The Tantra of Sri-Chakra (Bhavanopanishat)

The Tantra Of Sri Chakra Bhavanopanishat Ebook Author S.K Ramachandra Rao The Tantric Texts Which Are Influenced By The Atharvana Veda Speak Of Ten Vidyas Or Cultic Goddesses Whose Worship Is Recommended For Health And Happiness In This World And For Liberation From Rebirth The Ten Vidyas Are Classified Into Three Groups, Maha Vidyas Or Extraordinary Vidyas, Vidyas Or Ordinary Vidyas And Siddha Vidyas Or Adept Vidyas Which Are Very Arduous The First Among The Ordinary Vidyas Is Shodasi Vidya Or Sri Vidya The Sri Chakra Is The Representation Of The Sri Vidya It Is The Chief Instrument Through Which The Mother Goddess Is Propitiated This Book Explains In Great Detail The Symbolism Behind The Sri Chakra, The Rituals Involved In The Worship Of Sri Chakra And The Textual Background Going Back To The Vedas The Source Materials Have Also Been Given About Author Vidyalankara, Sastra Chudamini, Sangita Kalaratna, Professor Saligrama Krishna Ramachandra Rao, Was A Well Known Scholar Who Had Combined Traditional Learning With Modern Research Well Versed In Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhmagadhi And Several Modern Indian Languages And Acquainted With Tibetan And Some European Languages, He Had Written Extensively On Vedanta, Buddhism, Janism, Indian Culture, Art And Literature He Had Written Than Sixty Books In Kannada, A Play In Sanskrit, And A Pali Commentary On A Buddhist Classic One Of His Books On Iconography In Kannada Has Won The State Sahitya Academy Award, As Also Another Of His Book On The Tirupati Temple Some Of The Books He Had Authored Are Encyclopaedia Of Indian Iconography, Agama Encyclopaedia, Lalita Kosha, Sri Vidya Kosha, Tantric Practices In Sri Vidya, Sri Cakras, Yantra Contents Contents Introduction 1 The Tantrik Background 2 The TextThe Tantra of Sri-Chakra (Bhavanopanishat)

Saligrama Krishna Ramachandra Rao was an Indian author, Sanskrit scholar and professor of psychology.His books, most of them in Kannada and English, deal with Indian culture, philosophy, art, music, and literature They are based on research he conducted on ancient Indian texts and rare manuscripts He was working on a thirty two volume project on the Rigveda in English at the time of his death.

[BOOKS] ✪ The Tantra of Sri-Chakra (Bhavanopanishat)  ✴ S.K. Ramachandra Rao –
  • Hardcover
  • 299 pages
  • The Tantra of Sri-Chakra (Bhavanopanishat)
  • S.K. Ramachandra Rao
  • 10 June 2017
  • 9788170308898

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