Strange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress (Strange Lake Falls, #3)

Reading Strange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress Strange Lake Falls, 3 Author K.D Jones Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains Language And Actions Some May Deem Offensive M FLila Draken Is A 2000 Year Old Natural Born Vampire She Is One Of The Last Born Of Pure Blood Vampire Parents She Is Considered Royalty Among The Existing Vampires, Mistress Of Her Clan But She Doesn T Feel Royal, She Feels Out Of Place She Awakens After Centuries Of A Self Imposed Sleep And Comes To The Small Town Of Strange Lake Falls To Seek Out Her Future Little Does She Know That Her Past And Future Will Collide, Nor Does She See The Danger That Will Come From That Collision In The Center Of All The Chaos Is A Tall, Dark, And Handsome Werewolf That She Can T Ignore.Laws Carrington Is Back In Strange Lake Falls And He Is Shocked At The Changes He Finds A New Pack And A New Alpha Have Taken Over The Town Not Only That, But The Wolf Pack Shares The Town With A Vampire Clan, Which Was Almost Unheard Of In His Time He Plans To Challenge For His Old Position As Beta, And Is Looking Forward To Resuming His Normal Life At Least He Thinks He Is, Until A Sexy Female Vampire Shows Up Needing Protection The Attraction He Feels Is Taboo A Werewolf Can T Mate With A Vampire But His Wolf Has Other Ideas.They Come From Two Species That Have Warred With One Another For Centuries They Both Must Learn To Overcome Their Prejudices And Fear To Find Common Ground Will They Be Able To Overcome The Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles And Dangers That Surround Them Can They Overcome Their Misgivings And Let Their Hearts RuleStrange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress (Strange Lake Falls, #3)

KD Jones is a pen name for Kizzie Jones KD is a single working mother following her dream of becoming an author She wants to teach her son to follow his dreams and to believe in himself.

!!> KINDLE ➜ Strange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress (Strange Lake Falls, #3)  ❤ Author K.D. Jones –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 92 pages
  • Strange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress (Strange Lake Falls, #3)
  • K.D. Jones
  • English
  • 19 December 2019

10 thoughts on “Strange Lake Falls Vampire Mistress (Strange Lake Falls, #3)

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    Lila and Laws Lila is a 2000 year old Vampire She rises from a centuries long sleep that she started to get some relief from her equally ancient stalker She is the Mistress because of her age, and her birthright and I loved that she assumed the power of her position as though born to it, because she was The author does a great job keeping her character as The Mistress and as a woman who is centuries behind the times She isn t arrogant, she s just confident and powerful Laws is the new Beta of the local werewolf pack and is assigned as part of her guard They both realize almost at first that they are mates She is happy about this as she has waited for 2000 damn years to find her mate He also wanted to find his mate, but when confronted with the...

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    I really loved Lilas character i wasnt sure at first to be honest but the whole living with jackie and adrian and the awkwardness that went with it i found funny and i really like the introduction of the new char...

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    Good read.What a good book The story was short but sweet I really enjoyed Laws and Lilas romance I definitely enjoy this author s works.

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