President Obamas Plan To Bankrupt the USA

On May 2, 1966, Two Columbia University Sociologists, Professor Of Social Work Richard A Cloward, And His Then Research Associate Frances Fox Piven, Wrote A Pivotal Article In The Nation, Articulating A Strategy To End Poverty The Solution To Ending Poverty, Cloward And Piven Argued, Demanded Expanding The Government Welfare State Should Expand Beyond Providing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, And Food Stamps To Establish A Guaranteed Annual Income Of At Lest 100,000 A Year As An Entitlement For All Americans As A Constitutional Right The Poor Could Demand Government Must Pay Having Concluded That A Capitalist System Would Never Apply Capital Fairly To Fulfill The Social Welfare Needs Of Workers, The Two Columbia University Based Sociologists Concluded That A Progressive Strategy Of Voting Ever Expanding Social Welfare Programs Could Push The Capitalist System To The Breaking Point Barack Obama And The Radical Left Activists Now In Control Of The Democratic Party See The Cloward Piven Theory As Predicting A Welfare State Expanded To The Point Where The Accumulated National Debt Bankrupts The USA At That Point, The Cloward Piven Theory Predicts Capitalism Will Collapse Such That The USA Can Be Reconstructed As A Truly Socialist State Dedicated To The Elimination Of Private Property And The Creation Of Social Justice Achieved By Redistributing Income From The Haves To The Have Nots This Book, Obama S Plan To Bankrupt The USA The Cloward Piven Theory Is A Companion Book To Dr Corsi S Ebook, Saul Alinsky The Evil Genius Behind Obama.Saul Alinsky S Tactics Of Power Politics Explain Why Obama Continually Fans The Flames Of Class Warfare In His 2012 Presidential Campaign, Obama Followed The Saul Alinsky Playbook Chapter And Verse, Campaigning On The Theme To Tax The Rich When The Accumulated U.S Debt Causes A Credit Downgrade In Obama S Second Term, Obama And The Radical Left Will Continue To Blame Capitalism And The Rich Will Be Blamed In The Last Stages Of Credit Default And Technical Bankruptcy, The Cloward Piven Theory Explains Why Americans Will Abandon The Constitution In Favor Of Establishing A Socialist State.Understanding Obama S Plan To Bankrupt The USA Is Essential To Any Plan To Return The USA To Financial Solvency By Reducing Government Spending And Containing The Expansion Of The Welfare State.President Obamas Plan To Bankrupt the USA

American author and political commentator.Corsi is mostly known for his books against Democratic presidential candidates John Kerry and Barack Obama, that were published in the years of presidential elections Corsi has discussed topics that are considered conspiracy theories, such as the alleged plans for a North American Government, the theory that President Barack Obama is not an American citiz

[Epub] ↠ President Obamas Plan To Bankrupt the USA  Author Jerome R. Corsi –
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  • President Obamas Plan To Bankrupt the USA
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  • 05 May 2019

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