Give to the Heart, Volume 1

PDF Epub Give To The Heart, Volume 1 Author Wann In The Far Off Distant Future, The Earth Suffers A Cataclysm That Destroys Modern Civilization Over Centuries, Human Survivors Regroup And Organize Into Primitive Cities Three Godlike Beings Arise And Oversee The Well Being Of The World Lord Ganok Rules All Waters Nations Prosper Or Starve On His Whim He Nourishes Farmlands With Rainfall Or Blights Entire Realms With Drought He Can Unleash Violent Storms That Level Entire Cities Yet, Despite All His Awe Inspiring Abilities, The Water King Can T Win The Heart Of A Simple Human Woman Named Sooyi Lord Ganok Quickly Learns That The Human Heart Contains Intense Storms Than He Could Ever Hope To Create Further, Sooyi Seeks Out A Power Of Her Own In Order To Fulfill An Old Vendettathe Power To Slay The Water King Once And For AllGive to the Heart, Volume 1

Debuted with Stupid in 1997Main works Honey, The return of the Princess Louina, Fining A Hidden Handsome Man, Miracle, I Wanna Be Happy, Anne the Lover

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Give to the Heart, Volume 1  By Wann –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Give to the Heart, Volume 1
  • Wann
  • English
  • 08 December 2019
  • 9781600099526

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    WHAT THE HELL I should have known better We have a problem here.Here is the Goodreads description for this book In the far off distant future, the Earth suffers a cataclysm that destroys modern civilization Over centuries, human survivors regroup and organize into primitive cities Three godlike beings arise and oversee the well being of the world Lord Ganok rules all waters Nations prosper or starve on his whim He nourishes farmlands with rainfall or blights entire realms with drought He can unleash violent storms that level entire cities Yet, despite all his awe inspiring abilities, the Water King can t win the heart of a simple human woman named Sooyi Lord Ganok quickly learns that the human heart contains intense storms than he could ever hope to create Further, Sooyi seeks out a power of her own in order to fulfill an old vendettathe power to slay the Water King once and for all And here is the NetGalley description for this book The most fantastic journey is growing up Eleven year old Pepe s world turns inside out when he finds himself pulled inside the walls of his own home, s...

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    Give to the Heart Volume 1 by Wann is an interesting premise for a story My only question after reading it is Why can t the male characters manage to keep their shirts on In the far distant future, civilization as we know it is a distant memory Humans live in new, primitive cities, but the old cities still remain Three gods rule things One of these is Lord Ganok, who rules the waters He is the most tempestuous Denying water, or sending too much Some of this could be due to his missing wife Meanwhile, his wife is trying to find her way to the Dead City in order to destroy Lord Ganok When he finds her, he has to decide if loving her means keeping her captive and making her miserable or letting her go and making himself miserable.It s anime style, but it reads like conventional Western comic The anime emotions are all ev...

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    I ve read the author illustrator Wann s 100% Perfect Girl a few years back and although I had a love hate relationship with that manhwa, when I saw Give to the Heart on Netgalley, I immediately requested it because as much as 100% Perfect Girl made me rage about the characters at times, it kept me at the edge of my seat with it s soapy, angsty drama I knew that this was originally a webtoon so I was expecting this to be in full color like most webtoons I ve read and it was a bit of a disappointment that it wasn t I ve always enjoyed the author s illustrations though which is another reason why I was curious about this in the first place.Give to the Heart is very different from 100% Perfect Girl because unlike the latter s contemporary setting, the former is of a fantasy Years in the future, Earth has become primitive and three god like beings now rule the world with their extraordinary powers One of them is Lord Ganok, the water god.I really like the premise, it gives off that epic vibe, even though I know from the cover and from reading the author s previous works that this is of a romance...

