Steam Me Up, Rawley

BOOKS Steam Me Up, Rawley Author Angela Quarles Jack The Ripper Might Be In Town But Is Marriage Terrifying In An Alternate Deep South In 1890, Society Reporter Adele De La Pointe Wants To Make Her Own Way In The World, Despite Her Family S Pressure To Become A Society Wife Hoping To Ruin Herself As A Matrimonial Prospect, She Seizes The Opportunity To Cover The Recent Jack The Ripper Style Murders For The Newspaper, But Her Father S Dashing New Intern Suggests A Terrifying Headline Marriage.Dr Phillip Rawley S Most Daring Exploit Has Been Arriving At His New Home In America In A Hot Air Balloon A Tolerable Sacrifice, If It Means He Can Secure The Hand Of His New Employer S Daughter In A Marriage Of Convenience But Adele Works, She S Spirited, And She Has An Ard Pet Monkey Running Her Errands Not Only Does She Not Match His Notions Of A Proper Lady, She Stirs Up Feelings He D Rather Keep In Tight Control.With Adele Hunting Down A Headline And Dr Rawley Trying To Protect And Pursue Her, A Serial Killer Is Spreading Panic Throughout Mobile, Alabama Can Adele And Rawley Find The Murderer, Face Their Fears, And Discover True LoveSteam Me Up, Rawley


[Ebook] Steam Me Up, Rawley  By Angela Quarles –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 295 pages
  • Steam Me Up, Rawley
  • Angela Quarles
  • English
  • 09 January 2019

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    Steam Me Up, Rawley is a fun, exciting, new steampunk series that takes place in a 1890 American alternate history Although the story is in an alternate fictitious history, women still face the discrimination found until the mid to later 1900 sand Adele de la Pointe is the perfect woman to buck the system I only wish I could have the strength of character Adele shows throughout the story.Adele s father, a renowned plastic surgeon makes a bargain with a British up in coming plastic surgeon His bargain, marry his daughter, come work along side him and he will preform a much needed surgery on Phillips disfigured sister.Adele being of an independent nature doesn t want to chance her heart to a man who will expect her to conform Phillip thinks its a done deal, but quickly discovers he has a lot to work forAdele trying to make her own way in the world makes her own bargain with her father, gain the position of lead investigative reporter in the local paper and he ll leave her future to her own devices The only problem, Adele s investigation puts her in the sights of a serial killer.I loved watching two flawed characters come together and find what they are absolutely not look...

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    Well this was a FUN book Set in an alternate history world in southern Alabama, Adele de la Pointe is determined to make her way as a successful career woman, and in turn, ruin all her chances of ever becoming wife material Her latest profession society reporter What she really wants is a chance at investigative reporting, but there is no place for a woman in that position The Dr Phillip Rawley lands at her feet literally, and changes everything.I haven t read many steampunk stories set in America, but the author put a nice spin on southern history and the mystery of Jack the Ripper with the perfect amount of humor and romance to keep me interested It was refreshing and different The Mystery Honestly, the bad guy didn t stay a mystery for long, but his purpose did Plus, it was fun there for a little while when Adele was suspecting Rawley There s plenty of danger to make up for it though The Romance There was some good sexual tension happening between Adele and Rawley I loved the opposites attract theme they had going, even though Rawley really was a dashing hero hiding as a plain and boring doctor Adele truly had him pegged from the beginning The Characters This definitely had an interesting variety of characters, and Loki the monkey was one of my favorites I could totally picture hi...

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    A steampunk romantic suspense set in America s Deep South sounded all sorts of fun times so I was eager to reach for this book and get started And what s a steampunk tale without a daring, independent minded heroine and a smart, handsome hero to ride at her side Let s just say that I didn t have to find out because this book opening a new thrilling series had those very types It took me a bit to get into this one, but after a time, I got my feet under me and I was off to enjoy Adele and Rawley s adventures.The story opens on an alternate history in 1890 s Mobile, Alabama with poor Adele de la Pointe covering yet another boring event for the society column of the newspaper when instead she would rather be dashing around digging up an exciting story as an investigative journalist Unfortunately, it s a man s world and she is barely holding onto the job she has now It s her only way to hold off her father from marrying her off Oh sure, it hurts a bit that everyone in Mobile thinks she s flighty and ...

