bored with both the story and the styleStory I never really understood what the Game was that these kids played in the woods Intial cap is not mine The collars and such seemed so silly to me that I couldn't really wrap my mind around what was going on It also seemed incredibly obvious that the central mystery was going to be resolved in a certain way even if the mechanics were variable that is that view spoiler a her father wouldn't be the one responsible for the killing and b Damon wouldn't be either Who it was beyond that would be only a limited number of candidatesred herrings hide spoiler

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    If Lucy Christopher's name hadn't been printed on the cover of this novel I wouldn't have believed she wrote it Granted the prose is gorgeous but the emotional complexity character depth and general plot originality I've come to expect from the author of Stolen wasn't present in this novel Not in the least Admittedly I didn't expect The Killing Woods to be another Stolen but I didn't expect to feel so apathetic to it as a whole eitherTold in alternating points of view Christopher's latest is about a young girl whose father is charged with the murder of her classmate Where The Killing Woods shines is in its portrayal of the emotions Emily feels both after her father is accused and during his trial What makes this situation so black and white is the fact that Emily's father has been suffering from PTSD after returning from the war and is often unable to discern from memory and his own reality Thus as Emily is left to pick up the pieces of human cruelty friends abandoning her uestioning if she's a killer too and confusion who could have committed the murder? Damon as the boyfriend of the murdered girl is both outraged over her death and worried Just the night before he had been out in the woods with her high and doesn't uite remember what happened If he killed her he wouldn't even know how he had done it or why for that matterWhile this premise and set up is fascinating the slow unveiling of the murder isn't Both Damon and Emily remain flat characters never truly coming alive and the story itself drags bogged down by clunky chapters of Damon running through the woods trying to remember what happened the night his girlfriend died and Emily perusing her father's bunkers for clues of his guilt Although the eventual reveal is satisfactory the book as a whole is dull and forgettable For fans of Christopher I am afraid this will wind up being nothing than a disappointment And for those new to her work do yourself a favor and pick up Stolen It'll blow your mind; promiseYou can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings

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    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksMy feelings are pretty mixed on this book I have had a copy of this book in my review pile for a very long time so I am thrilled to be able to scratch it from my to be read list but I do wish it had worked a little better for me I felt like this book was really slow at times and I found it rather easy to set aside There were parts of the book that I did enjoy but I had uite a few issues with it as wellI did think that the book started out really strong Emily's dad brings home a girl that Emily knows from school Ashlee Ashlee is dead and Emily's father can't remember what happened so he is charged with the crime Emily knows her dad and does not think that he is capable of the crime that he has been accused of committing since he has always been a very gentle manDamon was Ashlee's boyfriend He was with her in the woods on the night that she died but he doesn't remember what happened either Damon Ashlee and their friends had been doing drugs that night and Damon's memories from the night don't explain everything that happened He has a lot of uestions about the night and wants to remember how things happenedI found this book to be pretty predictable I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning that someone else was responsible for what had happened to Ashlee There were long sections of the book where I felt like nothing was really happening and they were no closer to finding out what had happened to Ashlee than they were at the start of the bookI also found this book to be somewhat confusing There is a lot of talk regarding the game that Ashlee Damon and their friends were playing on the night in uestion I tried to understand this game but I was just as confused about the game at the end of the book as I was at the beginning This game was talked about so many times during the book but I can't figure out what the goal was or how it could be any fun to play Another confusing thing that happened in the book is that Damon is in a position to give a punishment to Emily at school despite the fact that they are roughly the same age which didn't make any sense to meI did like both of the narrators Fiona Hardingham and Shaun Grindell both did a great job with this book I thought that they both brought a lot of emotion to the story and made things a lot exciting at times I thought that their voices fit the characters of Emily and Damon really well and were very pleasant to listen to I think that I probably liked this book a bit because I decided to listen to the audiobook and I would not hesitate to listen to either narrator again in the futureThis wasn't really a book for me but I do think that others might enjoy the story a lot than I did I would suggest giving it a try if you think that it sounds like something you might enjoy I received a digital review copy of this book from Scholastic Chicken House via NetGalley and borrowed a copy of the audiobook from the library via HooplaInitial ThoughtsThis one falls somewhere between 2 and 3 stars for me I may round up after I have a little time to process It started out fine but there seemed to be long periods of time where nothing really happened Somewhat predictable ending I thought that the narration of the audiobook was well done

