➹ [Read] ➵ Women By Carol Rossetti ➼ – E17streets4all.co.uk “Rosetti’s illustrations are personalized affirmations of the rights of women They congratulate the empowered comfort the survivors and present rebuttals to the oppressive comments that rain down “Rosetti’s illustrations are personalized affirmations of the rights of Women They congratulate the empowered comfort the survivors and present rebuttals to the oppressive comments that rain down upon Women from the heights of the patriarchy” — BustThe message we receive from the world is clear we’re not good enough We’re not skinny enough pretty enough smart enough Women is all about accepting ourselves Carol Rossetti asks us instead to say “We’re not good enough—we’re even better”Despite the progress we’ve made as a society there is still a cruel and subtle gender oppression that exists today—and many don’t realize it’s there In response Rossetti decided to draw Women to focus on the issues we face Her illustrations are of Women who feel safe expressing themselves by showing the world their fashion sexuality relationships religion disabilities and even traumatic experiencesRossetti’s commanding images belong on billboards and street corners and in schools and offices to remind us that our uniue experiences and expressions should make us feel beautiful intelligent and proud We have the power to embrace who we are and can stop trying so hard to please the rest of the world Carol Rossetti and Women offer us a vision of who we can be.Women


Women PDF ò Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 168 pages
  • Women
  • Carol Rossetti
  • English
  • 11 January 2016
  • 9781634502504

10 thoughts on “Women

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    i am thankful for the existence of this book

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    This book should be reuired reading I'm in love

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    This book does a great job of representing so many different types of people and experiences I love the illustration style but think the writing was stilted at points

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    I can't believe I missed the one chance I had to meed Carol Rossetti on the 8th March in Lisbon All because I wasn't feeling well that day But reading the book makes me feel better about my own mental issues that prevented me from going so I guess that the point of the book is being fulfilled An excellent artist and a fellow intersectional feminist who believes in the same things I do

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    Because of the lack of context that the broader project seemed to have online it's hard to rate this as a book The most confusing addition was a lioness furry in the Identity section which was only explained by a bit of googling The author is a self identified intersectional feminist whose work in this book mainly focused on choice feminism or the idea that if a woman chooses something for herself it's valid and fine regardless of societal pressures or impact Most of the women depicted were outwardly feminine; gender nonconformity was rare The singular instance of an intersex individual was in the context of someone's infant Hopefully each addition was based on a real woman; otherwise some of these came off as outright stereotypes

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    Love the illustrations and affirmations Definitely one I flip through from time to time

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    These illustrations are amazing inclusive and educational Intersectionality is the road for inclusion

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    It is amazing All men and women should read this The illustrations are real as well as deep

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    I love the art and the messages My only complaint is there was randomly one where a woman was a lioness and I was like ??? Otherwise a lovely read Representation really is a key to social awareness and change

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