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    I was given an ARC for an honest review, and I m absolutely elated that I got to read it before everyone else PI loved Angela s Must Love Breeches time travel romance because of her writing style, voice and characterizations and she didn t disappoint in SMUR She knows how to write a romance well, and the reader really gets a feel for the insurmountable odds the hero heroine must overcome Her handling of her characters growth is especially satisfying, and she was consistent on that mark in both books.SMUR is different from MLB though This book is a steampunk fantasy romance which follows an alternate timeline What I would add about this book is that it reads like romantic comedy It s light hearted with plenty of LOL and eye rolling moments Adele and Loki s shenanigans are like made for TV moments The romance doesn t suffer for it though Phillip and Adele have some steamy scenes that aren t the usual stale bread and butter of romance.One of the best things I enjoyed however was her voice Now after two books, I think I could pick out an Angela Quarles anywhere And she never thought she d be drawn by a gentleman s eyebrows, but there it was and although his well built frame was only an inch and a smidge taller than her, he seemed to take up space, crowding her, shouting, Behold my manly charm and attributes Her brain staggered into flight mode, her thoughts whirling and flapping like a butterfly drunk on one too many mint juleps The who...

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    This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review This is the first book I have read by new to me author Angela Quarles and it was definitely a fun escape into the Steampunk genre.The heroine is fun and the integration of actual history mixed up with an original tale was certainly very well done A stand alone book those looking for their answers will not have to wait for another installment despite the 1 in the description that these days often means You will need book 2 You may indeed WANT book 2 I know that I do, but not for story completing purposes.The only lacking part for me was with some of the secondary characters There, for me, was a lot to be explored there and I think that would have enhanced the read for me Perhaps we will learn about them in another book Over all 4 stars from me and I look forward...

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    Thoroughly researched, the reader is likely to feel as though they have been thrown back in time Read full review in the

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    Great read This is a new author for me and I truly enjoyed this book Her h was smart and clever, no TSTL moments, and the romance was honest and funny and warm Rawley was a great H, and week matched with Adele I will definitely read by this author.

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    I received an ARC from Netgalley Review originally posted on honestly did not think I would like this book as much as I did First, I ve never really read anything that could be considered steam punk the only time I ever tried it before I couldn t get past the first page because I felt like I needed a special dictionary to understand half of what was written Second, I absolutely hate the title Steam Me Up, Rawley Really Did the hero s name need to be in the title I would have much preferred it if it was just called Steam Me Up All I can say is that I m glad that I didn t let the title stop me from reading this.Jack the Ripper might be in town But is marriage terrifying In an alternate Deep South in 1890, society reporter Adele de la Pointe wants to make her own way in the world, despite her family s pressure to become a society wife Hoping to ruin herself as a matrimonial prospect, she seizes the opportunity to cover the recent Jack the Ripper style murders for the ne...

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    I rated this a 4.25 4.5 but rounded up.I received this book from the author for an honest opinion.OH MAN Can Angela write a great story I will admit that the story was a bit slow to get going Mainly its slow because this is a Steampink novel You gotta be ready to roll with the fun and quirky things like a pet monkey who wears armor Steampunk also seems to have wild technology and cool ideas for things So to read it, ya gotta be able to roll with the creativity of it Now I say it is slow initially because the world needs a solid foundation It is not a paranormal world but there are differences between real life and this world.Our main character Adele is some kinda woman She is a 19 year old who refuses to get married and will be a reporter for the local newspaper PERIOD Marriage is NOT for her She called off a wedding and will not fall for a stupid man again.Phillip, Dr Rawley, is from London and comes to Mobile to learn how to perform a surgery his sister needs AND marry Adele per the deal wi...

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    In a Nutshell Very good steampunk romance that I enjoyed.Why I Read If a synopsis hints at steampunk, chances are I ll read it.What I Liked Adele It s rare that the heroine of a romance speaks to me than the hero but that was the case here Adele is the character with the personal and relationship growth that I rooted for She s feisty and independent but not stupid This is best shown in her desire to be a newspaper reporter She reflects why she wants to do it and goes after it whole heartedly Yes, she takes risks, as when she goes sleuthing down on the seedy docks but it s nothing that a male reporter wouldn t do and so it s done matter of factly I love that Adele gets meaningful resolution with her father and brother, as well as an exciting relationship with a man who truly understands her.The steampunk world wasn t overpowering but added fun elements, like Adele s motorized bike and her brother s mechanical arm The novel s ending was wrapped up in the steampunk world so it all fit together well.Mixed Results The relationship between Adele and Phillip was emotionally on point, as Phillip slowly got to unders...

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