La Cueva de Salamanca

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Juan Ruiz de Alarc n y Mendoza , Real de Taxco, now in Guerrero August , , one of the greatest Novohispanic dramatists of the Golden Age, was La Cueva eBook õ born in New Spain modern M xicoJuan Ruiz de Alarc n was born about at Real de Taxco, New Spain, where his father was superintendent of mines his mother was descended from one of Spain s most illustrious families, the Mendozas He was small of stature and suffered from hunchbackedness Besides, his red haired complexion made him an occasional object of scorn, since some sectors of the conservative catholic society in which he later lived held the prejudice that Judas Iscariot was a redhead himself Because of this, his critics often ridiculed his appearance rather than his worksHe went to Spain in , where he studied law at the University of Salamanca He continued his studies towards a Licentiate in Law roughly equivalent to a modern Master s degree which he finished in , without, however, taking the degree Instead, he practiced law for a while in Seville, then in went back to M xico, and in received the licentiate from the University of M xico He completed his studies for his doctorate fairly soon thereafter, but never received the degree, in all likelihood because of the rather substantial costs attached to the ceremony He worked as a legal adviser for a while, as an advocate, and as an interim investigating judge, all the while trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to gain a teaching chair at the UniversityReturning to Spain about , he entered the household of the marquis de Salinas, and began a frustrating life of job seeking at court At the same time, purely as a way of making money apparently, he threw himself into the heady literary and theatrical life of the capital, eventually having a number of his plays performed His first play, El semejante de s mismo was unsuccessful, yet it attracted attention to him By some, he was ridiculed and criticized from others he obtained supportFor ten years, he pursued this double life, until he finally secured first an interim and then a permanent appointment to the Royal Council of the Indies rather like an appeals court for Spanish colonies in the New World Apparently, when political success came, he all but stopped his literary efforts although he did have two volumes of his plays published in and , perhaps because some of them had been pirated and previously published with false attributions to his theatrical rival F lix Lope de Vega After thirteen years of legal service to the crown, he died at Madrid in .

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    Basada en un entrem s de Cervantes, aunque bastante diferente, esta obra contiene una curiosa discusi n escol stica sobre la licitud de la magia.Por otra parte, es curiosa la mentalidad de la poca, pues una mujer a quien un hombre ha tratado de violar, acepta al final casarse con l, puesto que ahora es rico y puede ofrecerle su mano.

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