Dead Upon a Time

➯ [Read] ➫ Dead Upon a Time By Elizabeth Paulson ➻ – One girl is kept in a room where every day the only food she's given is a poisoned apple Another is kept in a room covered in needles and if she pricks her finger she'll die Then there are the brother One girl is kept in a room where every day the only food she's given is a poisoned apple Another is kept in a room Dead Upon PDF or covered in needles and if she pricks her finger she'll die Then there are the brother and sister kept in a cell that keeps getting hotter and hotter A sinister kidnapper is on the loose in Kate's world She's not involved until one day she heads to her grandmother's house in the woods and finds her grandmother has also been taken Already an outcast Kate can't get any help from the villagers who hate her Only Jack another outsider will listen to what's happenedThen a princess is taken and suddenly the king is paying attention even though the girl's stepmother would rather he didn't It's up to Kate and Jack to track down the victims before an ever after arrives that's far from happy.Dead Upon a Time


Dead Upon a Time PDF/EPUB ´ Dead Upon  PDF or
  • Hardcover
  • 211 pages
  • Dead Upon a Time
  • Elizabeth Paulson
  • English
  • 21 March 2016
  • 9780545640466

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    A brand new fairy tale that feels familiar and comforting complete with an evil witch most probably a damsel in distress err make that a “resident tragic orphan” and an ostracized giant killer with an opportunity for redemption Ms Paulsen unravels the bewitching narrative with relish and wit As young Kate trudges through the woods to her grandmother’s cottage clever clues reveal this will be no ordinary story “It wouldn’t do for someone with her bloodline to be spooked by a common forest” Nostalgia nudges oh so briefly and is uickly brushed aside Creepy uickly turns to true dangerHaving essentially grown up on her own; being actually attacked by wild wolves then stumbling into the frigid cold of the abandoned home atop the mountain Kate realizes absolute alone Her grandmother would never have left willingly Intricate eerie woven tapestries taunt seeming to tell a story of several sufferers imprisoned in separate yet strikingly similar cellsThe folks in the village below for reasons unbeknownst to her have tolerated Kate at best; allowing her to sleep in a hayloft in exchange for mountains of mending until her presence could not be tolerated and she was forced to move to the next neighbor These were not people that would help her find and rescue her grandmother The boy who dared to taunt a giant however was the exception to just about every rule He was also wanted would be almost impossible to find The tendrils of mystery have slipped from the pages and ensnared this reader As Kate plummets down the mountain her all encompassing love for the only family she knows creates empathy and her fierce determination in the face of utter despair drums up hope Her resolve strengthens her courage becomes clear; the pace uickens and the mystery becomes an adventureForming the most unlikely of alliances lends humor to harrowing situations while bonds are built based on trust Answers earned along the way applaud the intelligence and observation skills of young adults while pointing to the pitfalls of jealousy With what can only be called a witchy way Ms Paulsen wraps the winding story satisfactorilyand yet I can’t help but think make that “hope” that this is not The EndThis review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore

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    It was a good book Details were very nice and descriptive The ending was very good lots of details There were many things that I would not have expected to have happen in the ending of the book

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    Well that wasokay Giving this book 2 stars Not enough oomph if you know what I meanKatherine Katie Hood is a teen with an Uncommon peculiar in nature grandmother Every week she treks up the mountain to get to her grandmother's house to bring the weekly groceries One day on her way to grandmothers Katie is attacked by a pack of wolves When she finally reaches her grans cottage she finds her grandmother missingKatie is not liked in the village because being Uncommon is like being a witch and no one wants to associate with a witch So Katie calls on an unlikely friend to help her in her search Jack the Giant Killer Jack in the beanstalk and Katie set out on a scary adventure to find her grandmother and a stolen princessThis book has a bunch of fairy tale kids in it which I loved This truly is a dark fairy tale re telling but it just was not very gripping It was easy to read and understand of course but not very fun to read The problem that needs to be solved was too easily solved The villain not scary enough Everything fit together to easily and conveniently Not sure if the story was rushed I just felt short changed This could have been a really good story The plot was interestingLike I said the book was just okay

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    25 StarsSo many little nuggets in this book that I greatly enjoyed the freuent allusions to many well known fairy tales; the hat tipping to the Grimm brothers with the use of Wilhelm's name which is applied to one of the characters which a student of mine alerted me to; and the idea that it is a traditional literature esue book but without the typical prince princess love story aspectThe lower rating of 25 stars comes in due to the loooong moments of nothing It felt like forever before the characters were actually called to action And once they were it was again forever before they hit the climax of the story and encountered the being who was stealing the villagers And comically enough as long as it took for the fun part of the story to get underway the ending felt completely rushed and uite unfinishedSo really my rating comes mostly from the ingenuity of the author on the planning set up and the connections that were included to all things traditional lit Not actually on the story itself

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    My actual rating of this book is 25 It wasn't bad but it also wasn't that good either It may have been because I wasn't actually reading it and someone was reading it to me but it definitely isn't on my favorites list There were a couple parts that made it interesting but overall it was pretty boring

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    “Beauty in gloom is still beauty” This book had potential but failed pretty hard in its execution sadlyI'm going to rate this 25 stars I rated it 3 a couple of days ago but the story is fast disappearing from my brain I won't remember anything about this book in a couple of weeks pretty sure I had never heard of this book before and just grabbed it by a whim when I was checking out a few things at the library The cover is pretty cheesy so I wasn't expecting greatness but I thought it looked fun Sadly it didn't really flesh out to anything at all Honestly this is a hard review to write because there is nothing to write about NOTHING HAPPENS bangs head on deskOur characters are Kate a descendant from Red Riding Hood and Jack Yep the beanstalk one stars out ok as we get introduced to everyone I liked the characters well enough and they interested me enough to not bail on the book but the book just dragssssssss Every time I thought something was about to happen it didn't I can barely recall the ending because it was so lackluster I don't understand why the author didn't go much darker and really make this story interesting The whole story consists of the grandmother getting kidnapped Jack and Kate trying to find and save her and walking through the woods SOMUCHWALKINGThere is also a terrible insta love and surprise surprise it also goes NOWHERE You could take it out of the plot and it wouldn't make a difference It's a few awkward scenes of Kate thinking about how hot Jack is basically It's almost like it was an afterthought It kind of makes me wonder if the publishing company made the author throw in a romance that never comes to be and so she begrudingly threw something together because it's a hot mess of let's say it together NOTHING I read this in a sitting I've read worse but even as short as this book is I wouldn't recommend picking this one up Unless you really want to read about the woods and how people can walk through it lol

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    So much potential not enough executionThe blurb lies okay? Pay heed to the other 1 and 2 star reviews and get yourself out of here

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    Overall the book was the worst i have ever read I mean heard The beginning was horrible and so was the ending and so was the rest of it

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    My overall rating would be 25I had really high hopes for this book but I was pretty disappointed At first I'm not going to lie I didn't like this book at all It just completely bored me and didn't make too much sense Every time we had to read it I had to refrain myself from slamming my head on the desk I did like the occasional storybook references though but I watch Once Upon a Time so those weren't too exciting Later on a lot farther to the end I started to get a bit interested in Dead Upon a Time And then when they revealed Sterling was really Kate's father I was completely into the book and angry we had to stop it right then So I really loved the ending but it doesn't completely pull away from the horrible beginning and middle I don't know exactly what made me dislike it so much but I feel the author was a bit scatterbrained when writing it and things got confusing

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