Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel

❮Reading❯ ➶ Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel Author Josh Emmons – Jack Smith is your average single thirtysomething businessman That is his life revolves around work failed relationships alcohol painkillers and pornography and he sees no reason to change But when he Jack a Superior Existence: A Kindle - Smith is your average single a Superior PDF/EPUB æ thirtysomething businessman That is his life revolves around work failed relationships alcohol painkillers and pornography and he sees no reason to change But when he unwittingly comes Prescription for PDF/EPUB or into conflict with a burgeoning new California religion called Prescription for a Superior Existence his routine is shattered and put back together so fantastically that his actions could impact the whole world Against a for a Superior PDF Å backdrop of environmental cata strophe and postmillennial tension Jack's troubles begin when he for a Superior Existence: A PDF/EPUB ² is fired from his job and falls in love with Mary the daughter of PASE's founder and they reach an apex for a Superior Existence: A PDF/EPUB ² with his ab duction and installation at one of the religion's spiritual training centers near San Francisco As he is forced to learn about PASE's ascetic practices his aversion and skepticism are challenged by a sense of community and purpose previously unknown to him In the context of PASE Jack discovers that he might not be average that he might in fact be extraordinary and the discovery is intoxicating Nothing is as it seems however not PASE its enigmatic founder his comrades or even Mary and the uestion of whether he and those around him are headed toward group transcendence or its opposite takes on global significance A thrilling and timely novel about a flawed ordinary man who is torn between love and the appeal of a powerfully seductive cult Prescription for a Superior Existence explores the bounds of faith and human connection and showcases the spectacular imagination of one of our most talented young writers.Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel


Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel eBook
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel
  • Josh Emmons
  • English
  • 13 May 2014
  • 9781416561057

10 thoughts on “Prescription for a Superior Existence: A Novel

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    i'm not sure why so many people found this depressing; it ain't no jude the obscure it's actually the opposite of depressing i think the things people are saying are depressing are things that the book discusses that are actually happening like animal species going extinct and war and overpopulation maybe the people that think it is depressing are themselves involved in isolationist cults that are unaware of their own surroundings it's a pretty interesting read

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    I read this book over 6 months ago and at the time I gave it 4 stars at the time because I didn't think it resonated with me emotionally the same way that Emmons' first novel THE LOSS OF LEON MEAD had But lately I have found myself recommending it to so many people And unlike most books I just keep thinking about it So I had to go back and change my ratingHere's the thing about this book the protagonist isn't likable at the beginning and his sticking it out over the course of his transformation takes some work from the reader It's clearly supposed to take work So if you don't want to work as a reader this might not be your book This is a really brave novel that pays you back for the work by approaching the subject of cult like religion with subtle satire instead of with a hammer by bringing you along on a journey instead of telling you about it and by treating you the reader like you're smart Five stars to a book that made me think instead of telling me what to think

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    Picked up this book on a lark from 826NYC they give me free books sometimes on account of I work for them and it was thoroughly enjoyable He has the level of engagement of Chuck Palahniuk but isn't as crude or base or vulgar or violent The narrative jumps back and forth in time until finally you have a clear picture of the story It's a fascinating account of a man who goes from poor physical shape a cushy finance job and absolutely no interest in religion to being fired forced into joining a religioncult escalating through its stages very uickly and becoming a healthy fit believer who finds himself and embroiled in the group eventually finding himself in a position he never would have expectedLoved reading this one Never wanted to put it down

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    an intellectual thriller with a satirical edge Combine the softauthoritarianism of the white collar workplace with its 'we are all onebig family' psychobabble workshops with a sophisticated nasty religious cult mix of Scientology and Jonestown Creepy but uite funny as well

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    I liked the premise but not the book I got about 13 of the way through and decided it wasn't for me

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    This book really surprised me I’d heard nothing about it had no expectations and grabbed it from the library on a whim I have no idea why I’m drawn to ‘everything cults’ latelyThis book is 1984 meets Brave New World meets Peoples Temple which is actually mentioned in the book and I am coincidentally reading Jonestown right now and even though I was unsure in the first 20 30 pages I thoroughly enjoyed the remainder

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    Very interesting story to say the least However I couldn't cope with the really long winding sentences I found it confusing and wouldn't read another book by this author

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    Not very good really

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    This was an interesting book I don't think I would do it much justice by trying to relay it's message in my own words due to the fact that the message will be different for each reader It has many different levels on which the story can be viewed and touches on some points that not everyone will be comfortable withPersonally I see this as one of those books you might find yourself recommending to several friends not only to see what their take on the story is but to also help finalize your opinion as well

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    An entertaining book about a cult religion called the Prescription for a Superior Existence The main character struggles between choosing perfection and an elusive god or human connection and love It talks about the coincidences in life and acceptance Life cannot be a forumla or a perscription to greatness but instead a infinite complexity of our glorious averring desire 246 Life is ultimately about desire passion and love

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