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Beatrix Clouet, the daughter of the hotel's late owner, is determined to make a success of the business But the chain's future rests in the ha It's an exclusive hotel for discerning adults Beatrix Clouet, the daughter of the hotel's late owner, is determined to make a success of the business But the chain's future rests in the hands of the ruthless yet charming Philip Carmichael for whom Bea feels an immediate attraction Philip Carmichael has other plans With temptation so near, can Bea manage to mix business with pleasure?.Personal Assets

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Personal Assets Epub ò Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Personal Assets
  • Emma Holly
  • English
  • 07 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Personal Assets

  1. says:

    This book falls into the erotica category - so it's quite a bit steamier than an everyday romance novel. This is NOT my usual paranormal romance fare. Main characters include the heiress of a Paris fashion house (Bea), her orphan best friend (Lela), the widowed stepfather of the same fashion house (Philip, who happens to be only a few years older than the heiress), and a corporate mogel who owns a department store chain (Simon). The plot involves scandal and corporate takeover, and everybody ends up happily ever after by the end.

    When you hear that a book is erotica, it's easy to imagine that it's just a bunch of sex scenes with a weakly connected story holding them together. In all likelyhood, there probably is a lot of erotica that fits that description. Thankfully, Emma Holly is a much more talented writer than that. This is the second book I've read by Ms. Holly, both at the recommendation of Laura Stamps (Goodreads), and I'm very impressed by Ms. Holly's ability to tell a great story and believably include sex scenes in most chapters. I'm not much of a writer, so I really don't know what the process is to write a novel, but that seems rather hard to do! My suggestion is to not get hung up on the label and instead think of Emma Holly novels as the advanced level for romances.

    I was crying during a particularly emotional scene near the end of this novel. If it can pluck my heartstrings that well, it doesn't matter what label you give a book; I like it.

  2. says:

    After being in a reading funk for a couple of weeks I picked this up this morning. I finished it this afternoon. A quick read with some emotion and a ton of sex. But it's the sex I have a problem with. It's a really good romance story with some really odd sex that just doesn't sit right with me.

    Hi, I'm Bea. I'm an incredibly rich beautiful woman who has a thing for my stepfather. I've never said anything to him and I'm very shy and reserved with body issues. You know the best way to loosen things up for me? How about I suck off my stepfather from under his desk while he has a meeting? sure. Maybe I practically rape him and fuck him in the back of a taxi? Sure. I know how to really open up my world. How about I go to Rome with my stepfather, pick up a stranger, have the stranger fuck my stepfather in the ass while he impales me with his cock? That would seem like the best plan for me. Don't like the idea of me having unprotected sex with the guy who was doing my mom until six months ago? How about my best friend comes to visit me and thinks I'm lonely and might need a little loving so I fuck her boyfriend while she sucks on my breasts. I suppose it's good to have friends.

    Hi, I'm Lela. I've been in love with my best friend for a long time. I guess the only way i'll get to screw her is with my boyfriend. Oh well, so be it. Meh. I do't think I like this boyfriend anymore. Maybe if I work for a bit something will come to me. *customer comes into a retail store* How about I take you into the back and masturbate for you? how was that for you? Now you masturbate for me. No? fine get the hell out. I still don't know your name but I don't think I want to fuck you. Oh, you are a businessman? How about you come to my house tomorrow then. Cool.

    It's like there are good characters with a good story and then there is a random sex scene that just doesn't seem like it goes with the characters. I still liked it, but could have easily been a four star read.

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    Having gone on a comparison read of erotica recently, I've finally gotten around to reading my purchase of this Emma Holly classic.

    I really like the fact that with a Holly book, whether it is more on the romance end of the spectrum or the erotica end of the spectrum, you ALWAYS have men and women enjoying themselves.

    The outside situation may have drama, there may be bad guys to vanquish, there may be a sticky situation to be gotten out of, but her couples, whatever persuasion they have - enjoy themselves.

    And most often there is a happy end, too.

    The descriptions, because the couples usually like each other and she's very vivid with the imagery, really get me hot.

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    I absolutely adored this book! Some of the best erotica I've read. The writing was beautiful, poetic and yet real. It's one of those stories you become a part of and hate to end your brief but intense relationship with it's characters. It's so hard to find a hot erotica read that has a fabulous tale to be swept along with. Emma Holly you've sealed your position as one of my favorite authors!

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    HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Great Multiple story lines.

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    I am a simple woman: is there frequent sex between likable characters with chemistry? Are many of those characters bisexual? Does some of the sex involve a lady tying up her man, and the man loving it? Is the characterization thought-provoking enough to give me something to chew on and a reason to root for everyone to get happily together ever after?

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

  7. says:

    3.5 Stars

  8. says:

    Wow! Emma Holly knows how to do racy! This novel intertwines two stories about insecure women finding themselves and their perfect partners through sexual experimentation.

    Bea thinks she’s unattractive. After hearing her Parisian mother tell her so for so many years it’s not surprising. Add to that the humiliation of being in love with her handsome stepfather who her mother misused, she’s a girl who has somewhat lost her way. Following her mother’s death though, Bea’s passions and confidence can be unleashed, and Philip is suddenly awakened to her charms.

    Meanwhile her best friend Lela is fed up of being the good-time-girl and is looking to find a career to take seriously. But as she works towards a management role in a high class New York boutique, in walks a powerful, sexy guy who she’s not sure she can resist.

    Holly has tried hard to mix up the sex scenes in this book, so they don’t become to samey – which is a problem I find with erotica. With kind Philip, domineering Simon and cheeky Andrew we have a mix of men willing to satisfy our heroines’ wants. They’re also taken to (and in) some of the most exquisite and the most run down city scenes, so there’s something in here for every fantasy. Most endearingly, there are some quite sweet love stories hiding beneath all that explicit lust, though I would, perhaps, have liked a little more subtle character development along the way.

    review by Nikki Mason on behalf of

  9. says:

    All in all , i hated this novel and would never like to face Emma Holly in person cause if i do then i may end up murdering her for making me suffer.
    This is the most stupidest novel ever written. People want to read novels to make them feel lighter with the ongoing story but this novel fails to catch your attention as it is only about fucking your brains out. It's a shame, a huge burden to the erotic romance genre as it has sex scenes in all the individual chapters which make you puke.
    If the heroine sees a man she starts flirting with him and eventually ends up fucking him hard and its not that it happens a few times but all the time whenever she sees a hot man. It almost feels like apart from all the sex, there is no reason for the characters in the story to pursue their lives. A guy sees a girl, he fucks him and if a girl sees a guy , she fucks him no matter where they are who they are fucking, they do it casually as if not feeling this way is a crime and i simply don't understand that how come all the people in the novel despite working in offices or wandering in parks have condoms in their pockets as if they know it somehow that they are at least gonna fuck a stranger once in a whole day wherever they see a hot man or a woman and they are also gonna ask some stranger in the park to have a threesome with their girl friends right that instant in the park.

  10. says:

    Haven't read a Holly in a long time...
    I wouldn't say this is one of her best. I enjoyed parts of it, and her characters are interestingly complex, but the whole ends with a bit of a fizzle (at least, I think I finished it... seems there were no more pages...).
    The whole plot of the savage takeover and business world ruthlessness just doesn't cut it with the main characters going all starry-eyed over each other. And in the end they all lived happily ever after, which is fine with me, but either I don't need the dramatic build-up which collapses, or I need a more impressive resolution.

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