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    Mais uma vez com o apoio da NETCOMICS , li o primeiro volume Give to the Heart da Wann Yey Ando um pouco de olho em Wann por causa da sua s rie 100% Perfect Girl, que ainda n o li mas que terei mesmo de ler em breve Give to the Heart passa se supostamente num futuro long nquo, em que destru da toda a civiliza o na Terra Voltando quase tudo a estaca zero, os sobreviventes reagruparam se e organizaram a sua nova localidade.Entretanto tr s grandes seres divinos surgem para ver como o mundo est a recompor se do sucedido.Neste volume temos Lord Ganok que governa as guas, e tudo o que a envolve, a terra ora prospera e d frutos ou morre devido a seca, ele que manda.Como era de esperar, apesar de ter este poder todo ele temido e por essas e por outras raz es ele ainda n o conquistou o cora o de Sooyi, que ele tanto deseja.Eu estava com receio quando o comecei, o inicio deixou me logo a medo visto ser assim 1111Eu achei estranho at por ter estas cores meias primitivas, mas descansei 3 paginas mais a frente, porque o resto literalmente mang Uffa Pelo menos a n vel de desenho, porque ele l se da esquerda para direita eu acho que h um nome para isto hum Acho que for a do habito ler da direita para a esquerda quando se trata de mang por isso estranhei tamb m est parte, mas nada por a al m.Todas as express es pr prias do mang est o presentes e isso foi um alivio, esperar piadas quando supostamente n o h , fant stico.Bem o Lord tem muito que se diga tenho que dizer, ele frio e as ve...

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    2.5About the artwork The artwork is really high quality It s in the Japanese anime style including the typical anime emotions of anger, comical crying face, embarrassed face etc The drawings are all in black and white and though I would have prefered them to be in colour, they re still beautiful At times without colour though I found it a little tricky to understand what was happening in some of the drawings.For artwork alone I d give this graphic novel 5 5About the story I found it a little difficult to understand what was going on at first and think maybe it could have used an editor s help to clarify things, but towards the middle of the book I started understanding what was going on better.If I had to classify the genre of this graphic novel I d say it was a supernatural romance Though the main relationship shown in this book is the kind of love hate relationship that s abusive with a lot of arguing and shouting, threats of killing or injuring one another and romantic scenes that feel like they re on the rapey side If you ve ever watched Japanese anime tv series, some of the humour reminded me a lot of the same style as that.The story ends on a cliffhanger which makes you want to read volume 2.About the sound effects You know how comic books have the typical sound effects like POW BANG and stuff lik...

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    As I don t normally read graphic novels, my friend asked me to me to give this a go. Not bad at all I liked the mythology that started it off. Great artwork through out and I managed to finish it in one short sitting..

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    I liked this I liked how it opened and you didn t know the characters or what was going on and you had to figure out what was happening I also liked the illustrations Lord Ganok s hair is everything along with his sculpted body I have the second book, so I ll get to reading it soon.Thumbs up

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    very problematic manga

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    Give to the Heart Volume 1 by Wann4 stars

    Lord Ganok rules as god of the waters Sooyi is bent on assassinating the Water King after he held her captive It should be easy to slay him, but he has power and charming ways I did a horrible way of describing the story line for this manga The storyline is pretty awesome, I actually happen to love it Volume 1 is a lot of fun and I flew threw it The storyline, writing, plot, and characters are all fascinating The artwork is beautiful It s definitely worth checking out if you are a manga fan.

    Whimsical Writing Scale 4I can t remember much about Sooyi besides the fact that I liked her Kick Butt Heroine Scale 3

    Ganok is an entertaining character and he pretty much made me love this story I know some people will hate him, but I love him He s very true to the manga god stereotype, but I kind of love that stereotype OOPS.

    Swoon Worthy Scale 5Th...

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    An intriguing Manga, and one which throws the reader a curveball early on with shenanigans about a strange world with its own mythology, from the point of view of artefact dealers and hunters, before getting us much intimate in proceedings ethereal Too intimate, if truth be told, as the sexual relationship as played out in unfortunately circuitous, and annoyingly unattributed, dialogue is a little unsavoury to see in such detail at times Still, with some easy patterning for shading, the artwork is a step above the usual for the genre the characters are attractive yet still human, for once, and the story is definitely on the interesting side And the production values go as far as completely making it a western, left to right, be...

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