Strange Worlds - Astounding Super-Science Fantasies: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Experience Adventures On Other Worlds In Time And Space Follow The Fearless Dave Kenton Of The Star Patrol As He Battles Against The Evils Of The Star Ways Spacers Across The Universe Hearken To The Star Patrol This Comic Book Collection Features Vintage Stories From The Golden Age Of Comics Stories Full Of Wondrous Science Fiction And Fantastical Tales Of Imagination Featuring The Talents Of Major Comic Artists Such As Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, And Wally Wood Future Creators Of Legends Such As Spiderman, Daredevil, And The Fantastic Four, Before Their Careers Took Off See The Rare Talent Combination During The Peak Of The Golden Age Of Comics In This Collection Strange Worlds Is A Truly Retro Science Fiction Classic The Second Volume Features Issues 7, 8, 9, 18, 19 22 A Total Of 6 Comics In 1 EBook Hundreds Of Pages Of Fully Illustrated Science Fiction Stories Over 200 Pages Of Comics Enjoy Hours Of Timeless Entertainment From The Space Age Strange Worlds Astounding Super Science Fantasies The Complete Collection Volume 2 Stories Featured In This Compendium Strange Worlds 7 Mona, Marooned On A Planetoid While A Child, Was Worshiped As A Deity By The Creatures On Planetoid 50 It Was Only When Other Earthlings Swooped Down From Outer Space That The Monsters Rebelled And Turned Upon The Space Gods Of Planetoid 50 The Space Station Guarded The Earth Against Unfriendly War Forces So When Space Lieutenant Dav Fallon Discovered A Venusian Plot To Gain Control Of This Vital Base, The Young Space Soldier Acts To Prevent Sabotage On Space Station 1 The Man Who Fought The World Strange Worlds 8 The Metal Murderer Out Of The Night A Menacing Robot Loomed As Its Ponderous Bulk Clanked Ominously Towards Her, The Woman Screamed But Nothing Could Stop The Slow, Horrible Advance Of The Metal Murder The Stardust Rocketed Through Space And Inside, Unaware Of The Doom Which Hung Sickeningly Over Their Heads, The Passengers And Crew Enjoyed Themselves They Did Not Know That There Would Be Death On The Earth Mars Run The Thing On The Broken Balcony The Abduction Of Henry Twigg Strange Worlds 9 He Traveled Into The World Of The Fourth Dimension It Was An Eerie, Unreal Place Humans Were Imprisoned There, Enslaved By Small Metal Creatures Who Kept Them As Slaves This Was The World Of The Monster Brain Long Range Disintegrators Flashed And Huge Space Liners, Roaring Through The Far Reaches Of Upper Space Vanished Interplanetary Traffic Dwindled Earthmen Became Afraid To Leave The Surface Of Their Own Planet That Was The Mystery Of Asteroid 9 The Radium Monsters Ransom 1 Million Decimars Strange Worlds 18 Attack On Planet Mars Tarrano The Conqueror Man Of Destiny Imperious, Cruel, Murderous Just An Obscure Under Secretary In The Capitol Of The Venus Central State, He Throws All The Civilized Worlds Into Terror And Chaos, As He Rises Suddenly To Become Warlord Of The Planets Princess Of The Electronized Tower Space Thief Fugitives From The Warlord Welcome Home Attack On Mars Hero Of The Venus Flyer Strange Worlds 19 Robotmen Of The Lost Planet Once There Was A Great Civilization Here On Earth Huge Cities, Wonderful Science, Atomic Research Man Worked Hard And Then He Invented Robots Synthetic, Thinking Creatures Built In HisStrange Worlds - Astounding Super-Science Fantasies: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Norman Joshua Nodel born Nochem Yeshaya, 1922 was an illustrator of comics, best known for his work on the Classics Illustrated series of literary adaptations, 1955 1962.

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  • Strange Worlds - Astounding Super-Science Fantasies: The Complete Collection Volume 2
  • Norman Nodel
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  • 09 March 2019

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