The Biafra Story

This Stunning Narrative Marked The Turning Point In The Writing Career Of Frederick Forsyth, Who Subsequently Wrote The Dogs Of War And The Day Of The Jackal Previously, Forsyth Had Been A Journalist But His Book On Biafra Marked His Remarkable Debut As An Author Largely Forgotten Today, Biafra Was A Break Away Province Of Nigeria And The Scene Of A Bloody Civil War In The 1960s Biafra S Population Largely Consisted Of The Minority Ibo People, Who Were In Revolt Against Nigeria S Majority Hausa And Fulani People While The World Community Today Looks With Favor On Secessionist Regimes, In The 1960s, Both East And West United Against Biafra, With Only France Providing Assistance To The Rebels.Biafra S Defeat Was Followed By A Series Of Massacres By Both Official And Mutinous Nigerian Troops, Further Compounded By Disease And Famine This Disturbing Work Has Been Unavailable For 20 Years, But Now Has Come Back Into Print When Its Relevance To A World Of Civil Wars And Ethnic Cleansing Is Greater Than Ever This Narrative Of Third World Civil Strife And Great Power Duplicity Is Made Even Compelling By The Skills Of A Master Storyteller.The Biafra Story

Frederick Forsyth, CBE is an English author and occasional political commentator He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fourth Protocol, The Dogs of War, The Devil s Alternative, The Fist of God, Icon, The Veteran, Avenger, The Afghan, and recently The Cobra and The Kill List.The son of a furrier, he was born in Ashford, Kent, educated at Tonbridge Scho

[Ebook] ➯ The Biafra Story ➮ Frederick Forsyth –
  • Hardcover
  • 291 pages
  • The Biafra Story
  • Frederick Forsyth
  • English
  • 11 April 2017
  • 9780850528541

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    This book depicts the sentiments and personal opinion of a British citizen who witnessed the fighting on the frontlines of the Nigerian Civil war The injutice pepetrated against the Biafran people by Britain, the US, the OAU, and the UN, can never be forgotten because of the facts this book carries Hence the author wonders why the governments and organisations who claim to stand for freedom today, watched idly while over 3 ...

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    While this book was first written 35 years ago, there are quite a few lessons that the modern world needs to learn We still expereience the fall out as Middle Eastern and African countries colonies come apart Racial hatred is still pre...

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    What an author What a man Integrity, honour and courage the only man who aired the truth about the plight of Biafra A gripping read better than any of his novels Petitioning for it to be published on Kindle

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    This is easily the most comprehensive documentation of the happenings during those dark days of the Nigeria Civil War Every Nigerian needs to read this It s totally awakened my consciousness to the suffering the south east went through in those days and...

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    Muy buen libro sobre la guerra civil nigeriana , un tema poco tratado y eso que murieron por lo menos 1.500.000 de personas , Forsyth es un maestro narrando y aunque este libro no es ficci n, se lee como novela.

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    Aku berani bertaruh bahwa amat jarang di antara kita saat ini yang pernah mendengar soal Biafra apakah nama orang, nama tempat, nama kelompok, atau lainnya Aku sendiri juga demikian, pertama kali aku mendengar kata tersebut adalah saat aku mulai mengenal satu grup musik punk rock asal Amerika Serikat yang giat mengusung topik topik politis bernama Dead Kennedys, memiliki seorang vokalis yang menamai dirinya Jello Biafra Aku baru paham apa definisi kata tersebut saat beberapa bulan lalu aku membeli buku non fiksi bekas karya Frederick Forsyth berjudul Pembantaian di Biafra Diterbitkan pada Februari 1978 oleh Cipress, aku tidak tahu bagaimana angka penjualannya di sini, hanya yang aku tahu, karya non fiksi ini sempat laris di kalangan para pembaca, setidaknya, di Inggris Raya.Biafra, adalah nama sebuah area di bagian timur Nigeria, yang dihuni sebagian besarnya oleh suku Ibo, salah satu suku area tersebut yang berbeda dengan suku suku area lainnya di Nigeria memiliki intelektualitas tinggi, kuat kekeluargaannya, dan amat terbuka Di Nigeria mereka biasa disebut sebagai orang Timur Orang orang Timur ini tidak dominan memang di Nigeria, kalah jumlah kalau dibandingkan dengan orang orang Utara Sementara di Selatan, tinggal suku suku lain yang tidak secerdas orang orang Timur tetapi cukup memiliki kemampuan nalar yang baik, terlebih lagi dengan banyak dibukanya sekolah ...

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    I read this book as a 12 year old and that s the first profoundly written book I read on war Need I say how much it shaped my thoughts about the British and where their interests lie

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    Biafra entered my life while going to school in the late 1960 s No one could not be left untouched by the photos of starving children, even if they were being used as propaganda Afterward, I read about the use of airpower during the conflict Jan Mr Brown Zumbach, Swedish Count Carl Gustav von Rosen and his Minicoin or Minicon light planes, etc but it was only now that I have read a book about the war in general..Frederick Forsyth s study about the conflict written at the time, but with new info added later is a very good book, although lacking an indexthat would have been very helpful in keeping the different actors straight all through the narrative It is quite clear from the beginnin...

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    Huge inaccuracies abound in this book, but you will understand as you read, that this comes from Frederick Forsyth accepting everything he was told in the field in Biafra, as true He had no journalistic filter in place, he fell in love with the people and the country and this is his partisan passionate response.So, read his assertions with a careful eye and double check what facts he gives This book is best read alongside oth...

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    This book, aside from being a firsthand historical account, also gave me such a better view of war as a concept pulling together the 50,000 foot political strategic view, the 10,000 foot battle view, and the first person soldier in the trenches view, so than any other media ever has The condemnations of the press and the international community...

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