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BOOKS Oscar Romero Kevin Clarke Buyantivirus.us People Of God Is A Brand New Series Of Inspiring Biographies For The General Reader Each Volume Offers A Compelling And Honest Narrative Of The Life Of An Important Twentieth Or Twenty First Century Catholic Some Living And Some Now Deceased, Each Of These Women And Men Have Known Challenges And Weaknesses Familiar To Most Of Us, But Responded To Them In Ways That Call Us To Our Own Forms Of Heroism Each Of Them Offers A Credible And Concrete Witness Of Faith, Hope, And Love To People Of Our Own Day With The Cause For His Beatification Reportedly Moving Along Rapidly Now At The Vatican, This Biography Of A People S Saint Traces The Events Leading Up To The Assassination Of Archbishop Oscar Romero At A Chapel Altar In San Salvador And The Reverberations Of That Day In El Salvador And Beyond This In Depth Look At Archbishop Romero, The Pastor Defender Of The Poor And Great Witness Of The Faith, Offers A Prism Through Which To View A Catholic Understanding Of Liberation And How To Be A Church Of The Poor, For The Poor, As Pope Francis Calls Us To Be.Oscar Romero

The German Irish publicist Dr Kevin Clarke was born in Berlin in 1967 He studied musicology and literature at the Freie Universit t Berlin and the University of Milan before working as a journalist for the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel and the magazines Bunte and Playboy.From 2003 onwards he wrote for the opera magazine Orpheus and De Groene Amsterdammer from the Netherlands He produced a series o

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  • Paperback
  • 164 pages
  • Oscar Romero
  • Kevin Clarke
  • 03 June 2019
  • 9780814637579

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    It will have been only 35 years this March 30 that an assassin s bullet through the heart ended the life of the archbishop of San Salvador as he celebrated Mass in 1980.The late 20th century martyr for peace and justice shouldn t be forgotten by 21st century Catholics, and author Kevin Clarke helps us all to remember that with his brief but powerfully written life of slain Archbishop Oscar Romero.Clarke s book, Oscar Romero Love Must Win Out, is one of the newest in the series of biographies that Liturgical Press in Collegeville is publishing, People of God Remarkable Lives, Heroes of Faith It captures the essence of Romero and the societal sins of upper class Salvadorans and members of the military who, as Clarke writes, were either complicit or blindly implicit in the archbishop s assassination.A hard line traditionalist as a priest, Romero was thought by his nation s elites and by the bishops of El Salvador to be one of them when he was named to the archbishop s chair by Pope Paul VI.For Romero, Vatican II had been an earthquake and the liberation theology of the Latin American bishops at Medellin an aftershock, in Clarke s words His reputation was that of a strict conservative, but he had already begun to turn away from the status quo that made so few rich and left so many in his country s in desperate poverty.As bishop of the Diocese of Santiago de Maria in his native El S...

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    A disappointing book.We need a good short introduction to Romero and I thought this might be such a work, but I found it lacking.It does include a lot of quotations from Romero s homilies, diaries, and pastoral letters which are rather well chosen.But there are several problems, which a good editor should have caught.First of all the author seems to repeat the myth that Monse or Romero was killed during the consecration of the Mass Soon he would raise the host above the altar, and he would speak the words of transfiguration sic yet at two other places in the book he notes that the shot rang out at the end of the homily Such ambiguity should have been noted by the editors.Also, he says at several points that Romero was celebrating a requiem when he was killed I understand Requiem as usually meaning a Mass for the Dead which accompanies the burial of someone I do recognize that Requiem was often used in the pre Vatican II church as the Mass for the dead celebrated at any time Though the author later noted that this was a Mass for the one year anniversary of a death, calling it a Requiem is misleading.In addition, he states that the call to the armed forces to not kill their campesino brothers and sisters was at an evening Mass on March 23 As far as I know, it was the morning Mass.There are also several phrases which struck me as not quite right Several times the autho...

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    A nice summary of the life of Archbishop Romero My only real critique is that the book could ve used a final chapter something like The Legacy of Oscar Romero Overall, a nice read and I recommend it to those who...

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