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❰Ebook❯ ➠ Drengen i kufferten Author Lene Kaaberbøl – E17streets4all.co.uk Nína er hjúkrunarkona og vinnur fyrir Rauða krossinn í Danmörku Hún starfar einkum við umönnun flóttamanna og hirðir þá ekki um hvort þeir eru löglegir eða ólöglegir í landinu Hún h Nína er hjúkrunarkona og vinnur fyrir Rauða krossinn í Danmörku Hún starfar einkum við umönnun flóttamanna og hirðir þá ekki um hvort þeir eru löglegir eða ólöglegir í landinu Hún hefur þurft að horfa upp Drengen i PDF or á átakanlegt ofbeldi misnotkun og mansal án þess að geta mikið við því gert annað en veita þá hjálp sem hún má En þegar hún finnur lítinn dreng í ferðatösku á Aðaljárnbrautarstöðinni í Kaupmannahöfn samanbrotinn eins og skyrtu en lifandi getur hún ekki látið hann strax í hendur yfirvalda Hún verður fyrst að komast að því hver hann er hvaðan hann kom og hvort hann á mömmu Það reynist lífshættuleg ákvörðunBarnið í ferðatöskunni eftir Lene Kaaberbøl og Agnete Friis fékk Harald Mogensen verðlaunin sem besta danska spennusagan og var tilnefnd til Glerlykilsins Ólöf Eldjárn þýddiLene Kaaberbøl og Agnete Friis eru báðar þekktir barnabókahöfundar einkum þó Lene Til dæmis hafa sögur hennar um dóttur ávítarans komið út á íslensku Barnið í ferðatöskunni er fyrsta glæpasaga þeirra og fyrsta sagan af þrem sem þær hyggjast skrifa um djörfu hugsjónakonuna Ninu Borg.Drengen i kufferten

Jeg kom til verden på Rigshospitalet i København d Overlægen var i kjole og hvidt han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag men min søster siger at det er da ikke noget hendes Drengen i PDF or fødselslæge var i islandsk nationaldragt Nogen vil mene at det således allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske særligt barn Andre vil sikkert påstå at min mor bare var god til at skabe plud.

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  • Paperback
  • 339 pages
  • Drengen i kufferten
  • Lene Kaaberbøl
  • Icelandic
  • 07 February 2016

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    Scandinavian noir this time from Denmark This was the first of four novels in the Nina Borg series A super wealthy Danish man sends his assistant to the train station lockers to pick up a package It’s a suitcase with a three year old boy inside asleep and drugged His assistant paralyzed about what to do calls Nina the heroine of the series The assistant ends up brutally murdered and Nina becomes responsible for the boy Nina like the reader has no idea at this point what is going on Nina is a Red Cross nurse a wife and mother of two a “compulsive do gooder” who can’t say no when someone asks for help While she works for immigration and she knows she should turn the boy over to the authorities she worries about the faceless bureaucracy she works with and thinks she can uickly find the where the boy belongs Not a good move because meanwhile the killer is after herWe also follow the story from a distraught mother whose child is missing back in Lithuania Of course she is fully cooperating with her local police Or is she? Why is she not telling them about a child she was forced to give up for adoption a few years ago? And why is the mother secretly meeting with the nurse who helped deliver that baby and whose own child was once kidnapped and returned? We also follow the story from the point of view of the killer as he stalks Nina and the story moves toward its violent endingA decent story; it drags a little in places and it took me a while to get into it I found the first few chapters confusing because each was focused on a different person and it took a while to figure out who all these people were and how they were connected Still a good read for the Scandinavian noir lover although it didn’t inspire me to read in the series

