✽ [EPUB] ✵ Bloodstorm By Sam Millar ❧ – Karl Kane is a private investigator with a dark past As a child he witnessed the brutal rape murder of his mother Years later Karl has a chance to avenge his mother's murder by killing the man respons Karl Kane is a private investigator with a dark past As a child he witnessed the brutal rape murder of his mother Years later Karl has a chance to avenge his mother's murder by killing the man responsible But he allows the opportunity to slip by two days later two girls are sexually molested then murdered by the killer.Bloodstorm

An award winning crime writer of numerous true and fiction crime books Dark Souls On The Brinks The Redemption Factory The Darkness of Bones Bloodstorm and The Dark Place Best selling memoir acuired by Warner Brothers.

Paperback  · Bloodstorm Epub ò
  • Paperback
  • 223 pages
  • Bloodstorm
  • Sam Millar
  • English
  • 12 August 2015
  • 9780863223754

10 thoughts on “Bloodstorm

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    I wanted to like this I didn't hate it; I just didn't love it Bloodstorm is a Private Detective novel set in Belfast; I am from Northern Ireland and I love PI books When we met it should have been murderThe idea is a good one take a traditional hard boiled wise cracking gumshoe and put him on the mean streets of post troubles Belfast Unfortunately this could be set anywhere Belfast never becomes a character there is no sense of uniueness of setting and worst of all people just don't speak like that not least the people of Belfast The dialogue is stilted and unnatural for the most part; there is no rhythm to it and in key scenes is reads like poor actors reading a laboured expositional script As I said I didn't hate it There is a decent plot although it would benefit from a good editor; sections could have been streamlined or left out altogether wild dogs become confused with wild pigs both appear on Belfast's Cavehill at times in the novel and while I love Billie Holiday her voice was anything but 'flawless' I may pick up other work by Millar His bio certainly suggests that he should have an authentic voice but it just doesn't come through in Bloodstorm

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    I enjoyed this first Karl Kane book but have to admit I only bought it after reading the excellent reviews for it Two I have enclosed with this review Bloodstorm is nothing I expected Kark Kane is a terrific character with a very dark past and terrible secret I know the book has been condemned for its violence but I thought the violence played a need part of the story terrific “At the start of this powerful first of a new crime series from Irish author Millar The Redemption Factory wild dogs finish off a battered gang rape victim left for dead in a unused uarry outside Belfast one summer day in 1978 Decades later someone is picking off the men responsible for this outrage At the behest of a shadowy employer PI Karl Kane investigates the death of one of the rapists whose body turns up in the city’s Botanic Gardens Flashbacks to the 1960s when a young boy witnessed his mother’s murder and narrowly escaped death at her killer’s hands help build suspense as their relevance to the present day murders slowly and chillingly comes into focus Millar adds police corruption to the mix to make Kane’s search for the truth even troublesome Bloodstorm is the first in a powerful new crime series from Irish author Millar and its consistently tough prose should help gain Millar fans in the US with a taste for the hard boiled Extremely original it is a chillingly gripping book”Publisher Weekly USA “Irish crime writer Sam Millar The Redemption Factory is back with a brand new anti hero Karl KaneThirty years ago Robert Mitchum and Michael Winner reprised The Big Sleep setting their version of Raymond Chandler’s classic California crime novel in modern day London Surprisingly the change of venue worked In Bloodstorm Millar’s wisecracking PI Karl Kane though navigating the cockeyed lanes of twenty first century Belfast could just as well be rambling the mean streets of prewar LA in tandem with Philip Marlowe Private eye novel conventions that no longer are believable in the US—the presence of an admiring and foxy Girl Friday who draws a paycheck and does nothing for example or the hero’s habit of spouting off for the heck of it to the police in the age of Homeland Security—somehow seems right at home in the context of contemporary BelfastMillar’s story line too will remind fans of the Marlowe stories; it’s as masterful as anything Chandler concocted by stitching together unrelated short stories Crime noir doesn’t get much darker or grittier than this shocking tale of corruption and revenge Altogether Bloodstorm is a real find for aficionados of the classic hard boiled novel who would like to see the form updated without it smelling like an anachronism”Booklist USA

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    This book had nothing to do with the blurb on the back of the cover I picked this up expecting to read about a man coming to terms with allowing a killer to go free and dealing with the aftermath when he kills again Instead it's a book about a person seeking revenge for an injustice done years ago Still a pretty good read once I got over my disappoint The ending could use a lot of work though A lot of uestions were left unanswered and there is no seuel

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    I did not like this book I found the protagonist such a weak character and the story being so jumbled up and interrupted in the beginning that it took me over one hour of listening to the book before I figured out who is the protagonist His piles make him increasingly unpopular with female readers the description of him smearing cream on this hemorrhoids and then wiping his hands on this underpants without then washing means the character has already lost my respect How am I to trust him to solve a crime which he did by stumbling upon the outcome and being given a leg up by all sorts rather than by him actually doing any work And why is he doing all this research and investigating in the first place???? He rejected the money a paying client would have given him but then although he has no money at all is in fact broke he continued to investigate without being paid for it His secretary and lover is an eually unbelievable character Why would a good looking young lady waste her time with such a loser guy? The book was boring to boot and I would be hard pressed reading any by this author

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    Although I’m a lover of crime thriller this is a little different to my usual readslistens Not for the faint hearted when it comes to colourful language and descriptive passages of events Might put some people off I was expecting a lot from this then what it gives The description leads you to believe one thing but that’s not what you get and if anything the storyline jumps a lot I found you didn’t really get to grips with the characters so it could get confusing at times trying to keep up with whose who Some reviewers found it hard to connect with the main character Karl but I really liked his sense of humour It did improve for the last 2hrs but disappointing overall as had potential

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    A pretty average read 25 stars Also a completely different read and the blurb is not entirely representative of the plot The title is probably a better indicator of the fact the book is not for the faint heartedit’s a bit of a blood fest The colourful language will put some off as will the strange chronology at times Neither the protagonist nor the multiple antagonists are memorable but their crimes are the focal point of this read Thankfully short the majority of the issues are resolved to some extent The biggest issue for me was the incongruence between the situations that were created and the resolutions provided

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    I listened to this as an audiobook It was very good There were a couple of times when I had to 're read' the chapter introductions but they were cool The whole book was uite gruesome but I don't usually read that sort of thing so it was interesting

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    The description given here relating to the main character's mother is merely background Karl Kane is a stumbling private detective and the storyline stumbles through a series of murders eventually the finale is even murders in this unsatisfactory novel

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    I just finished this book and found it to be a very engaging read This is hard boiled noir I would recommend this book for anyone who likes the same authors that I do My favorites include Ken Bruen This will remind you of the Taylor novels not a copy of them but influenced by them Jason Starr Victor Gischler Sean Doolittle Duane Swierczynski Anthony Neil Smith Pearce Hansen Charlie Huston Thuglit and the old UglyTown publicationsI don't want to recap the book I just want to give the book its due The book is dark semi violent and hard core If these are three words you look for when choosing a book then grab this one and enjoy

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    Excellent debut I will read all Millar's books The book does have its violent sections but they serve a purpose and are no greater than what's being published already The writing is top notch that should be the focus

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