Age of Legend (The Legends of the First Empire, #4)

EPUB Age Of Legend The Legends Of The First Empire, 4 Author Michael J Sullivan Each Culture Has Its Own Myths And Legends, But Only One Is Shared, And It Is Feared By All With Age Of Myth, Age Of Swords, And Age Of War, Fantasy Master Michael J Sullivan Riveted Readers With A Tale Of Unlikely Heroes Locked In A Desperate Battle To Save Mankind After Years Of Warfare, Humanity Has Gained The Upper Hand And Has Pushed The Fhrey To The Edge Of Their Homeland, But No Farther Now Comes The Pivotal Moment Persephone S Plan To Use The Stalemate To Seek Peace Is Destroyed By An Unexpected Betrayal That Threatens To Hand Victory To The Fhrey And Leaves A Dear Friend In Peril Her Only Hope Lies In The Legend Of A Witch, A Forgotten Song, And A Simple Garden Door.Age of Legend (The Legends of the First Empire, #4)

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[[ Ebook ]] ➤ Age of Legend (The Legends of the First Empire, #4)  Author Michael J. Sullivan –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • Age of Legend (The Legends of the First Empire, #4)
  • Michael J. Sullivan
  • English
  • 05 May 2017

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    As people may know, I don t write reviews of my own books, but I do use this space to update people on statusso here I am.June 12, 2019 The hardcover books have arrived I went to our warehouse and signed a bunch of copies, and Robin added them to our store So, if you want signed copies of the latest book and get them signed as well Come and get them May 29, 2019 I can t believe how long it s been since my last update, and I apologize for the lack of communication Part of the problem is my 97 year old mom was in decline and passed away in early April As part of that, my brother has come to live with Robin and I in Virginia and we are going through a lot of issues trying to get through all that comes with both of those events Still, time marches on and a lot has been happening Here are some highlights.1 The Kickstarter was a huge success 2,553 backers pledged 110,865 This makes it one of only 5 fiction projects to ever pass six figures, and it s the 2nd most backed fiction project of all time.2 Backers of the Kickstarter...

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    9th July Book drops today A brilliant sequel which fulfilled my eager anticipation and high expectations, Age of Legend takes the First Empire series to the next level of greatness with the promise of a showstopper by its finale.Age of Legend is structurally different from the continuous narrative in the preceding three volumes This book has three sections the first part is the shortest which deals with the immediate aftermath of the battle at Alon Rhist The second section takes place one year after that, and there will be another five years time leap for the third and largest part of the book Without needing to go into too much detail and dragging the narrative, the three part story enabled the reader to appreciate how protracted the war was between the Rhunes and the Fhreys, before going into the portentous events What a strange treasure is innocence, a virtue to the old and a curse to the young, so highly prized but eagerly parted with the riches of beautiful skin traded for the wisdom of calluses Each chapter is once again preceded by an excerpt from the in world The Book of Brin, and the first being that of innocence lost after the first war between men and elves These excerpts in the previous books tended to almost give too much away about the probable events in the ensuing chapter In Age of Legend, however, they were obscured and provided of an impression or a feeling of what is to come, and I thought this was masterfully done Sullivan s writing has also i...

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    The war rages on until it reaches a stalemate Persephone tries to forge a peace only to see her ambassador betrayed and taken captive An unlikely group seeks a legend in order to save their friend.Age of Legend is an enjoyable book, but I just don t see how they could end it where they did Worst of all it caught me completely off guard because I was only 86% of the way through the book according to my Kindle I can t believe I have to wait another year at minimum to learn what happens next That just kills me.Age of Legend...

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    RELEASE DAY This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Everything is so obvious when you look back It is the first time through the garden of fear and doubt that messes with your head The Book of Brin Michael J Sullivan MJS is one of my favorite epic fantasy writers He is dependable, great at tying threads together and always gives his reader something a little unexpected Age of Legend is the fourth book in the the Legends of the First Empire series This is technically a prequel set thousands of years before the Riyria Revelations series and shows just how much history gets wrong after a few millennia goes buy if you have read both series This is the true accounting of the war between the Rhunes man and the Fhrey Elves that changed everything about the world.All of MJS s other books have a clear beginning and ending to that story but the final three books of this series will not follow that format There will be good stopping points but it is better to think of books 4 6 as one really large book instead of three separate ones.My heart was left a little broken at the end of Age of War, and with the title I guess that is fitting, war should break your heart Age of Legend first gives us a glimpse of the repercussions right after Age of War, then jumps forward about a year to give a bit insight and then another five years I m really happy of this since Man is at was with the...