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    First I have to say what a tremendous book I don't usually read thrillers I usually find them too stressful to read on top of everything else I have to deal with in life and also the title threw me off initially because reading about atrocities done to children is not something I want to read about if the last bit throws you off too take it from me as someone who can't read that sort of stuff you will be surprised when you open this book what it actually turns out to be I can't say than that without giving anything away but this book had gotten a lot of buzz the NYTimes wrote a very positive review but be warned it also includes lots of spoilers and my friend Juliet Grames HIGHLY recommended it to me All that being said it has been a long time since a book has kept me up several hours after I should have been asleep on a work night and this one certainly did that I roared through this bookSo what I liked about it The main charactersmystery solvers are women They are not stupid or vapid they are strong and intelligent of course they have flaws but their flaws make them supremely interesting and truly make you care about them They also compel the reader to keep reading to see what decisions these women will make next they are unpredictable while at the same time they feel like women you might know or might have met at one time or another This story was believable and all the characters' actions rang with truth every character had very specific motivations they were all very fleshed out I felt the pain of the characters and everything was very visceral Short chapters and great pacing made this book a breeze to go through I felt like I was right in the story and could visualize everything going onI would recommend this to people looking for a great thriller I would also recommend this to anyone who likes to read books involving strong female characters This recommendation would be made to 2 separate groupsI could definitely see this book being made into an incredible filmI will buy a copy for my boyfriend's Mom who likes thrillers I think she will love this one

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    A three year old Lithuanian boy is kidnapped;his single mother tries desperately to find him Meanwhile in Denmark a nurse named Nina Borg finds him in a suitcase and sets out to find his family Will mother and child be reunited?The point of view skips between various characters and countries The effect is to create suspense how will all these characters be brought together? The multiple perspectives also humanize the characters even the villains My problem with the book is the character Nina Borg She is a nurse who works helping refugees and immigrants; in fact she is totally obsessed with helping people to the point that her own family is neglected Towards the end of the book there is a reference to a childhood trauma which is supposed to explain her compulsion to help people Withholding this information until the end is manipulative and the event described provides insufficient motivation especially for Nina's indifference to her husband and childrenFurther some of Nina's behaviour is unrealistic She has a great reluctance to contact the police a reluctance that is not understandable since she would have a great deal of credibility with authorities Having a major character make illogical decisions so that she endangers herself and others is manipulative plotting Apparently this is the first in a series featuring Nina Borg but she is not a strong enough character to entice me to read future booksPlease check out my blog and follow me on Twitter DCYakabuski

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    Could you imagine opening a suitcase and finding a tiny little boy inside? What would you do?I really enjoyed this one It's been at the top of my tbr for what feels like forever and I can finally replace it with another older book that I haven't gotten to yet Nina Borg a red cross nurse in Denmark gets sucked into an ill advised plan when she opens the locker containing the aforementioned suitcase This one moved at a pretty fast pace and rotated between the cast of characters narrating the different chapters At times it was hard to follow and figure out who was speaking and who was who I got into a great rhythm and towards the end couldn't stop listening to see how it would all enfold It came together and for me wasn't too far fetched of a storyline for me to believe Looking forward to the next one in the series

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    I liked the story line but that's about it I don't think it was executed well enough for my tastes or maybe I am judging this book rather harshly after just reading two great books This is a list of problems I had with this book 1I did not like the way the characters were introduced in the book 2I do not like keeping track off too many characters that just kept cropping out at the beginning of the book without any idea of how they related to one other 3Every chapter was a new character with their story and no corralation to the previous chapter 4I wouldn't have minded the chapter jumping so much if at least held my interest long enough to read on which it didn'tOther than the title and the first page of the book everything else was a bore

