Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

✾ Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex kindle Epub ❂ Author Mary Roach – The study of sexual physiology what happens and why and how to make it happen better has been a paying career or a diverting sideline for scientists as far ranging as Leonardo da Vinci and James Watso The study of sexual physiology what happens Curious Coupling PDF/EPUB ¿ and why and how to make it happen better has been a paying career or a diverting sideline for scientists as far ranging as Leonardo da Vinci and James Watson The research has taken place behind the closed doors of laboratories brothels MRI centers pig farms sex toy RD labs and Alfred Kinsey's atticMary Roach the funniest science writer in the country Burkhard Bilger of 'The New Yorker' devoted the past two years to stepping behind those doors Can a person think herself to orgasm Can a dead man get an Bonk The ePUB Æ erection Is vaginal orgasm a myth Why doesn't Viagra help women or for that matter pandas In 'Bonk' Roach shows us how and why sexual arousal and orgasm two of the most complex delightful and amazing scientific phenomena on earth can be so hard to achieve and what science is doing to slowly make the bedroom a satisfying place illustrations.Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

Mary Roach is the author of the Curious Coupling PDF/EPUB ¿ New York Times bestsellers STIFF The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers; GULP Adventures on the Alimentary Canal PACKING FOR MARS The Curious Science of Life in the Void; and BONK The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex Her most recent book GRUNT The Curious Science of Humans at War is out in June Mary has written for National Geographic Wired Discover.

Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 319 pages
  • Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
  • Mary Roach
  • English
  • 09 January 2016
  • 9780393064643

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    Joint review with JORDAN who's actually finished the book George? Mmm? Don't go to sleep Mmm You are going to sleep Mm mm George tell me something you did today Um I read a book That's better Move around a bit Yes that's right put your hand there Good What book? Bonk By Mary Roach That silly book about sex? It's not silly She's really got a lot of interesting things to say Like? Ah I liked the bit about women's orgasms Guess you don't know much about that OW Sorry you asked for it Now do you want me to tell you what she said about women's orgasms? OK I'm sorry I teased you Put your hand back there What did she say? Well she spends a lot of time discussing whether women really do have vaginal orgasms I didn't understand how many different opinions there were It's complicated Complicated? Alright so most women have clitoral orgasms Stroking or kissing their clit gets them off Certainly works for me Talking of which No wait let me finish The uestion is whether so called vaginal orgasms are really just clitoral orgasms in disguise The guy's penetrating her and it gives her an orgasm but what's really happening is that he's just indirectly stimulating her clit So it's not really a vaginal orgasm at all Well I agree with her I think that's what's happening But how could you know for sure? Look that's what's so interesting There was this French princess Marie Bonaparte Her clit was a long way from her vagina and she never got any vaginal orgasms Did her guy have to go down on her then? Um I think this was before oral sex was invented She talked to a bunch of women and measured how far their clits were from their vaginas and asked them how sex was for them She has some French word that means you're a woman whose clit is a long way from her vagina And There's a French word that means that?? There is Look it up I told you there was good stuff in this book Teleclit something Téléclitoridienne Aren't you impressed that I remembered that? You're not pronouncing it right Well how am I supposed to say it? Téléclitoridienne That's what I said I think Anyway the princess found that most téléclitoridienne women didn't enjoy penetrative sex She wrote a scientific paper about it You're asking me to believe that a princess went around like a hundred years ago asking a bunch of women uestions about their sex lives and measuring how far their clits were from their pussies and then published the results in a medical journal? I agree it does sound a bit weird But that's the way Mary Roach tells the story The princess was so convinced by her findings that she paid a surgeon to operate on her and move her clit further in so she could have better sex And did it work? Well no She never had an orgasm again He screwed up But he figured out what he did wrong and next time it worked What a sad story George? Mmm? Do you think I'm téléclitoridienne? Ah well Could you look? OK Turn that light on Hm I think you're mesoclitoridienne Between one and three centimeters I'm guessing one and a half Oh what a relief But I think you should check carefully Like this? Well I was thinking like this Can you really measure distances that way? George don't be silly Of course you can Mmm George? Mmm? I'm glad I'm not a French princess

