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➣ [Epub] ➝ Build Me Up By Lili Grouse ➭ – Kristen Barnes is a California girl through and through who’s become successful as an architect and interior designer catering to the rich and famous Hired to work on a special project in a small to Kristen Barnes is a California girl through and through who’s become successful as an architect and interior designer catering to the rich and famous Hired to work on a special project in a small town in Massachusetts she runs into trouble Man sized stubble coated and toolbox euipped trouble Oh and cats Lots and lots of cats.Build Me Up

Lili Grouse writes contemporary romance with independent strong characters finding mutual ground and a HEA Growing up on a farm Lili Grouse discovered her love of storytelling early on making up bedtime stories for the calves who were probably happier for the attention than the actual storytelling In school she was given a notebook to be used solely for writing Build Me Kindle - stories in She filled it up.

Build Me Up PDF/EPUB Ò Build Me  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Build Me Up
  • Lili Grouse
  • English
  • 12 May 2015
  • 9781505343847

10 thoughts on “Build Me Up

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    This is a lovely book about two people with strong personalities being forced to co exist in a small town I wouldn't call it a sweet romance exactly because there are fade to black scenes in there but there are no explicit details and the story revolves around the budding relationship between these two opposites I enjoyed it very much and it made me giggle and grin on than one occasion

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    Likeable h and H who seemed very realh was from a privileged background but still chose to work as an architect H is a contractor who is doing just ok financially having to dole out child support he's the father of a teenager I don't like to read about H's having children in romance babieskidsteens Either they're bratty or mean to h or h becomes another Mother Teresa to them; they all can't help but fall in love with her and try to set her up with their dad Dislike both clichesSo I'm reducing a star hereAlthough here the h acts as a bridge between H and his teenage daughterAnyway the best part of the book was there was an eligible billionaire who hired the h and the h hated him The H's best friend had a much younger sister who was pining for the H and the H made it clear that she was too young for him I'm kinda overjoyed that the author wrote a romance overlooking these very cliche tropes and wrote a h and H with a real connectionSweet and non angsty romance between a divorced dad and career woman both of whom are emotionally mature likeable characters Give it a read you might like it

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    35 stars rounded up to 4 A very low key romance about a big city woman architect that comes to town to help a billionaire remodel the local lighthouse into a mansion for him to have as a summer home The locals aren't too thrilled about anyone messing with their heritage including the only contractor in this small seaside town who is certified by the state to do heritage remodelsI say a low key romance because there is no insta love just two people meeting each other at first with unfriendly feelings and then after figuring out who each other was realizing that they had to become civil to each other to get both of their jobs done Then in getting their jobs done they discover an attraction to each other and it takes off from there There is also the involvement of his daughter who lives with her mother most of the year who is a surly teenager but in the long run brings them closer togetherI liked both main characters and I liked the story

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    A light and engaging read by an author who is new to me “Build Me Up” is the story of sophisticated LA interior designer Kristen who lands a prestigious and challenging new commission in a small coastal town that is not at all what she’s used to uirky locals basic living accommodation and lack of amenities are the least of her worries though when she meets and is instantly attracted to the local contractor who has been hired to work on the same job as her Ford HammThis old and somewhat trite trope of “city girl meets country boy and re evaluates her life” is given a fresh make over by the author in this novel however The heroine is feisty and modern and although she makes a few uestionable decisions on the whole seems sensibly determined to keep her life and her heart intact The hero has a troublesome teenage daughter which adds to the fun and there’s a mad landlady a whole posse of cats and an enigmatic and demanding millionaireThis is a fun read to while away a couple of hours with and while the ending is predictable there are a few twists and turns and a nice surprise in the conclusion to lift this novel above the ranks of “fluff fiction” and make it well worth a read A sweet book it is also what I would consider a clean and wholesome romance which made a nice changeThere was so much I liked about this book but one thing I didn’t The author changes POV uite regularly between the hero and heroine and also jumps forward in time – sometimes only a few hours other times days even months Now I have no problem with either of these situations I’m a big girl I can keep up but the author doesn’t have a section break between each POV switch and time jump This continually jarred me out of the story as one line it would be the heroine’s POV then on the very next line it would be the heroes Sometimes it wasn’t plain a switch had been made until paragraphs later when I would suddenly stop and think “wait a minute this isn’t right” and I would then have to backtrack to try and figure out at which point the POV had changed It was also annoying when time was jumped in the span of a sentence and again it interrupted the flow of the tale as I stopped to think about how much time had elapsed A section break is a standard tool to use to indicate POV changes and time jumps and I hope something the author will consider using in futureAs this is such a simple easily fixed formatting issue and bears no reflection on the plot characters or standard of writing – which was excellent – I won’t knock a star off for this as the rest of the book was delightful and I really enjoyed it

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    Build Me Up was an immensely satisfying read full of warmth life and humor The plot lines and characters were entertaining and the hero and heroine had great chemistry Their banter kept me turning page after page I couldn't get enough of it

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