Barefoot in Lace (Barefoot Bay Brides Trilogy, #2; Barefoot Bay Universe, #9)

Destination Wedding Planner Gussie McBain Needs A Man Specifically, A Wedding Photographer Just Her Luck That The Shutterbug She Runs Into Is Used To Snapping Pictures Of Glamorous Models In Couture Gowns Than Brides In White Lace But Gussie S Never Been One To Let Bad Odds Stop Her From A Good Gamble, So She Asks For A Favor She Never Dreams Superstar TJ DeMille Will Actually Grant Tom DeMille Lives His Life Exactly As He Pleases Always Alone In Fact, He S Got That Motto Tattooed In Greek On His Arm But When Tom Is Suddenly Saddled With Guardianship Of His Twelve Year Old Niece, He Ll Lose Than His Freedom If He Can T Figure Out How To Take Care Of Her Then An Alluring Young Woman With Pink Hair And A Sassy Mouth Shows Up At His Door, And He Agrees To Do The Unthinkable Photograph A Wedding In Exchange For Some Help With His Niece As They Work Together, Tom Begins To Take Down The Walls Gussie Has Erected Around Herself To Discover A Truly Beautiful And Tender Woman He Knows He Could Love But Will His Own Heartache And Refusal To Lay Down Roots Prevent Him From Giving Gussie The Family Life She Craves Or Could She Be The One Woman Who Can Finally Break His Vow Of SolitudeBarefoot in Lace (Barefoot Bay Brides Trilogy, #2; Barefoot Bay Universe, #9)

I don t know about you, but when I check out an author s bio, it s usually because I ve read a book I liked and wondered about the person behind it Let s skip the formal bio and I ll give you the inside scoop on who Roxanne St Claire really is First of all, call me Rocki Everyone does Evidently, when my mother brought me home from the hospital I seemed too scrawny and small to pull off Roxan

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  • Barefoot in Lace (Barefoot Bay Brides Trilogy, #2; Barefoot Bay Universe, #9)
  • Roxanne St. Claire
  • English
  • 16 April 2017

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    See the complete series review on The Book NymphoGussie McBain s signature look is one that changes daily, always a colorful wig and lots of makeup Only her partners know the true reason why she wears the wig but when she runs into Tom DeMille, a famous fashion photographer, he sees what lies beneath and her life changes in extraordinary ways, and so does his He has some serious baggage from his past and both touch each other in ways that heal them both, creating the most lovely of relationships Tom recently became guardian of his 12 year old niece Alex following his sister s death and it s not going well When she bonds with Gussie, Tom finds yet another connection and reason to admire Gussie Their romance was incredibly special as they both transformed before each others eyes It s never a question of their feelings but their willingness to risk them Tom s metamorphosis was particularly emotional and Gussie s ...

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    Roxanne St Claire has done it again I loved Gussie and Tom So many touching moments She put me on a roller coaster of emotions with this storyWhen Gussie meets TJ DeMille aka Thomas Jefferson DeMille big time photographer at the Super Min which is run by Charity The scene that unfolds in the store in the store is pretty funny, and Gussie comes to Tom s aide When Gussie is thrown a curve ball when she returns to the office and is confronted with her partners and the pretty angry mother of the bride she blurts out Tom s name to save the Barefoot Brides rep She has not one iota of how to pull it off, but she will do her darnedest Tom is at his ends wit when he is offered a fantastic job in France, but only way Alex his niece will go is if Gussie goes to as she has become very fond of her That gets really interesting In one brief moment your heart will be soaring It s so touching It moved me So now what will Tom and Gussie to about there attraction to one another Tom as already told Gussie he isn t a home body He is a traveler, but now he to persuade Alex to travel with him She is not having none of that With Tom s past hunting him he can t move forward He ends up telling Gussie everything.Alex is a confused teen, but she knows what she wants s...

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    Roxanne sent me this book and I found this at the beginningbig smile on my face 3

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    My very first audiobook, I loved it so hard, I nearly lost control of the riding mower several times while listening It also gave me the sniffles a couple timesbut in the very best way 3

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    This is truly a romance for the ages It may read as a contemporary romance but it has elements that in my opinion transcend era and time period because it speaks to each of us through characters that share a common denominator A tragic experience in their past that has shaped them into the people they have become Can love, forgiveness and acceptance help them to overcome their own fears and insecurities This is the journey that the author weaves in an epic tale of three beautiful and thoroughly fleshed out characters the hero, Tom, Thomas Jefferson TJ DeMille also known as Uncle Tommy, and Gussie or Augusta McBain, one of our three Bridal Consultants at Barefoot Bay, and of course the loose end that ties them both together, TJ s barely teenage niece, Alex.Tom is an internationally renowned fashion photographer whose work is in the very highest demand 350 days per year in exotic locations around the world He loves his globe trotting lifestyle while his career is at it s all time high and for which he has no plans or desire to change it Gussie is happy launching her third part of the Barefoot Brides business located at the Casa Blanca Resort as their premier stylist but is clearly awe struck when the infamous photographer TJ DeMille lands in Barefoot Bay And Alex Well, sadly...

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    For me the big attraction of this book was Gussie She was so fun and loving of life, an interesting fact as you learn about a big event from her past I loved that Gussie didn t let that drag her down It seemed like everyone that came into contact with Gussie fell in love with her, even Tom, as much as he didn t want to I really had a hard time warming up to Tom, he seemed so cold and an asshole It was only when you learned a secret from his past you realize that the cold was put in place to...

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    This book me forever to get through, not gonna lie There s nothing wrong with it exactly, but none of the characters really stand out and the plot seems to drag on forever without much of anything happening It s a perfectly pleasant run of the mill plot but it never managed to be interesting to me.

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    This, the 6th book in the Barefoot Bay series continues to maintain the level of excellence set by the previous books in the series I think instead of the usual star rating system I should rate this book in boxes of Kleenex It is IMHO an anomaly, a rare thing in contemporary romance books based upon my fairly broad reading experience of the genre First and foremost the romance between our heroine Gussie Augusta and Tom is almost secondary to the other story lines A warning Ms St Claire is not very complimentary to the French in this book beyond their food and drink So if you re French you may find her take on the French people insulting You have Alex, Tom s almost thirteen year old niece Her mom, the only relative she knows passes suddenly leaving her in the care of her Uncle Tom whom she has never even met And Tom while he feels obligated to care for Alex isn t the least bit happy about this new responsibility that interferes with the nomadic, no emotional attachment lifestyle he s built for himself That resentment is not lost on Alex Alex s struggles with the reality that her beloved momma is gone, her dreams that her long abse...

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    I woke up at 3am and couldn t get back to sleep so finished this book This story has so much heart This romance gives you amazing flawed characters that come together to heal and become a family It s a nice mix of romantic fantasy and dealing with the reality of loosing loved ones and creatin...

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    Romantic, emotional and interesting A strong cast of characters Loving this series.

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