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads25 starsThank you Scholastic Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review If you go down in the woods todayYou're sure of a big surpriseIf you go down in the woods todayYou'd better go in disguise I feel somewhat conflicted with The Killing Woods I have heard the ongoing praise for Stolen A Letter To My Captor so I simply assumed that Lucy Christopher's latest had to be an exceptional read Unfortunately I was mistaken Either 1 my expectations were unreachably high or 2 I failed to resonate and connect with this novel like others have Honestly it's both reasons I had expectations for a flawlessly narrated novel but then began to struggle to connect with the suddenly average novel I guess I cannot blame the book But my thoughts are my thoughts and I was rather disappointed Emily Shepherd doesn't believe it when her ex soldier father comes home confused with a girl in his arms A dead girl Ashlee Parker While Emily endeavours with the biting fact that her father is locked up in prison guilty of killing Ashlee Parker Damon Ashlee's boyfriend is in grief than ever Confused and a ball of fire building inside of Damon he wants Emily to pay for her father's murder But did Emily's dad really murder Ashlee? Or was there someone else in the woods that night? The Killing Woods is narrated by two people; Emily and Damon Emily is the daughter of the man who was accused of murdering Ashlee Parker Emily is than certain that her father did not kill her but no one will listen until she has proof Wrapped in desperation Emily's troubles don't end there She got in a fight with her best friend Her school mates look at her weirdly they're calling her names that aren't true Taking a completely different viewpoint Lucy Christopher also takes readers inside Damon Hillary's head Let's be blunt shall we? He's a heartless idiot Even a little sadistic Driven by pure hate And illogical at times I understand that Damon is having a tough time finding out that his girlfriend got murdered and he wants pay back but giving Emily detention in the woods is seriously pointless and lacked sense I wanted much logic and Damon's thoughts were too often just clouded with never ending anger and thoughts of sex with Ashlee Sure it was part of the plot but it felt too overpowering In general I loved Emily but I hated Damon I think what makes me still want to try out Lucy Christopher's other works is how this woman can write Was this book meant to be scary? Because I felt like putting this down and hiding under the covers after reading descriptions of Darkwood Perfectly Creepy The atmosphere Lucy Christopher created was a nice balance between suspenseful and eerie We learn about this 'game' Damon used to play when Ashlee was still alive and it gave this book another shiver effect My only complaint on the writing the writing felt somewhat too lyrical sometimes it could have been a little sharper for an even better tension not to say that the writing was not good enough before it was already rather extraordinary And as a side note how many convenient coincidences will make a book seem too calculated? And how long can a phone battery last? Just a few plot holes I felt poke at me during the read All in all a nice attempt of a psychological thriller that could have been so much better with less plotlogic holes and unlikable male protagonist I don't think this is a book you should judge reviews on you may as well read it and make your own judgement seeing how varying the ratings have been of the late

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    Oh where to begin The Killing Woods sounded creepy mysterious interesting It ended up being none of those Emily's father has brought home the body of a dead girl named Ashlee The man has no recollection of having killed her Add to this he has severe PTSD He's arrested takes a plea bargain and heads on off to be incarcerated Um WHAT? The man has a mental disorder and because he confesses since he cannot remember anything the police his lawyer and even his wife allow this to happen Where is the fucking evidence? Where is the fucking psychological evaluation? Where is the fucking justice? Nowhere to be fucking foundEmily tries to keep her life somewhat normal for a gal who's dad just killed a classmate She heads off to school and the fuckery of this book continues Suddenly her best friends from when she was in diapers despise her They call her a freak tell her she must be crazy like her dad These are her best friends The book completely lost me at this pointThen we have Damon The love interest of the murdered Ashlee Yet not really Love? The only impression I got was one of lust Let alone Ashlee isn't exactly painted in the best light It's hard to feel sympathy for a bitch Damon lustboy decides to exact his revenge for losing his love bunny on Emily He is the prefect of the school and in being that he's able to hand out punishments How convenient Of course he decides to punish Emily for fighting and tells her to meet him in the woods What does Emily do?A Thinks Damon is fucking crazy and since daddy must be innocent no fucking way is she going in the damn woodsB Thinks Damon may be the killerC Goes into the woods like the stupid moron she isorD All of the aboveThe answer is DShe goes to the woods chases Damon around a bit they both have some feeling and blah blah blah There's also some shit about a game and dog collars that ends up being a fucking PSA which concludes this journey of wasted time15 Ninja Bunnehs Wearing Dog Collars Arc received in exchange for an honest review

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    Wow Well I went into this book expecting a “meh” read after seeing a lot of reviews that called The Killing Woods “just okay” I am so glad that I still read the book as I was completely immersed into the creepy tale And while I know that The Killing Woods won’t work for everybody I absolutely loved the bookLucy Christopher’s writing style was what initially drew me into the book It’s gritty and compelling in a way that had me gobbling up the words I am also glad that Emily and Damon who alternate POVs had very distinguishable voices I read the Killing Woods in one night I just had to know what happened to Ashlee and the answer wasn’t one that I predicted I love when a mystery isn’t easy to solve I also kept reading because of the predicament of Emily’s father It is obvious that he needs serious help as the war he was in a few years ago severely messed with his head I was so torn about what to think of him When you have someone who is mentally ill it is hard to be absolutely positive of what they are and are not capable of My favorite scenes were spent in the woods where Damon often played a deadly game I won’t tell you much about the game except that it plays a pivotal role in the book The game was very dark and pretty twisted Also the scenes were written so well that I was experiencing the game along with our protagonists Finally I will go into detail about the characters I thought that they were both well formed and not your average YA cliches Emily was easy to like and sympathize with and I liked how she was determined to prove everyone wrong about her father but wasn’t always afraid to let any doubt show Then we have Damon He was one of the most interesting characters I have ever read about I initially thought I wouldn’t like him until I realized he was just a lost teenager Overall The Killing Woods exceeded my expectations in every way The characters were dark and troubled and sympathetic yet I loved the resolution they each got at the end The setting and writing was breath takingly disturbing This book is the perfect halloween read and great for readers looking for a dark different readI received an ARC of The Killing Woods for free from Firstreads in exchange for a honest review