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    Initial thoughts What an intriguing read While I predicted the twist from approximately halfway through I still greatly enjoyed the journey This book is very fast paced and much easier to read than other Nordic Noir fiction I've read Synopsis Nina Borg's old friend Karin gives her a key and tells her to follow her vague instructions to go to the train station to pick up what's in a locker no uestions asked When Nina does this she finds a suitcase with a tiny three year old boy inside He's still alive  Nina hurries back to Karin to demand answers but she discovers that her friend has been brutally murdered Nina knows that her life and the little boy's are also in danger Plot The book begins by providing the points of view of several seemingly unconnected characters in uick succession It was confusing and not at all representative of the rest of the book which was much easier to follow  One of the characters that we follow from the beginning is Sigita the mother of the little boy who was abductedThe book is very fast paced but there are uite a few uick flashbacks that bog down the storytelling The story probably could have been told in a hundred fewer pages  There is one twist in the novel which is revealed towards the end; however it's uite predictable with the clues clearly laid out so that I saw it coming less than halfway through the book  That said the storytelling is intriguing and it's a very uick read Characters I did find that the characters were hard to relate to  Told in third person perspective we never truly get into the heads of the characters not even Nina the main character  I didn't uite find that the emotions that different characters were feeling were carrying through in the writing  For example Sigita wasn't panicking enough for my liking If my child was kidnapped I'd probably spend about twenty minutes rolling on the floor in pure terror Especially considering the circumstances surrounding her child's abduction She didn't really think her husband had taken him She knew from the start that he was taken by strangersI recommend this book to anyone who wants to dip their toes into a Nordic Noir mystery but doesn't know where to start It isn't as dark as others I've read and it's much easier to follow both because of the writing style and because there aren't uite as many different characters to keep track of This review appeared first on Instagram | Blog | Website | Twitter My 2019 Reading Challenge

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    Remember it was a dark and stormy night the headline that grabs your attention and leaves you a little jumpy wondering what's around the next corner? That's THIS book I loved this book literally AT THE TITLEI wanted to know what boy? Why was he in a suitcase? Alive? Or Not?This book is John Hart meets Stieg Larsson Even though this book started out a bit confusing the characters are jumbled together and introduced a little haphazardly I found that part of the intriue It does start to flow once it gets going and the characters all mesh together in the way the author I think intended I LOVED the fact that it's an international book based in a Danish setting with the richness of the area and people so descriptive in this taleWhen Nina a nurse and working at a Copenhagen center for social services agrees to do a favor for a friends she is shocked to see the suitcase she is sent to get has a small 3 year old Lithuianian child inside stolen from his mother They can't speak to each other adding to the mystery Some of the characters made my skin crawl others left me saying 'YES You GO' Enriching engaging great book and awesome teamwork by Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis I heard this is a new series 'to be' I sure hope so I'm sold

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    Danish writer Lene Kaaberbol’s 2008 novel The Boy in the Suitcase originally published as Drengen i kufferten introduces us to the very original mystery heroine Nina BorgNeither a police detective nor a prosecutor Nina is a Red Cross nurse working in a welfare clinic down in the trenches dealing with domestic violence and substance abuse I liked her and I was digging how Kaaberbol put this uniue but contextually understandable protagonist and crime situation together A little three year old boy is found in a bag in a train station locker and Nina is given the responsibility for helping to keep him alive and safe from the serious mess he’s in Kaaberbol uses a shifting perspective narrative to also describe the child’s Lithuanian mother and the underworld human trafficking network at the heart of these nail biting eventsFast moving and empathetic Kaaberbol has created in this book a likeable hero we can get behind and a realistic crime fiction that grabs the reader from the first few pages I very much enjoyed this but can see where someone would LOVE this writing I’ll likely read form her

