The Ultimatum Bride

➚ [KINDLE] ❄ The Ultimatum Bride By Leah Atwood ➤ – “I’m giving you two months to settle down Find yourself a respectable wife stop the brawling and be the man I know you can be Otherwise I will tell Darrel to expect a wedding for his daughter soon “I’m giving you two months to settle down Find yourself a respectable wife stop the brawling and be the man I know you can be Otherwise I will tell Darrel to expect a wedding for his daughter soon” “And if I refuse to marry Elsie” George West’s eyes narrowed into tiny slits “Then you will be written out of my will” Jesse West is faced The Ultimatum Kindle - with an ultimatum Unwilling to marry Elsie and steadfast against losing his right to inherit the Circle W he must think uickly His best option seems to be sending away for a mail order bride Faith Donovan vowed never to marry Years of witnessing her parents' abusive marriage soured her against such a union but when she can't find employment she answers an advertisement for a mail order bride and hopes for the best When she discovers her new husband has a reputation for the very things she feared her hopes are crushed Yet something about Jesse draws Faith to him Can they look beyond their pasts and forge a future filled with love.The Ultimatum Bride

Leah is a small town girl at heart and currently lives in a rural town in South Louisiana though Maryland will always be home She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in International Business but gave up a career in sales and marketing to follow love a decision she's never regretted Always a dreamer she loves to think of times gone by The Ultimatum Kindle - and discover what the American West w.

The Ultimatum Bride PDF/EPUB Ò The Ultimatum  Kindle
  • Kindle Edition
  • 76 pages
  • The Ultimatum Bride
  • Leah Atwood
  • English
  • 23 August 2016

10 thoughts on “The Ultimatum Bride

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    I'm being generous in giving this 3 stars It's really pretty meh There is no conflict to speak of just the usual learning to get along and love each other when strangers get married It's just kinda sweet and really fluffy and there's no sex involved as in it's not even mentioned

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    I have a special place in my heart for Mail Order novels as long as they are clean and this one was very well written with amazing characters There were a few twists and turns added in to keep everything on edge but that only keeps in interesting for everyone involved I enjoyed this story and the way the father went about getting his way I know that some people find it unsightly the way that parents go about helping their children but as a parent myself I know that you will do whatever it takes to help your children This novel was well written

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    This story is like mental candy by which I mean it's sweet as in sugary sweet sweet There are no misunderstandings no arguments nor even any minor disagreements between the couple and absolutely everything is pretty much smooth sailing throughout the entire story Some people might consider this a boring read; I guess it all depends on what you're in the mood for If you're looking for a story with some conflict maybe a little intrigue or even a little angst you might want to look elsewhere I was in the mood for a sweet story so this one hit the spot for me The book is really nicely written and the characters are both likeable and fairly well developed Jessie was raised in a privileged lifestyle and was a bit overindulged as a child Now as an adult he's a bit of a wastrel; he drinks a lot and is constantly involved in barroom brawls When his father finally threatens to disinherit him if he doesn't straighten out his life and find a wife Jessie writes an ad for a mail order bride to which Faith responds Because of her parents horrible marriage Faith has determined to never marry However all that changes when she finds herself in need of another job with none forthcoming With the only choices left to her to become a wife or a fallen woman Faith chooses marriageEven before Faith and Jessie meets Jessie decides that his father is right and that he does indeed need to straighten out his life settle down and start a family Conseuently when Jessie and Faith meet for the first time despite his rather wild reputation Jessie is a different person from the man who first decided to marry only to appease his father Faith is of course upset to discover that Jessie has a reputation for being exactly the type of man she'd hoped to avoid but very uickly that issue is resolved between the couple and since Jessie never returns to his former wild behavior that aspect of the story is never raised again Almost from the very beginning everything is pretty much smooth sailing between the two The story that unfolds is one that depicts the life of two sensible mature adults who are learning to adjust to married life while getting to know their new spouseIf you're in the mood for a nice sensible romance with no strife or silly misunderstandings between the protagonist then this may be the book for you My only complaint is that I would have liked to have seen intimate moments between the couple The events of the story take place over a two month period and there is even an epilogue that depicts the couple's life together about a year later that is a nice touch Nonetheless because the story skips over several days at a time on a few different occasions I felt like I missed out on much of the development of the romance between Faith and Jessie I also found it a bit strange that sex was never once mentioned in the entire book At the very beginning when Jessie first takes Faith home he tells her that he will show her to their room but that was it But for that one statement I would have supposed that the couple were in a platonic relationship As time went on I assumed that they were involved in a normal marriage It's not that I had a problem with the no sex I read clean romances all the time and enjoy them very much Nevertheless typically even in clean romances there will be some mention of the marriage act; even if it's just a reference to the h's trepidation at having to share a bed with her new husband who is essentially a stranger or a mention of the H's physical attraction to the hIMO this this lack of intimacy even in passing took away from the fact that this was a romance between two people who share an intimate relationship Don't get me wrong the story is nicevery nice; it's just not very romanticat least that I was my take on it Happy reading

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    Short and sweetYou kind of know what's going to happen from the beginning but there are a few surprise events that happen

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    Sweet Christian mail order bride novella Faith is a governess in St Louis whose job has come to an end as the family is returning to England She can't find another job so decides to become a mail order bride Jesse is the oldest of 4 adult children and the only one not married His dad wants him married if he's going to take over the large Colorado ranch He tells him to be married within 3 months or he will be forced to marry the one gal in the area he can't stand So he decides to get himself a mail order bride because he's been such a wild child during this younger years that none of the girls in town want him With God and his sweet Faith Jesse has a chance to become the man he wants to be and Faith has the opportunity to make a better marriage than her parentsAlthough this book was uite typical for mail order bride books Jesse and Faith both showed a lot of growth both as individuals and as a couple Jesse got some great wisdom tips from his brothers in law about courting his wife to make her fall in love Jesse's sisters in turn helped Faith learn a different role as a wife than what she had as a single woman

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    The Ultimatum BrideTerrific story with lots of surprises Love conuers all Great efforts to make life better was the reason love won

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    Nice little Western love storyI enjoyed Leah's little novel A good read My first of her works I look forward to reading in the future

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    A happy bookIt was so pleasant to spend the morning reading this delightful story I love a happy ending but a whole happy book is better

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    Nice bookA great book it keeps your attention It is a easy relaxing story Just right for a rainy day Read it

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    I love this story about a mail order bride

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