Hired by the Brooding Billionaire

❰PDF❯ ✪ Hired by the Brooding Billionaire Author Kandy Shepherd – E17streets4all.co.uk Beauty and the reclusive billionaire When billionaire Declan Grant decides his estate s enormous garden needs taming, he hires idealistic horticulturalist Shelley Fairhill to take on the challenge Sin Beauty and the Brooding Kindle ´ the reclusive billionaire When billionaire Declan Grant decides his estate s enormous garden needs taming, he hires idealistic horticulturalist Shelley Fairhill to take on the challenge Since losing his wife, Declan has adjusted to a life of self imposed isolation he wants Shelley to tackle the weeds, then leave But as Shelley gradually restores order and unexpected beauty to his garden, her caring nature also begins to thaw the ice encasing Declan Hired by Kindle - s heart Can he let Shelley s light in and finally let his second chance at love blossom.Hired by the Brooding Billionaire

Kandy Shepherd the Brooding Kindle ´ left a fast paced career as a magazine editor to write award winning romantic fictionKandy lives in a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband, daughter and a menagerie of four legged friendsShe believes in love at first sight and real life romance they worked for her.

Hired by the Brooding Billionaire  PDF Ó Hired by
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Hired by the Brooding Billionaire
  • Kandy Shepherd
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9780373743506

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    The joy in reading category romance can be found in the shorter word counts and hyper aware focus on the romance So pacing issues tend to stick out like a sore thumb and the first third of this book is kind of a slog thanks to Gardening Porn So Much Gardening Filler Happily, I was charmed by the characters a bubbly heroine smarting over a disastrous break up and a broody hero who has closed himself off from the world out of grief and guilt The Gardening Porn lightens up, the characters come into stronger focus, and I loved the ending A B on my personal rating scale.

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    I enjoyed this one I m not really into gardening but I liked that aspect of this story Content fairly clean, some innuendo, maybe a word or two but can t remember anything, no sex some talk of wanting it.

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    I read this book in one sitting which doesn t exactly surprise me because the same has happened with the other two books I ve already read by the author The Summer They Never Forgot From Paradise to Pregnant.The story seems straight forward enough at first You have a handsome, brooding billionaire hiding away in a mansion surrounded by a neglected garden ah, the deeper meaning behind all this , and you have a feisty gardener who happens to stumble upon him Sparks fly, and we re off into a glorious love story But things stop being predictable and simple right after the first chapter, which by the way had me hook, line, and sinker Instead of keeping things mostly physical, Shepherd adds layer upon layer to the protagonists and love story Both of them seem so real you think you know them or are watching a movie with them And both of them are just the right mix of flawed, relatable, gorgeous and authentic to make you live every moment with them.The hero is simply perfect, and I bet I m going to dream about him Devastating Declan oh yes, that fits He certainly isn t the average tall, dark and handsome but than that Thoughtful, wounded, stubborn, a geek, generous, and did I mention hot Then we have the heroine, Shelley, with her green thumb She s one of the first main characters I ve come across in romance novels who s physically strong and mentally strong too I love her rabbiting and endearing habit of putting her foot in her mouth, and her excitement for her work kept rubbing off on me As heroines go, she s refreshing, determined, beautiful and spirited, and I wish she were my friend And I wish I could visit the mansion with its garden It is positively noticeable throughout how fond the author herself is of gardening and how well she knows her topic And I just LOVE the exotic dose of computer game mixed in As usual, not just the story itself fast paced, with a few twists, with a limited cast but a beautiful, alive setting but also the author s style made it a thoroughly enjoyable read I love how effortlessly the language flows and how neatly it tiptoes the line between sophisticated and smooth, educated and entertaining And I have tomorrow planned out for me I ll re read the book and Google every single flower and tree the author has brought to life so wonderfully.

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    Breathtaking, delightful and pleasurable This book sucks you into the unfolding story from the onset It will most certainly entice a newcomer to put Ms Shepherd on the top of their must read authors list after reading Declan and Shelley s story Never a disappointing moment with Ms Shepherd HIRED BY THE BROODING BILLIONAIRE by Kandy Shepherd contains everything a Harlequin romance novel is heartwarming, sensual and charming, it commands full reading devotion If you picked up this particular paperback or e book copy then I suggest you clear your itinerary for the day, sit back, curl up and enjoy because this is a must read novel you would want to read WITHOUT long breaks IT IS THAT GREAT The story brims with warm, evocative emotions The romance in itself is mild but keeps the hero and heroine on edge even as their love blooms like the rosebuds as described within the pages The characters cast, though few they are, enhance the plot and whilst doing so act out their roles with gracious perfection I especially love the snippets of knowledge gained about gardening and flowers I even now know the basics of rehabilitating an old fountain The story is about an isolated billionaire, a widower, Declan Grant, who lives in a huge mansion surrounded by an overgrown garden who hires a bold, cheerful, spirited and talkative horticulturist, Shelley Fairhill, to tend to his garden after his wealthy neighbors complain about its unkempt state As Declan gets to know Shelley, he finds her an inspiration and sets to work on a new video game based on a warrior princess riding a white unicorn Using Shelley as his muse, without her knowledge, Declan s once broody nature quickly evaporates and it is not long before Shelley brings laughter back into his life He finds Shelley s companionship a welcoming distraction from the still raw memories of his wife and baby daughter s death two years ago Small gestures, kind words and informative dialogues later and this gorgeous geek hero longs to start a whole new chapter in his life with Shelley by his side However, one small calamity ensues between H h and things go awry In the end will Declan and Shelley get their deserving HEA Ms Shepherd s descriptive writing oozes with an ease and tightness that makes writing a novel seem easy peasy Most Definitely Recommended5 5 Stars