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    My first time to the author s Kickstarter project and I must say I ll be a regular one from now on because I got to read this book three months before its official publication Yey Sullivan s books are like a cozy nook for me comfortable, relaxing and mood improving, with extra bonuses such as joy, laugh and a great feeling overall.This fourth installment makes no exception I missed this universe and I m thrilled two books are following.Unlike the previous volumes, this one ends with a cliffhanger and there are questions raised than answers, but that makes the fifth installment even anticipated Can t detail without giving spoilers for the others, so I ll just say we get a fellowship of the ring sort of quest, Malcolm s identity is almost revealed, a god from Riyria makes an appearance, Tressa becomes an impo...

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    The good If you have been enjoying the Legends of the First Empire so far, you re probably going to enjoy this and the newish direction it takes In a very positive way, it is of the same with many of the same characters, dealing with the aftermath of the big blow out of the previous book and learning how to move forward Brin gets a lot of page time and I, for the most part, enjoyed these parts than the rest Writing about writing is fun.The bad, or rather, the indifferent I just couldn t get into this book much I found my mind wandering a lot, never connecting or caring much about most of the happenings or the characters...

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    4.5 starsBeta read Jan to Feb 2019Gamma read April 2019Me picking up a Michael Sullivan book The truth is that everyone can achieve greatness, but many don t try because they think of themselves as merely ordinary.This six book series is sub divided into two three book arcs This is the beginning of the second arc, which means the story heads into a very unexpected direction and has a bit of a cliffhanger However, the next two books should be out rather qui...

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    4,5 starsI NEED AGE OF DEATH NOW No spoilers, just short rant, because that s what I do best.Okay, so it s been some hours since i finished the book and I ve been trying to, and failing, to gather my thoughts It was a solid 4 through most of it, but the ending had me in pieces so bumped it up 0,5 stars and rounded up to a 5 It will likely remain at 5 because I m still all over the place about it It s not my favourite of the books, on the third place actually but it still deserves to remain with the other 5 star rated ones Myth and War.The book starts where Age of War ended and you all know had that ended and it tore up old wounds and I was hurting A LOT there s also bit of time jumps Though it was handled in a good way I still wasn t too fond of it, mostly because I don t like time jumps Plot is solid and I love the characters and the world Michael has created here Suri will forever remain my fave, I adore her so, so much also Suri and Auri from KKC would be the best friends and nothing can convince me otherwise I also adore Brin, Roan and Gifford a lot Then, HUGE cliffhanger I don t deal with cliffhangers well and this one still has me seething every time I think about the stuff we got left on Did I know it would end with a cliffhanger YES Michael even put a warning in the Author s Note I WAS STILL NOT PREPARED But you have ...

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    OK I am definitely weak, yes I was a Kickstarter backer and I thought I could wait for the actual physical release of Age of Legend But I guess not as I just went through the book this weekend I mean what else was I going to do after a blizzard rolled through and dumped nearly 2 feet of snow and stranding us in WARNING THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS OF THE PRIOR BOOKS AHEAD and I will try to keep other spoilers to a minimum since well this is still nearly 3 months prior to official publication, and those who have read the original Riyria books some of these spoilers won t come as a surprise Now this book definitely has a different feel than the other books in the Legends of the First Empire series Where as the first 3 books happened in relatively short time, this comes away with multiple time jumps but Michael does explain that in the Author s Note in the beginning of the book and some of the reasons behind it.But as with the prior books the War between the Rhunes and the Fhrey is in full swing The Battle of Granford is over and Fane Lothian has suffered a crushing defeat after the Raithe sacrificed himself to Suri in order to summon him back as a Gilarabrywn to bring destruction on the elven forces and force their retreat.Now it is time for Nyphron to lead the forces of the west in an of...

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