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    I’ve never had internet sex – there must be another word for it cybersex obviously but I’m thinking along the lines of keyboard sex All the same a couple of years ago and purely as a community service you understand I started working on a series of words that could be typed using only the left hand It was another of those projects that I started and fairly uickly lost interest in If this book is about anything I think it would be fair to say that it is about the absurdity of sex This is the second of Roach’s books I’ve read lately and I must say sex is much funnier than death This book was laugh out loud funnyI have also discovered that I have a special face that I wear whenever the words URETHRA and EXPANDED or INSERTED are used in the same sentence This is especially the case when the word TOOTHBRUSH is also contained in that sentence – but it is not reserved for the collocation of those particular words In fact by the end of the book whenever the word URETHRA was used at all I could feel my face responding in a particularly pronounced Pavlovian fashion There were so many interesting bits to this book that it is pointless me starting or I simply won’t be able to stop And it was funny and fun – so I am going to recommend it and recommend it highlyThe bit I found most interesting was right at the end where she was talking about tests that were done in the 1970s that found that the people who enjoyed sex the most were homosexual couples – either gay or lesbian This was because the heterosexual couples tended to see sex as a destination they needed to reach as uickly as they could while the homosexual couples played and teased and delighted in each other For some reason we seem to have become sold on the ‘sex as performance’ metaphor At one point she said that many women felt sexually inadeuate because they believed themselves to be unattractive and spent the whole time worrying about what they looked like – watching themselves in effect Sex is about being there with someone else and is better the ‘there’ you are – it is a dance rather than a race or a beauty contestNow this is the second time recently that I’ve discovered just how incurious I am and have always been The first time was with Mr Fry’s autobiography when he was talking about boys sticking their fingers up their bums That simply never occurred to me when I was growing up And to be honest you could leave me alone in a room for a thousand years and I would never think of having sex with a vacuum cleaner I am assuming that is not what Billy Bragg means when he has a female character in one of his songs say “no amount of poetry will mend this broken heart but you can push the Hoover ‘round if you want to make a start”So what did I learn? Well besides that gays make the best lovers that it is best not to rush into a room when you hear a man calling out “Titan Titan Titan” on a video your wife is watching and if God has a place it certainly isn’t in the bedroom I think that the best of this book – like Stiff – is acknowledging that life death and sex are all a bit absurd and for that we really should be very grateful

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    This book review has received a strong 'R' rating for disturbing sexual content If you are eating you might not wanna read this review right now DON'T go into this book thinking it'll get you in the mood In fact it may disturb the mood right out of youDid you know? Before Viagra guys who couldn't maintain a good stiffy would often have stilts of some sort inserted inside of their penis skin and they would essentially wander through life with a half boner that never went away so they could still bonk Special pants were designed to make this perpetual half mast issue less obviousAlso apparently a lot of guys are turned on by putting stuff inside the skin of their penises To me this sounds like exactly the LAST thing I would EVER want to do For those of you without a penis let me remind you tis uite sensitive Picture putting a bicycle in your mouth I expect that would be about as painful as putting a gerbil up your I did mention gerbils are popular for this right? ALSO congratulations to homosexuals In several studies it has been suggested that homosexuals tend to be much less inhibited during sex They tend to take their time about it much to spend time with foreplay and to communicate actively with their mates during bonk Apparently heteros have a tendency to just git 'er done then go back to watching TV Because humans tend to be prudish for many a year all studies of sexuality were done by watching other animals doing the bonk Unfortunately this is a very ineffective way of studying HUMAN sexuality since pigs and monkeys tend to orgasm in a matter of seconds and not derive a lot of enjoyment out of it Also do you know about electrical dick machines? Well now you do You can buy a kit to build your own machine that serves the purpose of making a plastic cock gyrate Check out the latest issue of Boy's Life they always encourage the buying and building of random shit I can't tell you how many times I tried to convince my parents to let me buy a kit to build a hovercraft but they always asked What are you going to do with a hovercraft? And I would inevitably respond with I don't KNOW but hovercrafts are awesomeSimilarly electric dick machines are awesome AND perhaps this is the most important and encouraging fact of all SHORTER WOMEN in general ORGASM BETTER AND MORE OFTEN There is science to back this up and I don't remember the details but I do remember the rule of thumb the distance between belly button and vagina is a good indication of the clitoris's location The shorter this distance the conveniently placed the clitoris and the action it will receive during bonk This was uite entertaining and I learned a lot some of which I didn't want to know That said I didn't find this one as entertaining as Stiff Bonk is similar in a lot of ways taking the same humorous approach to the topic and focusing on the bizarre and fascinating If you feel like reading something that's light fun and able to make your genitals suck up into your body with fear give this book a go