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    Kandy shepherd is the Cinderella author for romance With her signature writing of love and happily ever afters , you will get then just a pleasant read but a story that is , emotionally satisfying and optimistic with a realistic ending You ll turn the last page content, with a sigh, grin and love struck eyes and your heart happy and content Kandy s books are romances about falling in love , emotions , commitments, and moving on from past, loss, demons or heartbreaks With every book she delivers she doesn t fail to disappoint any lover of romance Those who enjoy sweet and tasteful loving , but with enough sexual tension to have your heart a flutter will enjoy this story In this novel we see the authors past knowledge in her last chosen field gardening editor In which her knowledge gave her story that depth and realist feel to it Hired by The Brooding Billionaire was a refreshing and enlightening read with never a dull moment We see Declan s past loss, his future struggle and his inability to move forward Shelley brings light into not only an over ground hidden garden but a dark and miserable cloud that hangs over Declan s heart Declan brings forth feelings in Shelley she hoped would never resurface But from day one the connection between the pair was evident and transparent.This authors vivid descriptions within the pages are always well detailed right down to aromas wafting from the kitchen They always have the heartfelt feel of sweet romance , anticipation struggles and a gradual build up Without the wham bam thank you mam feel Lol The storyline was fluent , well written and certainly delightful, And delivered with the perfect amount of sexual tension, and genuine connection between Declan and Shelley I enjoyed both the characters , all there characteristics and traits Even the grumpy Billionaire.As a reader I love to read about devishsly handsome male characters , whom do come across brooding and hard but always soften with the help of a strong willed beautiful woman Kandy always delivers.Captivating , amorous, unputdownable..

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    Wow, I am really torn on this book which makes it a bit difficult to rate The last half of the book was a solid 4 stars but the first 50% was agonizingly slow and filled with not much than gardening information I could not give the first 50% anything higher than a 2 star rating.Our Hero, Declan Grant, is a broken, brooding man living a solitary existence since his beloved wife and premature baby girl died in childbirth two years ago He is a gorgeous man who is only 30 years young but he made a vow, on the day he lost his family, to never let another woman into his life, to never again love or be lovedand he was leading a celibate life never leaving his home He had a great need to punish himself by not allowing happiness to enter his lifetrying his best to atone for the guilt he carried because he blamed himself for their deaths When neighbors began complaining of the lack of upkeep in his monstrous gardens he was forced to do something about the overgrown mess.A horticulturalist, Shelley Fairhill, bravely stopped by the disheveled gardens at a mansion she passed by traveling to and from work to offer her gardening and landscaping services to the owner The owner refused but after the neighbors filed a complaint with the city he had no choice He contacts Shelley and she accepts the job, Shelley makes a strong impact on Declan and they are immediately attracted to one another His walls begin to very slowly crumble bit by bit but he is still so heartbroken over the loss of his wife and baby it is next to impossible for him to move on As time passes they are drawn closer and closer together but still he s struggling with his grief and self induced punishment.I consider this to be a fair read The slowness of the first half had me on the cusp of not finishing this book several times and to move on to something else It was somewhat dark with the negative thoughts and feelings Declan had for his deceased wife, baby and excessive guilt It became very redundant to the point of choosing to skip over them.Recommendation Read this book and make your own decision I, for one, would not read it again It was too sad for me.