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    After having had numerous recommendations for her other novel Stolen my first thought upon receiving this novel in a genre that is incredibly up my alley was that it was going to rock my socks off And although my feet are still warm and snugly I had a great time reading this novel that holds an awesome setting with a creeptastic premise The first thing I immediately noticed upon reading this book was how it was very much a show rather than tell type of writing which I happen to prefer in mysteries I love being left to my own devices in finding out exactly what came about; thinking up theories seeing clues and unraveling the mysteries I feel like I’m a part of a story rather than the alternative of being told a story to This is how I felt like when reading The Killing Woods A girl was murdered and Emily’s father is being convicted What do we know about anybody in this novel? About the woods? The ominous “Game”? The whereabout of her father? At first we know nothing whatsoever Let’s start with Emily I won’t say I got to know her through and through but what I do know of her I admired How she stuck to her senses throughout how she was smart enough to uestion what needed to be uestion not blinded by her father’s confession And on that note I also admired how she handled the whole shunning and borderline bullying of her peers on the matter As this novel is told in dual perspectives we also get Damon’s side of things who happens to be the murder victim’s boyfriend I found this to be a uniue perspective on such a story and one that came with a lot of emotional conflict from grief to hate to self blame I’m not going to lie and say that I liked Damon I mostly found him bizarre with his unbalanced thoughts that often turned into sexual forays which albeit normal for teenage boys seemed to appear at the strangest of times in between thoughts of self loathing and anger or towards the person he supposedly hated It’s a uniue characterization I admit he just made me uneasy and not in a good way The Killing Woods is definitely an exciting thriller with a great psychological aspect not to mention an awesome setting There’s just something about a creepy story set in the woods no? Lucy makes it all impressively atmospheric with her simple yet piercing prose The writing is easily one of my favorite aspects of this novel Nevertheless there are some plot aspects that bothered me My biggest issue lies with the convenient factors scattered throughout which were not all realistic ei the cell phone bit Even though these are minor in the grand scheme of things it’s still a hindrance No matter how eerie how suspenseful or how well written; one conveniently dropped clue too many can make uite the difference in the overall assessment of a mystery novel Also I’m not sure of the reason for the neighbour Joe? to be in this story He didn’t really offer much for the number of random scenes he was given In the end I will say it’s on the high end of a 3 star rating and I would not hesitate to recommend it especially to those who are fans of tension filled mysteries An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Well I was expecting a thriller but this was really just a shitty romance on disguise This is disappointing because I loved Stolen by Lucy Christopher but this book sucked I Dnfed this nearly halfway through Would not recommend

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    Absolutely and incredibly disappointed in this new novel that Christopher has written After successfully and completely engrossing me in her bestseller Stolen––I was hoping that this would be another gripping page turner by all of the hype inside the the book Then I looked on goodreads and skimmed the reviews which hardly had any 5 star ratings or positive feedback and that made me a little annoyed as Stolen was so praised But then I finally got around to reading the book just a few days ago and I can confirm that it will definitely be on my shelf collecting dust as far as I'm concerned Nothing about this book is gripping the language Christopher uses is neutral and way too British for me there was no flow at all It also felt like the book was lacking in a suspenseful atmosphere One minute I'd be sucked in and then the next chapter would be dull and boring Emily was a boring drip with no personality other than wanting her Dad out of prison because she believed he was innocent I needed backstory from her to like her character but she just sat thereDamon was a dry and lifeless hero that had no sex appeal or swoon worthy essence and tried so hard to be badass and it was just cringyThe rest of the characters just seemed pointless and it was seriously just a bad book I'm very disappointed and if you liked Stolen you won't like this It's a real challenge to write mystery books and Christopher just failed to tackle it she should stick to Romantic stockholm syndrom fanasty esue booksC'mon Lucy Christopher I know you can do better

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    35 stars This book has the misfortune of following Dangerous Girls in my reading list and I don't think I gelled with the way the whole mystery was laid outnarrated Plus I guessed what happened pretty early in It might be a it's me not you scenario I'm sure others will enjoy it than I did I just grew bored about halfway inMay have to think about this some not that I have time to Ngl would still recommend Stolen over this

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