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    35 starsThis was like cup of cocoa sex Sex is always good but sometimes you can't help hoping it will be over soon and you can have a cup of cocoa maybe with cream Marshmallows even Maybe a sprinkle of cinnamom and some grated chocolate curls Oh there I go mind drifted offRead 13 Dec 2013 and forgotten about until now Now what was it reminded me Friday night Hopeful And if not there is always cocoa

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    I really wanted to like Bonk Mary Roach seems joyous in her celebration of the science of sex It's clear she's spent and thoroughly enjoyed her time researching the subject unfortunately the book never really comes together Mary Roach's 'signature wit' comes of as juvenile as she seems lost in her perspective on her subject Is Bonk a personal essay about her journey through the world of sex research? A portrait of the history of sex and the science surrounding it? Roach never settles in with a clear perspective on her subject and ends up getting lost in the tellingI'm not a huge fan of footnotes I respect when they are used well but despise when they are used as long tangents for a broken narrative In Bonk Roach uses long footnotes on almost every other page and uses them to add 'witty commentary' to some of her points Most of the footnotes should have been integrated into the main text as they often feel orphaned from itThe most telling chapter of this book is when Roach goes to Cairo to get insight into sex research in Egypt Her trip the results and the chapter are a complete let down and yet Roach tries to salvage it at the end with a chest thumping cry of how important people dedicating their lives to sexual discourse are It's at this point you can see that Roach is 'rounding third' in her book and realizes she doesn't have the goods to bring it all home It's a real shame This book could and should have been better Mary Roach is a fine writer an obvious research nut and the subject is one that is anything but unengaging Unfortunately it's yet another book where the editor let the author run free Some real hard nosed editing some real focus a re arrangement of the footnotes and a clarity of perspective and you've got a fine book But what's in this pages isn't worth picking this book up in hardcover It's really a casual mass market paperback read or even a used one at that

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    Mary Roach is always on her game She is funny and her subjects are all so interesting The narrator of this audiobook was also on point But while I enjoyed this book I think my 3 star rating is mostly my own faultBecause I apparently already knew all the freaky weird details about sex like almost all of them covered in this book In this case I guess my love of sexual oddities and all things weird conspired against me because parts of this book felt dare I say it boring I still love you Mary Roach and I'll be listening to Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers very soon