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    Author Kandy Shepherd never fails to captivate me as a reader with her charming contemporary romance works Hired by the Brooding Billionaire features a very appealing heroine who brings back to life the heart of a grieving widower much in the same way she restores the neglected garden of his mansion home With elements of the past combined with modern day technology, this sweet Beauty and the Beast tale will delight lovers of romance Shelley Fairhill is a dedicated horticulturist knowledgeable, hard working, and true to her own ideals and sense of purpose Having walked by the grand old home on Bellevue Street in Sydney many times, and despairing over the magnificent garden and fountain left to ruination, Shelley finally gathers the nerve to approach the owner to offer her expertise The man who answers the door is no shriveled old miser he is a man of striking appearance and not much older than Shelley in age Despite his good looks and vivid blue eyes, his manor is abrupt and forbidding, and he quickly dismisses Shelley and her offer to work to bring the garden back to its original splendor Declan Grant amassed a fortune through his fantasy internet game creations, but no amount of money could replace the loss of his wife and infant daughter after the baby s birth Shelley is shocked when Declan contacts her with an offer of employment as gardener for the estate his neighbors are making costly complaints about the state of the grounds Shelley accepts, and while Declan insists on keeping the sanctity of his reclusive privacy, circumstances and mutual attraction will draw the two of them together Both of them have issues of abandonment from their childhood, and each of them has suffered a great hurt of the heart Declan admires Shelley for her strength of character as well as her physical strength and strong work ethic She is also beautiful and warm hearted, and, often to her own embarrassment, she speaks her mind Shelley sees Declan as quite complex, undeniably handsome, and much human than he first seemed She knows that beneath his sometimes sharp, stern exterior, there is a caring man with a wounded soul Can true love take root and find the sunshine where there was once the gloom of pain and sadness Will happiness bloom when tended with hope and encouragement Kandy Shepherd is one of my favorite storytellers, and I recommend Hired by the Brooding Billionaire for readers who enjoy romances featuring a worthy heroine and a hero with the smarts to appreciate such a wonderful woman Review Copy Gratis Author

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    A story of a man in need of healing before he can move on and love another woman and form a family.This is a sad but also sweet story Declan is a man that lost the woman he loved and what was worse was she was pregnant He felt guilt about their passing because he wanted a family and she wanted to wait But something that his wife wanted to do never got done and that s where Shelley comes in She loves plants and she has had her eye on a garden that has not been maintained She assumed that the house belonged to this old grumpy man or maybe an old woman but it ended up belonging to a very handsome obnoxious young man I couldn t believe how he ended up treating her but in the end he ends up making it up to her by hiring her to clean up the garden or suffer the consequences As he spies from his high tower he get this idea He is a young man that creates video games and Shelley s character her looks inspires him and he gets to work Shelley knows that she is attracted to Declan but she has a plans and those plans include moving But what Declan never thought would happen was happening and these feelings were different and he didn t want them Then the day happened when she was going out to look for a new place to live and he stopped her Declan actually asked her to live in the apartment in the estate but what he needed to think about was those feelings and also the jealously he was feeling But I could see that Declan was a different person and he was getting better at laughing and he was being very kind Can Declan and Shelley live happily ever after Hired by the Brooding Billionaire was a great read It is one of those reads that I enjoyed on a rainy day The characters were well developed This is my first read by Ms Shepard and I absolutely loved her writing I totally recommend this read Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review

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    Hired by the Brooding Billionaire Harlequin Romance Large Print by Kandy ShepherdShelley Fairhill walked past this very overgrown garden and it cried out to help it and she almost wanted to climb over the fence to help it She approached the home s owner Declan Grant and offered her gardening services but he refused She left her card and went home He texted her a few weeks later and she responded Yes he wanted her to tackles the weeds, then leave He made her a monetary offer she could not refuse She quit her job and started to find what was salvageable in the garden What she finds is much beyond the garden She finds a widower who is a billionaire, she finds that the neighbors have all complained about the gardens unkempt state and she finds that Declan is a video game creator If you pick this paperback to read snuggle in a perfect spot, and be prepared to read it all It is that good of a story and Kandy Shepherd that good of an author that you can visualize the gardens the video game character Declan creates resembling Shelley and Declan lost not only his wife but his newborn daughter also and he blame himself for not being able to safe them He has tried to hide in his house, taking delivery of anything he may need and keep everyone away from him That is till he meets Shelley Beauty and the reclusive billionaire.

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    HIRED BY THE BROODING BILLIONAIRE by author Kandy Shepherd is August 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.Declan Grant, a millionaire at eighteen, a billionaire in his twenties, he was a brilliant man used to making things happen his way Ye he had not been able to save his little family Was Declan really ready to move forward Would he ever be ready And did Shelley Fairhill have the strength to be the one to help him To keep on shining her light in to the shadowy recesses of his soul HIRED BY THE BROODING BILLIONAIRE has a tortured grief stricken hero who shut himself in his mansion And a strong beautiful heroine who came to bring light in his overgrown garden and ended up bringing light in his life A reader would be hooked from the first page till the end to find out it all ends for Declan and Shelley Author Kandy Shepherd s latest offering would touch every girl s heart and make her root for Shelley to find her happy ending as well as happiness for Declan.Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

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