Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha

❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha Author Jordan Moore – Ethan Locke is a recent MBA graduate in a bind Running low on funds he’s frantically applying for jobs on his crappy laptop every day Then one fateful afternoon Ethan has a chance meeting with a sex Ethan Locke is a The Billionaire Kindle × recent MBA graduate in a bind Running low on funds he’s frantically applying for jobs on his Claimed By PDF or crappy laptop every day Then one fateful afternoon Ethan has a chance meeting with a sexy stud by the name of Talen By The Billionaire ePUB ↠ Romanov Talen is mind blowingly handsome tall muscular with a body built like Adonis He also happens to head a multi billion dollar investment firm—just the type of place Ethan has always dreamed of working at So Ethan is than thrilled when Talen offers him a job at his prestigious firm—perks included Then Devin Grimes prowls into Ethan’s life and believe it or not he’s every bit as handsome rich and powerful as Talen Now Ethan has a serious dilemma he never thought he would be in his lifetime; two billionaires want him as their young lover One is honest and sincere and the other has dark sinister motives but they are both hiding a very dangerous secret that could change Ethan’s life forever Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha is a word love story featuring sexy gay werewolves and life mates and hot steamy action with male pregnancy and.Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha

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Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha PDF ´ By The
  • Kindle Edition
  • 70 pages
  • Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha
  • Jordan Moore
  • English
  • 14 March 2015

10 thoughts on “Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha

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    I would have liked to give it a zero star rating but even I can't be that cruel I did get to perv on guys with hot bodiesThisStoryWasRIDICULOUSThe title is so wrong I can't even begin maybe due to the fear that I won't stop once I do to describe how morally wrong it isLet me just give it a shot thoughThe 'billionaire' is sooo not the 'alpha'; rather Ethan acted like one There wasn't any 'claiming' and there wasn't any 'romance' eitherThis book would have worked better as a 'FABLE' with the moral being Don't trust every pretty thing you see you dim witted pathetic excuse of an MBA graduateGah I am trying to spit this book out of my brain And disgustingly failing at it let me please add A piece of utter worthless crapThis shouldn't be ANYWHERE near the romance genre Nuh uh MissyMe at the end Make it go away Mommy

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    Formulaic mechanical and very little heatWhen Kindle short stories have such an explicit but unimaginative subtitle ie a list of specific eroticfetishgenre keywords I'm not expecting anything particularly well written or enchanting but While this overall had a plot and a hint of personality in the characters the bulk of the work contained very mechanical exposition of a formulaic setting interspersed with simplistic dialog and uninspired plot developments While not surprised by the lack of enticing writing given the subtitle I would have expected much heat Unfortunately there was only one weak sex scene at the end and a mention of mpreg only in the epilogue If I'm not feeling the draw from the characters relationship chemistry andor plot I would hope for some decent genre specific werewolf mpreg sizzle Unfortunately this really had neither

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    Gave this a try since it was s free read through Kindle Unlimited Well it was worth what I paid for it The premise was good but that's the last positive comment I've gotThere was no connection to any of the characters The head werewolf was a complete milk toast The dialogue was flat The plot was full of holes and not believable I skimmed the sex and the Epilogue was out of left field Oh and it ends on a cliffhanger I use the word loosely as a cliffhanger traditionally leaves you wanting to find out what happens next etcetera Not so much here

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    In need of some minor editing but otherwise it's got a solid plot

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    I rather enjoyed this I liked Ethan and Talen uite a bit I do hope we get to read see how the end works out I don't want to spoil Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable story

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    I came to this novelette because I wanted to gauge the depths of idiocy one could descent into with such an amazingly preposterous plotline I was not disappointed even as a serial this stale little morsel was as shabby laughable and inept as one could expect and then some Billion dollars corporate interests feuding dynasties of shifters terrible villain who has the gall in the epilogue to liken himself to Franklin D Roosevelt due to his being confined to a wheelchair and rotten love triangle merge with one of the least accomplished writing styles I have ever had the misfortune of chancing upon to create a true gem of bad taste Since the printer's gremlin has gone haywire and the uncouth hispid author was not endowed with the ability to catch even a few instances of his myriads barbarisms solecisms and crazy turns of phrase the eyes of whoever reads through this thing with half a set of brains in good order end up bawling with alacrity

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    375 Stars I thought this book was good I wish it the baby being born and Jim being in it as a father a little and also the claiming part was forgotten but I thought the book was good

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    There are sometimes when you read a book and you can see the potential in a story a potential that was not met in Claimed by the Billionaire Alpha I liked the idea of two waring werewolf families but unfortunately the world building was lacking in this book and did not draw the reader inFor example the villain was two dimensional and sub plot of a love triangle actually detracted away from the main pairing of Talen and his mate The mpreg was tacked on and there was absolutely no romantic build up between Talen and his human bf It was Insta Love at its worst Add in HUGE grammar punctuation and sentence structure errors and this is not a recommended read even for die hard shifter fans To the author I would suggest in investing in a skilled beta readerprofessional editor because I do see great potential for this series But this version just didn't cut it as is

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    The world building was great in this novel and it's obviously the start of a series What wasn't good was the romance The romance is very very rushed I mean once they finally get together everything roars forward There was a point where it felt like the author was tired of writing and just decided to wrap everything uickly This is supposed to be mpreg but that is just tacked on like an afterthought This also has one of my pet peeves which is sex with no lube not even spit or prep ouch I don't think that I will continue the series and not sure whether I would give the author another go

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    I wanted I felt this was a good story but there wasn't enough focus on the two main characters' relationship Once you get to their relationship it's rushed and an insta love I wanted of a relationship developing this book had potential but lack development It was way too short for that reason But saying all that I will read the next book because it did leave me wanting

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