America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction

❴PDF❵ ❤ America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction Author Brian Alexander – Welcome to the America we don’t usually talk about a place where that nice couple down the street could be saddling up for “pony play” making and selling their own porn DVDs or hosting other cou Welcome to the America we don’t usually In Search PDF Ç talk about a place where that nice couple down the street could be saddling up for “pony play” making and selling their own porn DVDs or hosting other couples for a little flogging As award winning journalist Brian Alexander uncovers fringe experimentation has gone suburban Soccer moms your accountant even your own parents could be turning kinky Stunned by the uninhibited uestions from ordinary people on his msnbccom column “Sexploration” “My wife and I have America Unzipped: Epub / heard that a lot of couples in their thirties are playing strip poker as well as skinny dipping with other couplesfriends Any idea if this is a fashionable trend or has it been going on for some time and we never knew it” or “I am interested in bondage and hear that there are secret bondage clubs someplace Can you help me find them” Brian Alexander was driven to understand Americans’ desire to get down and dirty—especially in an era where conservative family Unzipped: In Search MOBI í values dominate To find out what people are really doing—and why a country that suffered a national freak out over Janet Jackson’s breast was enthusiastically getting in touch with its inner perv—Alexander set out on a sexual safari in modern America Whether mixing it up at a convention of fetishists struggling into his own pair of PVC pants for a wild night at a sex club being tutored on dildos by a nineteen year old supervisor while working in an adult store or Unzipped: In Search of Sex Epub / learning the surprising ways of Biblical sex from an evangelical preacher Alexander uses humor and insight to reveal a sexual world that is uickly redefining the phrase “polite society”Gonzo journalism at its funniest and kinkiest America Unzipped is a fascinating cultural study and an eye popping peek into the lives of people you’d least expect to find tied up and wearing latexOne Dozen Things to Avoid When Exploring American Sex Asking an enthusiastic devotee to explain cock and ball torture while standing within arm’s length Assuming an evangelical Christian will not be familiar with the term “” Incredibly tight PVC pants Trying to become the first male sex toy home party salesman in Missouri Standing too close to bondage models without wearing overalls and safety goggles Insisting that Dan uayle would never invest in porn Displaying a look of surprise when a grandmother discusses the risk of removing a dildo from a microwave oven Admitting your sex vocabulary is smaller than an eighth grader’s Explaining the difference between “cream pie” and “gonzo” to a suburban mom shopping for her son’s birthday sex DVDs Trying to interview a naked submissive locked on a cage Expecting answers about sex from a six foot tall pink rabbit Thinking that porn kings could not possibly have Ivy League degrees and run charitable foundations From the Hardcover edition.America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction

Brian Alexander is an award winning journalist In Search PDF Ç and the author of several books including Rapture How Biotech Became the New Religion andAmerica Un­zipped The Search for Sex and Satisfaction He lives in San Diego.

America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction
  • Brian Alexander
  • English
  • 05 June 2015
  • 9780307351326

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    Brian Alexander a columnist goes off to explore the sexual scene across America He's thorough dipping into several areas and getting many points of view Some scenes are very sexually graphic so if that bothers you don't read this you won't be happy with it Alexander gets viewpoints from sex workers BDSM people swingers Christian speakers and many others He sees a lot and is occasionally uncomfortable It's an interesting study of people's viewpoints about the many different ways we approach sex He had a lot of good thoughtsThere were some things he seemed oddly dismissive of for reasons never explained The book sort of stopped than ended if you see the difference It's an interesting concept with some good work behind it slightly flawed in execution but readable From the description I gave it and the cover pic you probably already know if you're interested or not

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    Alexander takes a look at the sexual activities and viewpoints of typical Americans He begins by spending time with a fundamentalist preacher co hosting Passion Parties with a midwestern wife and mom and works his way up to working at a sex shop in Arizona and watching a BDSM if you don't know don't ask me porn being filmedAlexander maintains his detached reporter ness throughout which keeps the book from feeling lewd in some its descriptions although it should probably have an NC 17 rating but somehow maintains an honest frankness that is sorely missing when this topic comes up Alexander is not afraid to admit that some things really are weird that there were times he felt uncomfortable but not at what you may think and shares his unexpected relevations with the reader For example what if nothing was taboo? Deep down are we just lonely and using sex as a way to make connections and feel a sense of belonging? One of the interesting ideas explored was that as America pushes the sexual envelope and things that were once taboo become mainstream will there eventually be a point when nothing shocks us any? I also appreciate the seeming paradox of the rise of the religious right versus the apparent relaxing of American's sexual standards and who really knows what others are doing behind closed doors?Overall an interesting if slightly provacotive look at America's sexual proclivities with some interesting juxtapositions of what many claim to actually be doing or not doing in some cases