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    i audiobook'd this the third feature length scientific expedition of mary roach i love love love mary roach i have bought multiple copies of her first book stiff and have managed to permanently lend every one of them out audiobooking the curious couplings of science and sex however was a very strange experience picture this i am walking around downtown pittsburgh just like every morning and there are strangers passing me left and right with serious or sleepy looks briefcases and plastic bags and i am listening to a chapter on Lady Boners i'm stuck in traffic the way i most despise spending my time and learning about the erotic rituals of artificial insemination of pigs in norway very strange if you're looking for a forthright and humorous scientific break down of erotic encounters the clit the g spot the erection well this may not be the book for you roach focuses her special special attentions on the sex researchers that have changed the landscapes of our bodies and our bedrooms uick tell me which sexologist used his research as an outlet for his attraction to men? whatever happened to the dildo cams constructed decades ago for sex research of vaginal arousal? what do you know about the discovery of the g spot? have you ever read a graphic description of the surgeries performed to provide erections for men with erectile dysfunction? what do you know about the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening and the orgasmic capacity therein? interested to find out which sex researchers had to perform their studies under the cover of nightfall? read BONK roach explores the ways that funding moves or not through research facilities the stigma and social implications of being involved in sex research and the feelings of grown up children of researchers we visit the institutions that are supportive and not roach pieces together the changing times and cultural notions of sex and how our perception of sex restricts or facilitates collection of data and ability to publish she produces a clear picture of the historical variance in our cultural acceptance of sex research basically the book is a lot of the grimy politicking that happens when people are jostling for funds and the neighbors might not approve of your research it's an entertaining ride through the scientific research industry along the way i learned that sex researchers are both flawed and fascinating and have both the purest and most dubious intentions and methods and some of them actually seem likable cindy mestin for example of course we learn the most from the exceptional cases and roach brings enough material from the margins to make your head or sphincter spin i appreciated her examinations of the roles that prostitutes played especially in the early days of sex research i loved the tales of wild sexual encounters in a rented attic for the sake of science i loved that mary roach talked her husband into having sex with her in a lab for the sake of science i am not sure that i could talk my spouse into that even for the sake of science i was enthralled by the last chapter's mention of the scientific proof of better sex between gay couples than straight couples i'm biased i guess but i agree

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    One of my favorite parts in Fifty Shades of Grey by which I mean one of the parts that gave me the greatest WTF glee is the part where Ana still a virgin is watching Christian Grey become aroused and is wondering how it's going to fit and he says to her Don't worry You expand tooMy first reaction Sexay My second reaction sadness for the fact that for whatever reason there are other girls and women who also lack the knowledge of basic sexual biology because as I lamented in my review of Fifty Shades the subject is so laced with shameThis book is a little than basic It's Intermediate Sex Ed for people who know the names of parts and how they work and certainly that they fit but doesn't know the exact mechanics of that working perhaps Mary Roach teaches us these things in great detail For example what layperson knows that vaginal fluid is plasma secreted through the vaginal walls its source being the blood that rushes to fill the walls during arousal? I mean maybe you reasoned that out but nowhere in high school sex ed do they say here is what makes up vaginal fluid you know?Who knew that people could think themselves to orgasm that orgasms can temporarily relieve the spasms and pains of neurological disorder? That uadriplegic and paraplegic persons who are capable of having orgasms 40 50% of them may feel it not just in their heads and genitals as those who are not uadriplegic or paraplegic do but potentially in their chests arms shoulders too? Who knew that women experience involuntary symptoms of arousal while watching any sort of sex homosexual heterosexual even sex between animals but men generally are only aroused by the types of sex they're oriented towards? So much for that oh so feminine insult of frigidityThere's also a delightful human element to the book The fact that the woman who volunteered to publicly demonstrate a sex machine at a convention is in her sixties and wearing bookish glasses Roach and her husband in hospital gowns doing it whilst having their genital responses imaged for science The accusation of one of Kinsey's biographers that there was a perverse gleam in his eyes as he hovered his face inches away from a copulating couple also FOR SCIENCE I guess my complaint would be that there's not enough of that human connection to the genitalia detailed in the book Not enough of the human connection and communication that as Roach concludes in the final chapter to the surprise of no one enhances our sexual experiences I mean it's kind of good to get to a point where you've read the word clitoris so many times it seems as dirty as reading a symbolic logic textbook But that effect also makes the book about as exciting as symbolic logic at points so