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    This is just what I needed right now I've been in such a reading slump that I feel like everything that I've tried to read has just dragged on forever I don't know if it's the new job or what but it's been making me crazy to feel like I've been going through the motions of reading without actually feeling or caring about most of what I've read There've been exceptions but it's mostly just been a slog of book after book that I just want to be done with so I can try something else So this was a welcome change Almost from the very beginning of this book I was hooked and definitely invested I've come to realize that I really like crime thrillers from this region of Northern Europe It's gritty in a way that I love and dark in a way that I dread but secretly love But the dread that I love was mitigated in this case because of the fact that this is a series centered around Nina Borg This is Nina Borg's series so Nina Borg will be in it and therefore she can't die in the first book and therefore I wasn't as concerned for her well being as I would have liked to have been Contrast that to Steig Larsson's Millennium series Or George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series Yeah I know it's not crime I'm making a point here Because these series titles didn't hint that any particular characters were central to the overall story arc I was on the edge of my fucking seat when the characters were in danger because I couldn't rely on them being the center of the story's universe and thus have to make it into subseuent books GRRM kills off people when he gets tired of typing their names in his manuscripts so nobody is safe and I fucking LOVE that uality I want to have my heart in my throat when I read because I want to care about what happens to the characters and I want to feel that it's real And I got that here just to a lesser degree But there were a lot of things that I loved about this book so don't let that mini bitchfit turn you away This book has great characters and one of most believably flawed main characters I've read in a long time I was going to devote a good chunk of this paragraph to talking about Nina but then I decided against it Because me talking about her flaws seems to be simplifying them and it's not really doing justice to the character that has been created here She is nuanced and human And the way that her character is revealed to us is fantastic as well because it's not just infodumped onto our heads in the beginning What we learn about Nina comes from the whole of the book in tiny little smidges of hints that must be tacked on to the small pile that we've picked up already until gradually a shape starts to take place I say this because my perspective on Nina's family changed about a dozen times during the reading of this book In the beginning we see Nina trying to help a co worker avoid her sexually abusive fiance unsuccessfully and then right away we're treated to our first impression of Nina's husband Morton Not sure on the spelling audio Nina's husband is painted in rough strokes as an overbearing control freak who has to speak slowly and condescendingly to make sure that Nina can comprehend Lunch for their son is to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich no crusts Superman lunchbox Do you think you got that or should I write it down? Stuff like that I was immediately turned off and immediately disliked him Especially in light of what I could tell of Nina at that point a strong independent woman who isn't afraid of standing up to a man who is hurting her friend But the I got to know Nina the I got to know Morton and the I got to know their whole family dynamic and the it all came together into a coherent picture that really changed how I felt about them And in the end I came to really respect Morton for his patience and understanding and almost saint like forgiveness And that's just the background The main plot of the story was great as well and kept me on my toes to know what would happen The main antagonist Yuchas spelling? was frightening Not because he was an intensely violent and unscrupulous man but because he chose to be that way as a means to an end for his dream of being a normal family man I could see the desire to be good and normal and happy but the way that he decided to bring that about was to be completely the opposite I think that he disturbed me so much because I have a soft spot for big bearlike thugs who underneath are really gentle and kind And I could see that in him or the potential to be that and he decided to reject any kindness and just rage and not think or take control of oneself or responsibility The main story revolves around a little boy who was kidnapped and man this storyline was heartbreaking especially from his mother's perspective I felt for her so much Her fear and dread and helplessness and anger were all crystal clear and expertly shown The reader gets to see both what's really happening to her little boy and her fears of what's happening to him and I couldn't help trying to mentally send her status updates on him because her emotional distress was real to me I'm not sure if that's completely due to how she was written or because I have a superactive empathy gland but whatever it was it worked for me I would have liked a little closure with Sigita at the end and maybe a little about her life and employer Her job seems to almost parallel that of Karin's and that's a little concerning Maybe there will be about her in subseuent books Ok so all that's about the story itself which I really enjoyed but I need to talk about the audio now I have very mixed feelings about the reader of this book One the one hand I really appreciate being able to hear the Danish names pronounced and hear the accents but the regular narration was uite distracting The reader has a tendency to get extremely animated and loud and excitable during action scenes and the end result is that rather than letting the story speak for itself it feels like she's forcing a reaction down my throat BE ANXIOUS HERE THIS IS SCARY STUFF I think I can decide that on my own thanks I can almost picture her leaning forward eyes wide hands clutched heart racing as she reads and that's how I want to feel at those times but when I am picturing the reader and NOT the events she's reading that's a problem So In conclusion Story Awesome Reader Not so much I probably will continue the series at some point but I likely won't go for the audio again

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    An excellent book What is about the ScandinavianNorthern European mysterythriller writers? This book is set in Denmark and the main character is an aid nurse dealing with immigrants Immigrants in Europe are a touchy subject a bit like the HispanicMexican illegal immigrants to this country The story deals with dark topics and is very gritty Much grittier I have to admit than my view of what Denmark is really like A boy is found in a suitcase What was he doing there? Who put him there? Where is his family? Do you want to know? Read this book It's a nice trip

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