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    I was a little disappointed by the ending of this book Most of the earlier chapters were fine Interviews and observations about the sex of middle America accounts of toy parties and working at an adult store But it seemed that once Alexander got to the coasts and to kinkier ' extreme' sex he became judgmental and dismissive What bothered me was his implication that those into the BDSM and swinger scenes were doing it for shallow reasons to just 'be risue' and not for the same reasons that others around the country were searching for their own sexual fulfillment I can understand being a little exhausted and tired of hearing about everyone's sexual uirks by the end of the book and I assume that affected some of his feelings about his later experiences Other than the ending chapters I generally enjoyed the book I wasn't surprised by the big reveals of 'people have sex everywhere and use sex toys even churchgoers and moms' but I liked reading about environments that I'm not familiar with The silent majority of people who are accepting of others and their sex lives is refreshing so it's a little disappointing when the author seems less than open to some sexual experiences

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    This is the 2nt time I have borrowed this book from the library and it just could not keep my interest 200 pages in Some aspects of it were amusing entertains and informative Most were dry overstated simplicities and the whole feel of the book is drawn out like the writer felt he needed it to be longer

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    For those who read Brian Alexander's MSNBC Sexploration column and those who don't this book is a great read for anyone who really wants to open up to at least read and learn about what sexual life has to offer and by that Alexander means it EVERY THING lubes to preachers condoms to charity work costumes to electrified dildos Alexander explores them all and everything that is truly out there for humans to explore with sexHe does it from a journalistic perspective with research and experience seeing not doing what is out there allowing everyone to tell their story the real story about everything I like some others found some of the later chapters to be a little forced where the first half chapters fly By the end he finds what I found as a reader is sex and everything associated with it really all that taboo?

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    This second rate Slouching toward Gomorrah aims to look at American sexual behavior around the country but really exposes the author as rude narrow minded and totally unualified to write on the topic Most of the book is about his issues with God with ueers with fetish with SM and he takes a confused and judgmental tone that is grating to read Instead of really listening to his subjects he otherizes them into good rural women and vibrators sales and bad porn actresses and anyone into leather Run far far away from this and grab some old Dan Savage books off the shelf is you want a real American sex education

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    You have to admire someone who would take on such a topic His findings were not too shocking although some of the practices described do seem a little bizarre In the terms of those in the book I guess that makes me vanillaThe most interesting chapters were those on religion and sex and also living in the Mid West the chapters on what goes on below the surface in the heartlandI found the writing a little lacking in humour there was far potential for amusement it takes itself a little seriously

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    America Unzipped had some great chapters and some that simply needed to be skipped I enjoyed the detail statists research seemed well thought threw and the interviews The author has a way of describing a scene to bring you into it 3 out of 5 for theLove hate between chapters

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    This is a book about America's sexual culture which is a totally different landscape than it was just 5 years ago Alexander went on what was essentially a nationwide sex tour researching it not having it He starts off talking to toy makers and hanging out at an adult filmmakers convention then sitting in on a fundamentalist Christian sex talk about freeing yourself with your spouseThen of course there are toy parties that he goes to spends time working in an adult store checks out a fetish convention and a sex club Its all very interesting really especially to see what some people are in to I won't even begin to say I get it and I'm definitely not turned on by most of it Still to see where some people are and how they go about achieving intimacy and trust with other humans is fascinating Really thats kind of the whole point that Alexander is getting to throughout the book we are looking for a way to trust and be intimate with other peopleSome people just go about that in a very different way from how I do I did get annoyed through the first chapter or two Alexander kept referring back to being a sheltered Catholic with Catholic kinds of ideas about sex growing up I got that the first time he brought it up I didn't need to read it another 10 times I understand I think why he did this; to create a sense of ease in readers that were likely to be a little uncomfortable reading his book But still I could have done without being reminded that hey this stuff is a little different that what you're used toOnce I got past those sections though the book picked up and I was glad to have taken the time to read it I'd also recommend it to some people but not others For example I'd refer it to a number of my friends but definitely not to my mother who would just call most of the people in the book sick If you want to borrow it let me know and I'll send it out to you If nothing else it might open you up to talking to your partner about some of the things that you otherwise would keep inside After all sex is about intimacy and trust and an important part of that is open communication with the persons you are with

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    Prostitutes are women too you know With all the same feelings emotions and needs that you have They are aware of what society thinks of them and that actually means that doing what they do takes courage a lot than you might thinkDo you love Mimi? As it happens yes I doHow can you love a woman like that?Because I don't think what she does is wrong and because it is your wretched Catholicism which traditionally gives women only two roles Madonna or whore and of the two I prefer the latterThe book was written by a politician who chose to remain anonymous throughout the entire story Anonymous was or is a politician who belong to the British Conservative party; the party which under Margaret Thatcher's iron leadership ruled over great nation for the entire 1980s And like all politicians Anonymous has a carefully managed public face and a very secret private life that few people would ever begin to suspectAnonymous' book is indeed a confession on his part of which he thinks is good for his soul His book is a no holds barred expose' of sexual goings on in the corridors of political power Escorting us through every naked caress of his numerous sexual encounters our guide lays bare what politicians do when they're not running the country From romps with leggy beauties in the West End's lap dancing clubs and Brighton's bordellos to revelations of suburban extra marital affairs and orgies just off the M25 our guide reveals all except his identity That must remain a closely guarded secretHonestly this book became one of my favoritesI just love how the author exposed that those who govern us are as fallible and frisky as the rest of us I love the way he confessed all his sexual encounters with humor and sincerity His memoir proves that power no matter how small is the ultimate aphrodisiac

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