The Humans Volume 1

[Download] ➽ The Humans Volume 1 Author Keenan Marshall Keller – Follow the Humans as they deal out beatings cook drugs party endlessly and struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws rival gangs and bonafide killers All of whom are trying t Follow the Humans as they deal out beatings cook drugs party endlessly and The Humans PDF or struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws rival gangs and bonafide killers All of whom are trying to take their spot at the top of the heapPlus pin ups by BENJAMIN MARRA JOHNNY RYAN SKINNER KATIE SKELLY KRISTINA COLLANTES BELA DEHM and some other goodies thrown in tooRIDE OR DIE read OR DIE RIP UP THE STREETS HUMANS FOR LIFE HUMANS TIL DETHCollects THE HUMANS .The Humans Volume 1


The Humans Volume 1 Kindle ´ The Humans  PDF or
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Humans Volume 1
  • Keenan Marshall Keller
  • English
  • 11 March 2016
  • 9781632152596

10 thoughts on “The Humans Volume 1

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    Can't say I'm a fan of 1970's nostalgia in general or of the biker exploitation sub genre in particular but this new oddball series feels just about outdated and crazy and sincere and dirty enough to actually work for me

  2. says:

    Crazy alt comix loose feel to Tom Neely’s art and lettering and a story of monkey biker gangs with sort of a punk aesthetic just apes kind of going nuts destroying stuff Humans as caged slaves they experiment on The old switcheroo there eh? Violent profane offensive like Tarantino and seventies biker exploitation flicks Johnny Ryan giving you the finger feel to it There’s a Viet Nam vet thing going on in here too PTSD madness Think Hunter S Thompson’s Hell’s Angels crossed with Planet of the Apes? Maybe it will turn sci fi as things proceed? Pretty funny pretty interesting Not exactly my taste but I could over time catch the wave

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    Bullet ReviewI would never in a million years har har apes million years har har have picked this up but my trusty coworker always seems to find these gems in the library and makes sure to pass them on to me Totally outside my typical genre I mean apesploitation is a small genre amirite? but I enjoyed the hell out of this To be honest having it star apes was a good twist it makes the VERY serious topic Vietnam vet returning from brutal war and facing PTSD and turns it into something a little erm light hearted? Not so serious?It's amusing to see how the creators imagine humans in this ape dominated world Human see human do

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    Bottom line this just isn't for me The art is fantastic loose and vibrant but remember that kid that sat in the back of the class in sixth grade and drew pictures of exploding motorcycles and boobs? I think he wrote this For some people that will be a solid recommendation For me not so much

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    I always admire a comic with a total commitment to its aesthetic and The Humans is surely that The story of an ape bike gang welcoming back one of their own from Vietnam in a simian parallel world late 60s the Humans oozes scuzz and threat from front to back from the hand lettered opening page to the backmatter promoting real world garage rock monkey business which I've been too straight to sampleSure not much new narrative ground gets broken here it's violent funny sentimental exploitative comics as Johnny thinks back on his jungle trauma and the gang pull a fast one on a local drug kingpin Atavistic stuff But it's done with such hairy gusto that I come back every month with no complaints Tom Neely's art is the main draw with brawls arena fights graveside orgies and horrific 'Nam flashbacks executed with spindly vicious energy Humans Til Deth

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    This is truly one of the best newer titles coming out of Image and I put it up there with God Hates Astronauts and Punks The humor is different but the reason I put all three of these books in some kind of loose grouping is not only because they are from outstanding creators but also because they're examples of humor handled expertly It's not often we get a notable comic that is humor based We also recently had both Tom and Keenan on the podcast for an interview one of the most fun we've ever had Lots of laughs and certainly the episode with the most fucks

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    Whaaaat the hell did I just read? It was dope

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    what a strange little book Interesting different and mature

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    Well then

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    Highly entertaining read with absolutely fantastic art by Tom Neely It's a nigh perfect blend of tropes from biker exploitation movies and Hunter S Thompson style gonzo biker stories Vietnam trauma 60's or 70's inflected Leader of the Pack melodrama psychedelia Planet of the Apes and just pure punk rock bananas craziness It's super violent profane and lewd In a word it's awesome

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