Strålinger - dagbøger 1939-48

➽ [Download] ✤ Strålinger - dagbøger 1939-48 By Ernst Jünger ➲ – Ernst J ngers dag til dag beretning om verdenskrig fra mobiliseringen i for ret til krigens lange eftervirkninger i Genudgivelse og udvidelse af Thorkild Hansens udvalg Ernst J ngers dag til dag beretning omverdenskrig fra mobiliseringen i for rettil krigens lange eftervirkninger i Genudgivelse og udvidelse af Thorkild Hansens udvalg.Strålinger - dagbøger 1939-48

Ernst J nger was a decorated German soldier and author who became famous for his World War I memoir Storm of Steel The son of a successful businessman and chemist, J nger rebelled against an affluent upbringing and sought adventure in the Wandervogel, before running away to briefly serve in the French Foreign Legion, an illegal act Because he escaped prosecution in Germany due to his father s efforts, Junger was able to enlist on Strålinger - Kindle - the outbreak of war A fearless leader who admired bravery above all else, he enthusiastically participated in actions in which his units were sometimes virtually annihilated During an ill fated German offensive in Junger s WW career ended with the last and most serious of his many woundings, and he was awarded the Pour le M rite, a rare decoration for one of his rankJunger served in World War II as captain in the German Army Assigned to an administrative position in Paris, he socialized with prominent artists of the day such as Picasso and Jean Cocteau His early time in France is described in his diary G rten und Stra en , Gardens and Streets He was also in charge of executing younger German soldiers who had deserted In his bookUn Allemand Paris , the writer Gerhard Heller states that he had been interested in learning how a person reacts to death under such circumstances and had a morbid fascination for the subjectJ nger appears on the fringes of the Stauffenberg bomb plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler July , He was clearly an inspiration to anti Nazi conservatives in the German Army, and while in Paris he was close to the old, mostly Prussian, officers who carried out the assassination attempt against Hitler He was only peripherally involved in the events however, and in the aftermath suffered only dismissal from the army in the summer of , rather than executionIn the aftermath of WW he was treated with some suspicion as a closet Nazi By the latter stages of the Cold War his unorthodox writings about the impact of materialism in modern society were widely seen as conservative rather than radical nationalist, and his philosophical works came to be highly regarded in mainstream German circles Junger ended his extremely long life as a honoured establishment figure, although critics continued to charge him with the glorification of war as a transcending experience.

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