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    I didn't think she could write a better book than Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers but I was wrong Bonk is fantastic I read it because I love Roach's style especially on tough subjects I'm over 50 grew up on a farm had an active sexual life before after I got married almost 30 years ago have raised 3 kids to adulthood I'm a sysadmin there isn't much I haven't seen on the Internet So how much new material could there be? Plenty but that wasn't what shocked me There was very little 'shocking' material Roach kept the book very much in the realm of science with just enough humor to make it flow keep it interesting No what shocked me was our lack of knowledge in this areaSex is one of the most important parts of our lives I would have thought some one or some study would have all the answers We've split the atom but we don't really understand an orgasm What's up with that? Well sex is a taboo subject Even after the 60's? Yup I thought we'd come a long way since the Victorian 50's era repression but apparently not President Clinton the man with the wandering cigar actually fired his surgeon general for suggesting that teaching masturbation might help with the AIDs epidemic Government money review committees make sex studies a very tough sell It's also very difficult to find people willing to be studied even harder to take many measurements Roach really went all out to write this book She literally traveled the world from Danish pig farms to a private Egyptian clinic all over the US to the far east even participated in some studies She even talked her husband into helping Dear how would you like a free trip to London There's only one little catch And then she wrote a fantastically in depth book about it with just the right touch of humorI highly recommend it to everyone I don't think there is a person on the planet that couldn't learn a lot from this book even if it is just some of the difficulties the scientific method faces when it runs into our prejudices

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    My first book was about human cadavers and as a result people assumed that I’m obsessed with death Now that I have written a book about both sex and death God only knows what the word on the street is I have both books by Mary Roach but I decided to start with the second I don’t know what that says about me but I would rather learn about sex than about cadavers For now It’s not surprising that the study of sexual physiology with a few notable exceptions did not get rolling in earnest until the 1970s William Masters and Virginia Johnson said of their field in the late 1950s “ science and scientist continue to be governed by fear – fear of public opinion fear of religious intolerance fear of political pressure and above all fear of bigotry and prejudice – as much within as without the professional world” And then they said “Oh what the hell” and built a penis camera Mary Roach is an excellent researcher of available scientific articles followed by interviews and even direct experimentation But I think the main reason of her success is her very healthy and very sharp sense of humour Laughter and an awareness of the ridiculous are probably the best tools to fight ignorance bigotry and prejudice Natural curiosity will take you that extra step further towards understanding and mastering the subject of today’s lessonOf course it helps to have a guide who can sift through the tedious and the unnecessary lengthy dry study raw data in order to pick up the most scandalously funny bits of trivia available For example one chapter is called The Upsuck Chronicles Does Orgasm Boost Fertility and What Do Pigs Know About It? I was waiting after that title for a caveat and sure enough it comes a few pages after describing in detail how workers at a fertility farm for sows increase productivity by fondling their charges While it is often true that people are pigs it is never the case that pigs are people And here is the second reason I rate the book so highly Mary Roach may be skillful at finding the funny angle of research but she is also serious about the project and a truly gifted educator who does than simply making money out of popular science I know mostly my own corner of the woods but I can confirm that sex ed is still a thorny subject for teenagers and mature readers alike Church and politicians still treat the subject as tabu and the easy access of porn on the internet has its own drawbacks in establishing fake theories We really need a guide to separate for us the true scientists from the uacks and snake oil sellers that prey on the easily gullible Every Sunday a dozen or somber men arrived at Milford train station from points distant to be processed for Brinkley’s miracle four part operation to restore sexual vigor with goat glandsAt one point Brinkley was taking delivery on forty Toggenburgs a week housed in a corral behind the hospital He encouraged his patients to personally select their donor like diners at a Chinese seafood restaurant being ushered to the auarium The study of human physiology is helpful for sure and we should be grateful to the serious people who tested Viagra on pandas or dressed lab rats in polyester pants so we can now all wear cotton underwear and improve or sperm count Even to those Canadian doctors who wrote an article on “Sexual Intercourse as a Potential Treatment for Intractable Hiccups”But at the end of the day there will be two people in the privacy of their bedroom and all the science in the world may be insufficient to take them to the highest peaks of satisfaction Because as Mary Roach aptly observes we are not animals and pleasure has as much to do with the mind as with the body Throughout ‘Human Sexual Response’ the researchers encourage open and straightforward communication between partners It comes as no surprise that they moved on to sex therapy giving not getting following the eleven year physiology project In conclusion this was a fun and informative journey that makes me plan to read from this irreverent researcher Even about cadavers and stuff Bit by bit sex research has unraveled the hows whys whynots and how betters of arousal and orgasm The the researchers and sexperts and the reporters talked about sex the easier it became for everyone else to As communication eases and knowledge grows inhibitions dissolve and confidence takes root

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